The Smoking Gun

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The Smoking Gun-tan
Common Name: The Smoking Gun-tan
Alias(es): TSG-tan
First Appearance: Sep 2007
Original Creator: Aurora Borealis
Site/page Personified:
Site/page Type: Display legal documents and photos
Devloper: William Bastone and Daniel Green
Date Published: When was the website published?

The Smoking Gun-tan is depicted as a serious-looking grey-haired woman with glasses, and wearing a black shirt, red tie, orange vest, red skirt and drab chartreuse blazer. She'll take nearly any case (she especially likes the outrageous, shocking and obscure kinds), which she's prepared for with her folders full of evidence and pictures. Also specializes in declassifying files and has an impressive gallery of various mug shots which she shows off with pride. She specializes in legal and police work.

Most others are scared of The Smoking Gun-tan, knowing that she can use nearly anything someone says or does against them and with her being friends with Fark-tan, who can blurt that stuff out to the masses, make it well-known quickly.

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