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'''The OS-Tan Wars''' refers to a series of battles between different OS-Tan Factions. Officially, these occurrences started in 1981. Although battles occurred between nearly every faction, the main competitors were [[Microsoft Windows| Microsoft]], sponsored by the industry giant '''IBM''', and [[AppleOS | Apple]]. Using IBM's corporate mass, [[Microsoft Windows|Microsoft]] was able to grab a large portion of PC users early on, giving them an advantage in latter battles. After the release of [[Windows 3.1]], IBM expected [[Category:Microsoft Windows|Microsoft]] to aid in the development of [[OS2 | OS/2]] as agreed. Development on [[OS2 | OS/2]] was slower than expected, and produced an amazing, but rather buggy v2.0. [[Category:Windows|Microsoft]] decided it was in it's own best interest to abandon IBM and the [[OS2 | OS/2]] project for it's own OS. The [[OS2 | OS/2]] project was further harmed when IBM executives secretly sent employees to help aid the development of [[NT-tan | Windows NT]]. From 1985-1995, while [[Category:MacAppleOS|Apple]] began to flounder under the rule of John Scully, [[Microsoft Windows|Microsoft]] steadily gained ground against [[AppleOS|Apple]]. In 1995, [[Microsoft Windows|Microsoft]] presented it's foremost challenge to [[AppleOS|Apple]], [[95-tan|Windows 95]]. By uniting [[MSDOS | MS-DOS]] with it's graphical counterpart, [[Microsoft Windows|Microsoft]] was able to drive most other DOS-compatible Operating Systems out of the market. Compared to [[AppleOS|Apple's]] [[OS7 | System 7]] 95 was much better marketed, and secured [[Category:Windows|Microsoft's]] position as provider of the most commonly used OS. The years that followed can be considered relatively quiet, as [[AppleOS|Apple]] struggled to keep afloat against the flood of [[Category:Microsoft Windows|Windows]] PC's. The late 90's, however, showed some action return to the OS arena. With the glorious return of Steve Jobs to [[AppleOS|Apple]], and the introduction of the iMac (now called iFruit) and [[OSX | Mac OS X]], [[AppleOS|Apple]] began to gain market share. [[Category:Linux | Linux]], the OS anomaly, suddenly starts gaining popularity. Now [[Microsoft Windows|Microsoft]] is under heavy assault from all sides. What becomes of them remains to be seen. The future is yet to be written. 


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