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{| class=infobox bordered align = right style=width: 25em; text-align: left; font-size: 95%;
|+ style=font-size: larger; | '''Amiga'''
| colspan=2 style=text-align:center; | [[Image:amiga.gif|Amiga-tan]]
! Also Known As:
| Miggy
! Original Creator:
| [[User:C-Chan|C-Chan]]
! First appearance:
| Unknown
! OS Personified:
| All versions of Amiga OS
! OS Developer:
| Amiga Corporation
! First Released:
| 24 July 1985
! Latest Stable Release:
| v. 4 December 24 2006
Amiga-tan or 'Miggy' is commonly drawn as a young, tall, friendly and energetic artist. Her original checkered shirt is based off the contemporary Amiga logo, although the monogram on her chest, the rainbow checkmark on her beret and rainbow eyes nod towards the older 80's logos. Her attire is meant to have a 50's retro look as she is a bit old-fashioned; however, her personality and ideas have (and continue to be) well ahead of their time. As an artist she carries around an art tote riddled with as many easter eggs as art supplies (although later renditions omitted the bag out of practicality).

Later renditions of Amiga-tan also have her wearing radically-different clothing altogether, owing to the multi-purpose and emulation-friendly nature of the original AmigaOS and subsequent upgrades.

Amiga-tan was first drawn by [[User:C-Chan|C-chan]] as part of the [[Annex Project|OS-tan Annex Project]]. She is one of the few old-era OS-tans (not including the Mac-tans) that still remains very active and has the potential to stage a market comeback. But due to her preference of cooperation rather than competition, she strives to bring ALL underrepresented OS-tans to the public consciousness rather than only herself. Being a voice for the minority doesn't gain her much efficiency, but makes her particularly charismatic to both friends and strangers alike.

Like most old-era OS-tans, the [[Amigoid Family]] structure has historically been somewhat fragmented. Amiga-tan has a mother ([[TRIPOS-tan]]) and two daughters ([[MorphOS-tan]] and [[AROS-tan]]), but rarely has a chance to see them. She also has stepsisters ([[Commodore PET-tan]], [[Commodore VIC20-tan]], [[Commodore 64-tan]] and [[Commodore 128-tan]]) with whom she spent her entire youth with. But it is only in recent years that she's been able to get along well with at least PET-tan and 64-tan. Without the plethora of close friends, Amiga-tan would be all but a lone wolf in sheep's clothing.

As of this date, Amiga-tan is still an [[Emerging OS-tan]], so additional details are still forthcoming.

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