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Homeo loves to cosplay, specifically as female characters. Given his stature and hair length, he pulls off an extremely convincing trap, to the point where some people don't know he's a boy.[] This is likely influenced by his sister's excitement at his dressing up this way (though she has different ideas as to why), and his desire to become a woman. However, he only wants this so he can have a relationship with his sister; It is evident that the gender is not the issue here, just that they are two different genders.[] Part of his making a convincing trap is his personality; Homeo is a very sensitive young man, often doing things that make him uncomfortable just to make his sister or some of the other os-tans happy.[]
Homeo seems to have a romantic interest in his sister. Even without it, he often looks after his sister as she is often too preoccupied to do it herself (see examples here[], here[], and here[]). Through this, he seems to have developed an attraction to her[], though she seems unaware of this fact (or, due to her profession as a yaoi doujinshi artist, thinks of his attraction and feminine nature as uke (yaoi bottom) traits). Homeo also seems to have some sort of attraction to [[98-tan]], who has a crush on him. The degree to which the feelings are reciprocated vary from picture to picture, though they seem to have a sort of young love blossoming[] (though 98 is prone to tormenting Homeo, as she is the dominant one in the budding relationship). This mutual crush isn't without protesters, however, such as Secchan, who not only doesn't want to see her sister in that kind of relationship, but also has a crush on Homeo. Her obsession with can openering dicks, however, doesn't do much to foster anything mutual.[]


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