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Common Name: How is it generally called?
Alias(es): What other common names are given to it?
First Appearance: When it was released?
Original Creator: Who created it?
Software Personified: What software is personified?
Software Use: What's the intended purpose of this software?
Software Devloper: Who developed the software?
Latest Version Release: What is the latest version of this software and when it was released?

This template was created for the sole purpose of establishing an easy to use character info-box within the OS-tan wiki. The infobox you now see is meant to be used for characters that are personifications of software (a.k.a. applications, programs, etc...), other templates will be created specifically for other types of personifications as they come of need.

Properly built character articles should make use of this template as it is easy to use and there is no much code used in the user side. This would prevent any inconsistencies between infoboxes, even more it would have a set standard of required info to be given in order to maintain an acceptable degree of quality.


This template is meant to reduce effort in the construction of tables and give all people the ability to fill out the infobox quite easily and without hassle. all you need to do is copy the following code and paste it at the beginning of the article you want to create/modify/whatever.

|tanname= Complete name of the character.
|image= Image of the character. all you need to do is put the filename and format. (EX: XP-tan.JPG)

|cname= The common name of the character. Only one please.
|alias= Any other known nicknames given to the character.
|creator= Who is the known creator of the character?
|debut= When did the character first appear?

|soper= Name of the software that the character represents.
|souse= What is the intended purpose of the software?
|sodev= Who developed the software?
|lastrel= Which is the lates versision available and when was it released to the public?

|fnote= Comments on the character.

All you need to do is erase all quoted text and include the information necesary. Do this correctly and you should have a template filled like the following template:

We need to check the wiki for errors...
Common Name: DC++
Alias(es): N/A
First Appearance: February 10, 2007
Original Creator: NejinOniwa
Software Personified: DC++
Software Use: Peer-to-Peer file-sharing software.
Software Devloper: Jacek Siekca
Latest Version Release: What is the latest version of this software and when it was released?

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