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Possible table to use for the List of OS-tans sections

Icon Character Class Family Debut Obsolescence? Roles
icon OS-tan class family debut obsolete? roles


  • "class" refers to type of OS (home computer, general purpose, embedded, server, mainframe, mobile) and/or hardware (8-bit, 16-bit, etc.)
  • OSes that are 'obsolete' are no longer current and no longer supported by developers. For these OS-tans, survival is dependent on a large enough user-base, and original systems remaining.
    • if possible, also add date that OS got discontinued and had support dropped.
  • "roles" include affiliations with factions, occupations, etc.
  • may also include a proprietary vs. open source category.
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from the Windows-tans list:

Icon Character Class Family Debut Obsolescence? Roles
Windows 1.0 (2 different designs) Personal Computer, 16-bit DOS/Windows 9x 20 Nov 1985 yes Genetic mother of the 9x Windows, role varies by interpretation.
MiniWin1-0 OSC.png OSC Windows 1.0
MiniWin1-0 futaba.png Futaba Windows 1.0
Icon Character Class Family Debut Obsolescence? Roles
MiniWin2-0.png Windows 2.0 Personal Computer, 16-bit DOS/Windows 9x 1 Nov 1987 yes Member of the Vintage Federation after exile in the OS Wars.
MiniWin3-1.png Windows 3.1 Personal Computer, 16-bit DOS/Windows 9x 22 May 1990 yes (possibly) the oldest Windows-tan in the Windows Family. The first one to be successful.
MiniWin3-2.png Windows 3.2 Personal Computer, 16-bit DOS/Windows 9x circa 1992 yes From the defunct Chinese language branch of the Windows Family.
MiniWinNT.png Windows NT Server OS, 32-bit Windows NT 1993 yes Mother of the NT-based Windows, is a diplomat, conquered the server market in the 90's. Mainly retired from combat in favor of running the household.
MiniWin95.png Windows 95 Personal Computer, 16/32-bit DOS/Windows 9x 24 Aug 1995 yes Big-sister figure to most Windows-tans, established Windows dominance in the consumer market, is still a practicing swordswoman.
MiniWin95OSR2-1.png Windows 95 OSR 2.1 Personal Computer, 16/32-bit DOS/Windows 9x 1996 yes Old-fashioned inventor, left the Windows Family to live as a hermit.
Mini95OSR2-5.png Windows 95 OSR 2.5 Personal Computer, 16/32-bit DOS/Windows 9x 26 Nov 1997 yes Rivals with 98-tan and 98SE-tan. One of the few who still talks to OSR 2.1-tan.
MiniWinCE.png Windows CE mobile Windows (Mobile) 1996 ? Main or only mobile OS of the Windows-tans. Dreamcast fangirl, rival of Palm-tan.
MiniWinInu T.png Windows NT 4.0 Server OS, 32-bit Windows NT 1996 yes Dog girl, friends with Homeo.
MiniWin97.png Windows 97 prototype DOS/Windows 9x n/a yes Rival to XPMCE-tan and Windows 7-tan, wants to be the real 7-tan.
MiniWin98.png Windows 98 Personal Computer, 32-bit DOS/Windows 9x 25 Jun 1998 yes (support dropped in 2006) Shy schoolgirl, possible love interest towards Homeo
Miniwin98SE.png Windows 98 SE Personal Computer, 32-bit DOS/Windows 9x 5 May 1999 yes (support dropped in 2006) Shy schoolgirl, usually accompanies 98-tan. Antagonistic towards Homeo, and possibly all male characters.
icon Windows Odyssey prototype Windows NT n/a yes unknown
icon Windows Neptune prototype Windows NT n/a yes unknown
MiniWinME.png Windows ME Personal Computer, 32-bit DOS/Windows 9x 14 Sep 2000 yes (support dropped in 2006) Least stable of the Windows-tans; a happy-go-lucky klutz. Last 9x Windows OS.
MiniWin2000.png Windows 2000 Workstation, 32-bit Windows NT 17 Feb 2000 yes "Dependable woman" of the Windows-tans, often ME's guardian
MiniWinXPpro.png Windows XP Professional Personal Computer, Workstation, 32/64-bit Windows NT 25 Oct 2001 no (still supported) Originally the fanciest OS-tan who was more pretty than useful- this role may have changed over time. Often antagonistic of XP Home.
MiniWinXPhome.png Windows XP Home Personal Computer, 32/64-bit Windows NT 25 Oct 2001 no (still supported) Yaoi manga writer, likes to get her brother into awkward situations; a foil to XP Pro-tan.
icon Windows XP Media Center Personal Computer, 32/64-bit Windows NT Oct 2004 no (still supported) Multimedia OS, often klutzy like ME-tan.
Miniwin2003saba.png Windows 2003 Server Server, 32/64-bit Windows NT Mar 28 2003 no (still supported) Main server of the Windows Family until 2008, works side-by-side with Windows Server 2000 and 2008.
icon Windows Longhorn prototype Windows NT n/a yes This character no longer exists in canon or fanon
icon Windows Vista Multi-edition OS, 32/64-bit Windows NT 30 Jan 2007 ? Varies greatly due to character interpretation
icon Windows 7 Multi-edition OS general-purpose OS, 32/64-bit Windows NT 22 Oct 2009 no Varies greatly due to character interpretation
icon Windows 8 Multi-edition, general-purpose OS, 32/64-bit Windows NT 2012 no (current) Unknown

Apple-tan list

Icon Character Class Family Debut Obsolescence? Roles
MiniAppleI.png Apple I Prototype? Pre-Macintosh 1976 yes Universal mother figure of all Apple-tans.
MiniAppleII.png Apple II Home computer Pre-Macintosh 5 Jun 1977 yes Co-founder of Binteeji Renmei, established the Apple Family. Is a farmer and hobbyist.
MiniAppleIII.png Apple III Workstation Pre-Macintosh May 1980 yes Unstable pyromaniac who left the family out of shame. Lives in secrecy to redeem herself.
MiniLisa.png Apple Lisa Workstation Pre-Macintosh 19 Jan 1983 yes roles
MiniMacOS.png Mac OS Personal Computer Classic Mac or Mac OSX, depending on what she represents unknown unknown May represent all Mac OSes, or just all OSXs. Roles vary based on what she represents. Commonly depicted as the leader of all Macs or OSXs.
MiniMacSystem1.png Macintosh System 1 Personal Computer Classic Mac 24 Jan 1984 yes roles
MiniMacSystem2.png Macintosh System 2 Personal Computer Classic Mac Apr 1985 yes roles
MiniMacSystem3.png Macintosh System 3 Personal Computer Classic Mac 16 Jan 1986 yes roles
MiniGSOS.png GS/OS home computer Pre-Macintosh 1986 yes roles
MiniMacSystem3-4.png Macintosh System 3.4 Personal Computer Classic Mac circa 1988 yes roles
MiniMacSystem4.png Macintosh System 4 Personal Computer Classic Mac 2 Mar 1987 yes roles
MiniMacSystem5.png Macintosh System 5 Personal Computer Classic Mac n/a yes "The Phantom of the Macintosh"
MiniAUX.png A/UX business and server OS Unix, System V branch Feb 1988 yes roles
MiniMacSystem6.png Macintosh System 6 Personal Computer Classic Mac 30 Apr 1988 yes roles
MiniMacSystem7.png Macintosh System 7 Personal Computer Classic Mac 13 May 1991 yes roles
MiniMacSystem7-5.png Macintosh System 7.5 Personal Computer Classic Mac Sep 1994 yes roles
icon Apple Newton mobile Independent 1993 yes (discontinued '98) roles
icon Copland prototype unknown n/a yes Failed successor to the Classic Mac line.
MiniMacOS8.png Mac OS 8 Personal Computer Classic Mac 26 Jul 1997 yes roles
MiniMacOS9.png Mac OS 9 Personal Computer Classic Mac 23 Oct 1999 yes roles
MiniRhapsody.png Mac OS X Server "Rhapsody" Server Mac OSX circa 1999 yes Mother of the OSX-tans, ambassador of the Mac House.
MiniOSXCheetah.png Mac OS X 10.0 Personal Computer Mac OSX 24 Mar 2001 yes roles
MiniOSXPuma.png Mac OS X 10.1 Personal Computer Mac OSX Sep 2001 yes roles
MiniOSXJaguar.png Mac OS X 10.2 Personal Computer Mac OSX 24 Aug 2002 yes roles
MiniOSXPanther.png Mac OS X 10.3 Personal Computer Mac OSX 24 Mar 2003 yes roles
MiniOSXTiger.png Mac OS X 10.4 Personal Computer Mac OSX 29 Apr 2005 yes roles
MiniOSXLeopard.png Mac OS X 10.5 Personal Computer Mac OSX 26 Oct 2007 yes roles
MiniOSXSnowLeopard.png Mac OS X 10.6 Personal Computer, 64-bit Mac OSX 26 Aug 2009 ? roles
icon Mac OS X 10.7 Personal Computer, 64-bit Mac OSX Jul 2011 no roles
icon iOS (iPhone/iPod) mobile Mac OSX, iOS 2007-current no roles
icon Mac OS X 10.8 Personal Computer, 64-bit Mac OSX Jul 2012 no (current) roles

DOS-tan list

Icon Character Class Family Debut Obsolescence? Roles
MiniDOSV.png DOS/V Personal Computer x86 DOS 1990 yes Japanese clone of MS-DOS and PC-DOS. Arch-nemesis of PC-98.
icon FreeDOS Personal Computer x86 DOS 1998 no The most modern of the DOS-tans, uses the magic of open sorcery to help others.
MiniDRDOS.png DR-DOS ? x86 DOS 1976 no Mother of the x86 DOS OSes, works as a doctor.
MiniMSDOS.png MS-DOS Personal Computer x86 DOS Aug 1981 yes Oldest member of the current Windows Family, was for years the most successful OS-tan before the OS Wars.
icon MSX-DOS Personal Computer x86 DOS 1984 yes
MiniPCDOS.png PC-DOS Personal Computer x86 DOS Aug 1981 yes ?
MiniPTSDOS.png PTS-DOS ? x86 DOS 1993 no ?
MiniQDOS.png QDOS ? x86 DOS 1980 yes ?
MiniROMDOS.png ROM-DOS Embedded OS x86 DOS 1989 no ?

Linux-tan list

Icon Character Class Family Debut Obsolescence? Roles
MiniLinux.png GNU/Linux various Linux (founder) 1991 no Mother and leader of all Linux distro-tans.
Mini64Studio.png 64 Studio Personal Computer, 64-bit Debian branch 2005 no Performer and DJ.
icon Adamantix Linux ? no ?
icon Arch Linux Personal Computer Arch branch (founder) 2002 no
icon APODIO Linux ? ? ?
icon Barbie Linux unknown Linux 2006 ? ?
icon ChainSaw Linux Personal Computer Linux ? no ?
icon CRUX independent Linux branch 2001 no ?
MiniDamnSmallLinux.png Damn Small Linux Personal Computer, 32-bit Linux, Knoppix branch 13 Apr 2005 no ?
icon Debian Personal Computer, 32/64-bit founder of Debian branch 1993 no ?
MiniDreamlinux.png DreamLinux Knoppix branch 10 Feb 2006 no ?
icon Elive Debian branch 2005 no ?
MiniEvilE.png EvilEntity Linux, Slackware branch 25 Jan 2003 yes (discontinued 2006) ?
MiniFedora.png Fedora Linux, Red hat branch Nov 2003 no ?
MiniFreespire.png Freespire Debian branch 2006 yes (discontinued 2008) ?
icon Fried Chicken Linux Linux ? ? ?
icon Gentoo Gentoo branch (founder) ? no ?
icon KateOS Slackware branch ? no ?
icon Knoppix Debian, founder of Knoppix branch 30 Sep 2000 no ?
MiniLinspire.png Linspire Linux, Debian branch 2001 yes (discontinued 2008) ?
icon Linux XP Linux 2005 no Professional XP-tan impersonator.
icon Lubuntu Ubuntu branch ? no ?
icon Lunar Linux Sorcerer branch Feb 2002 no ?
icon Mandriva Red Hat branch, and founder of Mandriva branch ? no ?
icon Momonga Fedora branch ? ? ?
icon Musix Knoppix branch 2005 no ?
icon Mutagenix Slackware branch ? no ?
icon NepaLinux Debian branch 2005 ? ?
icon OLPC Linux, Fedora branch 2005 no ?
icon Oralux Linux ? no ?
icon Pardus Linux ? no ?
icon Parsix Knoppix branch 1 Feb 2005 (v0.45) no ?
icon PCLinuxOS Mandriva branch 2000 no ?
icon Puppy Linux independent Linux branch 2003 no ?
icon Red Flag Red Hat branch 1999 no ?
icon RIPLinuX Personal Computer, 32/64-bit Slackware branch ? no ?
MiniRedHat.png Red Hat Linux Workstation, Server founder of Red Hat branch 1994 no ?
icon Sabayon Gentoo branch ? no ?
icon SAM Linux Mandriva branch ? no ?
icon Scientific Linux Red Hat branch ? no ?
MiniSlackware.png Slackware founder of Slackware branch 1993 no ?
icon Sorcerer founder of Sorcerer branch Oct 2001 no ?
icon Source Mage Linux, Sorcerer branch Apr 2002 no ?
icon SuSE Linux Linux, Slackware branch Apr 1994 no ?
icon Stress Linux ? ? no ?
MiniTFH.png Tinfoil Hat Linux independent Linux branch 2002 yes (discontinued 2006) Security expert, often a hired mercenary.
icon TinySofa Linux ? ? no ?
icon Turbolinux Red Hat branch circa 1998 no ?
icon Ubuntu Multi-edition, 32/64-bit Linux, Debian branch, founder of Ubuntu branch Oct 2004 no ?
icon Yellow Dog Linux Personal Computer, Workstation, Server, 32/64-bit Linux, Red Hat branch 8 Mar 1999 no ?
icon YES ? ? no ?
MiniYggdrasilLinux.png Yggdrasil Linux Personal Computer, 16/32-bit Linux, independent branch Dec 1992 yes (discontinued 1995) ?
icon Yoper Personal Computer and Server, 32-bit Linux, independent branch Jan 2003 no ?
icon Zenwalk Linux, Slackware branch ? no ?
icon Zeus Linux ? ? no ?

Mainframe-tan list

Icon Character Class Family Debut Obsolescence? Roles
icon BESM mainframe IAS 1950's yes Soviet mainframe descended from IAS, is IAS's disowned daughter.
MiniBESYS.png BESYS mainframe GMOS line 1957 yes (discontinued circa 1964) ?
MiniBOS360.png BOS/360 mainframe IBM, System/360 1965 yes ?
icon BUIC mainframe MIT,SAGE 1960 yes (decommissioned 1983) SAGE's daughter and backup system.
icon BTSS Mainframe? ? 1964 yes ?
icon CP/CMS mainframe MIT and IBM 1968 no Early pioneer of open sourcery.
MiniCRAY1.png Cray-1 mainframe Cray 1976 yes Considered the first 'supercomputer'.
icon Colossus mainframe Independent 1943 no British WWII-era codebreaker, died in 1945, resurrected in 1996, currently works as an assassin.
icon CSIRAC mainframe independent 1949 yes (decommissioned 1964) First musician.
MiniCTSS.png CTSS Mainframe OS MIT (via Whirlwind) 1961 yes/no (decommissioned 1973, open sourced in 2004)) ?
icon DIPS mainframe Independent(?) 1969 yes (circa 1991) Telephone operator.
icon ENIAC mainframe ? 1945 yes Mathematician who worked for the US Army during WWII.
icon EXEC Mainframe UNIVAC 1951 (UNIVAC 1), 1962 (EXEC) yes (discontinued mid 1980's) ?
icon FLAC mainframe Von Neumann Machine 1953 yes (decommissioned 1956) ?
icon FUJIC mainframe independent 1956 yes (decommissioned 1958) ?
MiniGMOS.png GMOS mainframe IBM, GMOS line (founder) 1955 yes (discontinued circa 1960's) Foundress of the IBM Mainframe OS-tan line, venerated as a god by later generations of IBM-tans.
MiniHMarkI.png Harvard Mark I mainframe Harvard line (founder) 1944 yes (decommissioned circa 1955) Mathematician for the US Navy.
MiniHMarkII.png Harvard Mark II mainframe Harvard 1947 yes Mathematician and explorer.
MiniHMarkIII.png Harvard Mark III mainframe Harvard 1949 yes ?
icon Harvard Mark IV mainframe Harvard 1952 yes ?
MiniIAS.png IAS mainframe IAS (founder) 1951 yes ?
MiniIBSYS.png IBSYS mainframe GMOS line 1957 yes ?
MiniILLIAC.png ILLIAC mainframe, academic system IAS 1952 no ?
MiniITS.png ITS Mainframe OS MIT late 1960's yes (decommissioned 1995) ?
icon KRONOS mainframe CDC 1970's ? Negotiator within the CDC faction, prevents rivals from fighting.
icon MACE mainframe CDC 1960's ? ?
icon MCP mainframe Burroughs 1961 no ?
MiniMultics.png Multics Mainframe OS MIT (via CTSS) 1964 (development), 1969 (debut) yes/no (decommissioned in 2000, open sourced in 2007) ?
MiniRuka.png Mertvaya Ruka Mainframe independent 1984 yes ?
MiniMTS.png MTS mainframe, academic system ? 1967 yes (discontinued 1999) ?
icon MUSIC/SP mainframe IBM 1972 yes (hobbyist use today) Teacher.
MiniNOS.png NOS mainframe CDC 1970's yes ?
icon NOS/VE mainframe CDC 1980's yes ?
icon ORDVAC mainframe IAS 1952 yes ?
MiniOS360.png OS/360 mainframe IBM, System/360 1964 no Leader of the IBM mainframes.
MiniPDP-1.png PDP-1 mainframe MIT (via Whirlwind) 1959 yes Founder of the DEC faction.
MiniTSOS.png RCA TSOS mainframe RCA 1966 no ?
icon SABRE mainframe MIT, descended from SAGE 1950's yes SAGE's daughter, managed airline systems.
MiniSAGE.png SAGE mainframe MIT, descended from Whirlwind 1959 yes (decommissioned in 1983) US Air Force officer who worked in bomber defense, inspired many computer and networking technologies, became a drifter after her retirement.
MiniSCOPE.png SCOPE mainframe CDC 1963 yes Leader of the former CDC faction.
icon TIFRAC mainframe independent 1955 yes (decommissioned 1965) Nuclear physicist and computer scientist.
MiniTOPS10.png TOPS-10 Mainframe OS DEC, PDP-10 branch 1964 yes (discontinued late 1980's) ?
MiniTOPS20.png TOPS-20 (aka: Tenex) Mainframe OS BTSS 1969 yes (discontinued late 1980's) ?
MiniTOS360.png TOS/360 mainframe IBM,System/360 1965 yes
icon TSS/360 mainframe IBM,System/360 1967 yes Ambitious goals, but ended up as one the shortest-lived Mainframe-tans.
MiniUMES.png UMES mainframe, academic system GMOS line 1958 yes (decommissioned in 1967) One of the first academic OS-tans, is MTS' predecessor.
icon VM/CMS mainframe OS MIT (through CP/CMS), but affiliated with IBM 1972 no ?
icon VME mainframe OS and minicomputer OS ? mid 1970's yes ?
icon VSE (DOS/360) mainframe IBM, System/360 1966 no Second-in-command of the IBM mainframes.
MiniWhirlwind.png Whirlwind mainframe MIT 1943 yes (decommissioned in 1973) ?
MiniWWMCCS.png WWMCCS mainframe unknown 1962 yes (decommissioned in 1996) ?

Unix-tan list:

Icon Character Class Family Debut Obsolescence? Roles
icon Bell Labs UNIX class Founder of UNIX lineage, descended from Multics 1969 ? Matriarch of all Unix OSes, co-founder of Linux/Unix Consortium.
icon AIX Workstation Unix 1986 no roles
icon Belenix ? ? ? ? roles
icon BSD ? Unix, BSD branch (founder) 1978 no One of UNIX's oldest and most influential daughters.
icon Dragonfly BSD Personal Computer BSD 2004 no ?
MiniEvoke.png Evoke Personal Computer Unix, BSD branch 31 Dec 2007 no Lives as a wanderer, accompanies MilaX and Damn Small Linux.
MiniFreeBSD.png FreeBSD Personal Computer, Workstation BSD Nov 1993 no BSD's most influential daughter, defector from the Unix Wars; co-leader of the User Space Gang.
icon GNU/HURD Personal Computer Unix development started in 1990, no complete release no An ambitious OS-tan that is a notorious procrastinator.
icon Inferno ? Research Unix (through Plan 9) 1995 no roles
icon IRIX Workstation Unix 1985 no roles
icon MERT Minicomputer OS Bell Labs Unix circa 1970's yes (discontinued 1982) ?
icon Midnight BSD ? BSD ? no roles
icon Minix ? Unix-like ? no Linux's mentor, mediator between the Linux-tans and Unix-tans.
MiniMilax.png MilaX Personal Computer Unix, Solaris descendant circa 2008 no roles
MiniNetBSD.png NetBSD Personal Computer, Embedded OS Unix, BSD branch Apr 1993 no roles
MiniNextstep.png NeXTSTEP Workstation, Server BSD, created NeXT/OSX branch 1988 yes (discontinued 1996) roles
icon Octopus ? Research Unix unknown no Plan B-tan's clone.
icon OliveBSD ? Unix, BSD branch 2006 no roles
icon OpenBSD ? Unix, BSD branch 1 Oct 1996 ?? roles
MiniPlan9.png Plan 9 ? Research Unix 1992 no Former heiress to Unix's dynasty, founder and leader of the User Space Gang.
MiniPlanb.png Plan B ? Research Unix unknown no Plan 9-tan's clone, and her assistant.
MiniQNX.png QNX Embedded OS, Real-Time Unix-like 1982 no Former teacher, now an engineer and nuclear physicist. Successful as an embedded OS, failed in the 2011 mobile market.
icon SCO Unix Workstation, Server Unix, SysV branch 1989 no roles
icon Solaris Workstation Unix, SysV-BSD hybrid 1982 no Possible heiress candidate for the Unix dynasty.
icon Ultrix Minicomputer OS BSD 1984 yes (discontinued 1995) Officer in DEC Military.
icon UnixWare Workstation, Server Unix 1991 no Possible heiress candidate for the Unix dynasty, arch-nemesis of SCO Unix.
icon VxWorks Embedded OS, Real-Time BSD 1985 no ?
icon Xenix Workstation Unix, SysV branch 1980 yes Co-founder of the original MS-IBM Family, was the family caregiver and bodyguard.

Other OS-tans:

Icon Character Class Family Debut Obsolescence? Roles
icon Aegis (Domain/OS) Server ? ? no ?
icon Amber ? Multics-like 1980's yes ?
icon Amiga Home computer Amigoid 24 Jul 1985 no co-founder and leader of the Vintage Federation, an artist and musician, cadet of former Commodore Fleet.
icon Amstrad CPC Home computer Amstrad 1984 yes (discontinued circa 1990) step-sister of the Sinclair-tans, in the Vintage Federation
icon AROS Personal Computer (hobbyist OS) Amigoid 1995 no
icon Atari DOS Home computer, 8-bit Atari 1979 yes (discontinued circa 1991) Co-leader of former Atari family faction, is a magician and entertainer.
icon Atari ST Home computer, 16-bit Atari 1985 yes ?
icon BeOS Workstation, Personal Computer BeOS (founder) ? yes (discontinued late 90's) ?
icon Bluebottle ? Descended from Oberon early 2000's no ?
icon Chromium Personal Computer ? ? no ?
icon CoCo (Tandy Color Computer) Home computer, 8-bit Tandy 1980 yes (discontinued 1991) ?
icon Coleco Adam Home computer, 8-bit independent 1983 yes (discontinued 1985) ?
MiniPET.png Commodore PET Home computer, 8-bit Commodore 1977 yes (discontinued 1982) ?
MiniVIC20.png Commodore VIC-20 Home computer, 8-bit Commodore 1980 yes (discontinued 1985) ?
MiniC64.png Commodore 64 Home computer, 8-bit Commodore 1982 yes (discontinued 1993) ?
MiniC65.png Commodore 65 prototype (8-bit home computer) Commodore n/a yes (canceled 1991) ?
MiniC128.png Commodore 128 Home computer, 8-bit Commodore 1985 yes (discontinued 1989) ?
MiniC264.png Commodore Plus/4 (C264 series) Home computer, 8-bit Commodore 1984 yes (discontinued 1985) ?
icon Contiki Embedded OS, hobbyist OS independent circa 2008 no ?
icon DexOS hobbyist OS independent Dec 2004 no ?
MiniDigiComp.png DigiComp hobbyist computer Independent circa 1963 no ?
icon DOS-11 Minicomputer DEC (PDP-11 line) 1970 yes (discontinued 1973) ?
MinieCS.png eComStation Workstation IBM (through OS/2) 29 Sep 2000 no ?
icon eCOS Embedded OS, real-time independent ? no ?
MiniEMAGIII.png EMAG-III hobbyist computer Independent 1957 yes One of the earliest hobbyist computer OS-tans, specialized in playing checkers.
icon EPOC Embedded OS, real-time, 16/32-bit independent 1989 yes (discontinued late 90s) ?
icon FreeVMS ? ? ? no ?
icon GEOS hobbyist OS independent Dec 2004 no ?
icon GEM OS Personal computer OS x86 DOS 1985 yes/no (became open source) ?
icon GENIAC Personal computer, hobbyist system independent 1955 yes (discontinued early 60's) ?
icon Honeywell Kitchen Computer (H316) Minicomputer independent 1969 yes (discontinued 1969) ?
icon Haiku Personal computer BeOS 2001 (development), 2009 (debut) no ?
icon IMSAI 8080 Personal computer, hobbyist system, 8-bit independent Dec 1975 no (revived through Series Two line) ?
MiniKolibriOS.png KolibriOS Hobbyist OS MenuetOS circa 2006 no ?
icon LINC Minicomputer DEC (ancestor of several PDP lines) 1964 yes ?
MiniMenuet.png MenuetOS Hobbyist OS independent circa 2001 no ?
MiniAltair.png MITS Altair 8800 Personal computer, hobbyist system, 8-bit independent Jan 1975 yes ?
icon MorphOS Personal Computer Amigoid 1990's no ?
icon ORIC home computer independent(?) 1983 yes ?
MiniOS 2.png OS/2 Warp Personal Computer, Workstation IBM (own branch) 1987 yes (discontinued 2006) Founder of the Anti$oft Coalition.
icon DEC OS/8 Minicomputer OS DEC, PDP-8 branch 1971 yes ?
icon OS-9 Personal Computer Unix, unknown branch 1979 ? ?
icon PalmOS mobile independent 1996 yes Pioneer of the mobile OSes, but has fallen into obscurity.
icon PDP-7 Minicomputer DEC, via PDP-1 1964 yes (discontinued 1970) Worked for Bell Labs, created UNIX.
icon PDP-8 Minicomputer DEC, PDP-8 branch (founder) 22 Mar 1965 yes (discontinued 1979) ?
icon PDP-11 Minicomputer DEC, PDP-11 branch (founder) 1970 yes (discontinued 1990) ?
icon PilotOS Workstation independent 1981 yes (discontinued circa mid 1980's) First commercial pioneer of the GUI.
MiniPrimos.png PR1MOS Minicomputer OS Multics-like mid 1970's yes (circa early 90's) Multics-influenced OS-tan, was presumably a follower of hers. Lives on her own, contributes survival skills to the CIOST.
MiniRainbow100.png Rainbow 100 Home computer DEC, independent branch 1982 yes (discontinued circa 1984-5) The only home computer of the DEC faction, a partially IBM-compatible system.
icon ReactOS Personal Computer independent 20 Jul 1998 no ?
icon RSTS Minicomputer OS DEC, PDP-11 branch 1972 yes (discontinued 1992) ?
icon RSX Minicomputer OS DEC, RW-300 1972 yes (discontinued 1999) ?
icon RT-11 Minicomputer OS DEC, PDP-11 branch 1971 yes ?
MiniSinclairQL.png Sinclair QL Home Computer, 32-bit Sinclair Jan 1984 yes (discontinued 1986) ?
icon Stratus VOS Minicomputer OS possibly descended from Multics 1982 no ?
icon Syllable Personal Computer AtheOS 2002 no ?
icon Tiny OS Embedded OS Independent 2000 no Spy and security expert working for the CIOST; a hired mercenary to other OS-tans.
icon TripOS Minicomputer Ancestor of Amigoid lineage 1978 yes (discontinued circa 1980's) ?
icon TRS-DOS Home computer, 8-bit Tandy 3 Aug 1977 yes (discontinued early 90's) ?
icon VAXELN Minicomputer OS DEC, PDP-11 and VAX branch 1996 yes (discontinued circa 1998) ?
icon Visi On Workstation OS independent Dec 1983 yes (discontinued 1985) ?
MiniVMS.png VMS Minicomputer DEC, PDP-11/VAX Oct 1977 no Was one of the highest-ranked officers of the DEC Military. Founder of the CIOST.
MiniZX81.png ZX81 Home Computer, 8-bit Sinclair Mar 1981 yes (discontinued circa 1984) ?
MiniZXSpectrum.png ZX Spectrum Home Computer, 8-bit Sinclair Apr 1982 yes (discontinued circa 1988) ?


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Windows Family

Windows Family
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Established: 1990
Dissolution: current
Predecessor: IBM-Microsoft Family
Successor: current

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