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Comments on the character.
Common Name: TotalFark-tan
Alias(es): n/a
First Appearance: Aug 2007
Original Creator: Aurora Borealis
Site/page Personified: TotalFark
Site/page Type: News site, forum, Photoshop contests
Devloper: Drew Curtis
Date Published: When was the website published?

TotalFark-tan is much like her original counterpart, Fark-tan but with a slightly different-style outfit, longer hair crimped on the sides, has cat ears, carries a street lamp post, is considerably taller (with a height of 6'2 [188 cm], compared to 5'0 [152 cm] for Fark-tan) and has the ability to pull various Fark-related items and tags out of the pockets on her skirt. Her appearance incorporates some cliches; such as her cat ears are a reference to the LOLcats, the 'Ceiling Cat' cliche and Caturday; her main weapon is a streetlamp but she rarely actually uses it to attack- reference to the 'streetlamp UFO' cliche that originated from what was thought to be a UFO actually being a streetlamp, a hoax. Other accessories of hers are also references to Fark cliches such as big black hat with round glasses (reference to HA HA! I'M USING THE INTERNET cliche) and a jar of mustard (reference to the Mustard Man cliche).

She is the same person as Fark-tan and has the same general personality but she only appears as TotalFark-tan to friends and subscribers/TotalFarkers and tends to be condescending towards those that aren't. But at the price of a subscription, she will tell a person everything and not just what got 'greenlit'. Also unlike Fark-tan, she can tune out annoying people and serve them a cup of 'STFU' and also claims to see the future (TotalFarkers know of Photoshop contests in advance). She also uses a lot more references because TotalFark is a lot more Fark.

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