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I decided to move template ideas here to keep my userpage from getting cluttered.

Works in progress or finished

Template boxes

Here's a rudimentary template box, to later be prettied-up.

This article is a work in-progress.

A template box for articles that need clean-up:


This article could use some clean-up or refinement to better meet quality standards.

Other template box ideas:

  • Expand on article (add more details)
If possible, could I have some more?

This article could be expanded on and use more details, and needs them as much as XP-tan needs more RAM!

  • Oversized article

"This article is oversized, like some depictions of certain OS-tans. Help by trimming it down, and splitting sections into their own articles if necessary." (cue pic of either a bloated XP-tan or Vistan)

  • Outdated information
Outdated Information

Information in this article is more outdated than 5.25" floppy disks and the fears of Y2K, among other things. You can help by replacing it with information that's up-to-date.

  • Rewrite- overall quality issues
  • Nominated for deletion

"This article should go to the waste bin." (cue pic of the trash can in the Mac OS, and the recycle bin in Windows)

or "-rm this article" for a Unix reference! :P

Example of faction infobox

Windows Family

Windows Family
Founder: disputed
Leader: Windows XP, 7
Type of faction: dynasty (DOS and NT branches)
Main social roles: general, celebrities
Territory: highly industrialized
Established: 1990
Dissolution: current
Predecessor: IBM-Microsoft Family
Successor: current

This is still experimental, I've considered adding a few things to it, such as the faction's matriarch(s) (i.e: NT and 95 in Windows Family, Rhapsody in the House of Mac, Unix and Linux in the LUC. Sometimes the matriarch is also the leader, as in the LUC and User Space Gang. May also add allies + enemies, political ideologies.

Annex bio template

==Faction name==

===OS-tan name===
[[File: ]]
*'''Eye Color:'''

*'''Quick Facts:'''

**-fact 1
**-fact 2
**-fact 3

[[OS-tan article name | see full wiki bio]]