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Windows 98-kun
Character information
Common name Windows 98-kun
Also known as Windows 98, Memphis-kun, Hakkun
First appearance Unknown
Height *none listed officially
Hair color black or brown
Eye color grey
Faction Windows Family
Lineage DOS/Win9x
Technical information
System personified Windows 98, First Edition
Developer(s) Microsoft
Debut 15 May 1998 (Manufacturers), 25 Jun 1998 (Retail)
Latest release 4.1 (Build 2000: Service Pack 1), June 25, 1998

Technical Details

98 began life as "Memphis", a project started in 1996 to succeed Windows 95. It shared the hybrid 16-bit/32-bit capabilities of its predecessors 95 and 3.1, while upgrading some key features, such as new, advanced driver support (the model for which was not widely advertised, and thus was widely adopted later on in Windows 2000 and Windows XP), improved graphics, pre-installed internet software (such as Outlook Express and Internet Explorer), greater usb support, standby and hibernate modes, Windows Backup, more disk management utilities, and more disability support. Despite the innovations behind 98, it wasn't without its minor glitches, and was succeeded by Windows 98SE in 1999.

Character Details

98-kun 2.png

98-kun is a young man in his mid 20's, with a rather normal-looking haircut in black or brown. When depicted out of his armour, he is usually either in a t-shirt similar to that of OS9-kun, or a long sleeve black shirt, with plain pants. He is sometimes shown wearing "98" earring(s) in one or both ears, similar to the logo on his armour. He is also sometimes shown having a "98" tattoo on his left shoulder, in the same size and shape as the logo on his armour. He is laid-back, but with a more serious nature than most of the OS-tans/-kuns, as if he holds a sense of responsibility for his siblings. With this, he is usually the one either keeping the peace or looking after his sisters and brother, keeping a calm demeanor even when his sisters are upset or his brother is all over him. Though he manages to keep his composure most of the time, it has been shown that his brother can occasionally get his goat with his yaoi antics.[1] Despite being their brother, he has been referred to as "Uncle" by his younger sisters.[2] Through it all he manages to stay kind and peaceful, looking after his siblings the way an older brother would. 98-kun's armour has been rumoured to have been based on Kamen Rider, with both he and his brother donning mech-like suits with "98" and "SE" logos and long scarves, occasionally riding motorcycles or fighting crime (or giant monsters). This could be simply a personality quirk, or it could have to do with protecting their sisters and family (or it could even be a holdover from the OS-tan Wars). One story in the canon is that masked 98 would fight masked SE as his rival, only to find that after he's defeated SE, he takes off the mask and finds the face of his long-lost brother (and then they embrace, manly tears, etc etc). ME-tan has been shown in one comic to have donned her own Kamen Rider outfit, but overall 98-kun and 98SE-kun are the only ones who wear them on a regular basis. Perhaps to tie the 4 siblings together, the colour schemes for the suits are opposite to the 98-tans' boxes.

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