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===Main character design===
A rarer character, MS-DOS is most commonly represented as a cute but very shy little schoolgirl carrying , with black or dark grey hair in pigtails decorated with "DOS"-shaped hair ties; her hair ties are usually blue, but are sometimes depicted in the colors of the MS DOS prompt logo as shown in Windows. She wears round glasses, a white button-down blouse with a light blue skirt and suspenders. She carries around a keyboard , and is usually peeking around corners.  The implication is that, like MS-DOS itself on non-NT versions of Windows, she is always lurking somewhere in the background, just out of sight.
She originally represented the DOS prompt (In early pictures, including the one in the infobox, her armband says "Prompt") and assumed to be a catch-all for all the DOS OSes, but now more specifically represents MS-DOS.
===Other character designdesigns===[[Image:MSDOS_frillydress.png|left|thumb|Alternate MS DOS-tan design]]MS-DOS-tan has also been drawn in an alternative outfit resembling EGL style, wearing a black sleeveless minidress, long boots, full-length gloves, and a choker, all with white lace trim; her stockings reach to just below the bottom of her dress' trim, and she wears a matching tiara. In some fanon, this portrayal is her younger self from before the OS Wars. Another representation of MS-DOS is Windows 3.1-tan's cat, who can shapeshift into a catgirl in a nurse's outfit. It isn't known if she was an alternative MS-DOS character (since the 'main' MS-DOS-tan is rarely drawn), but in most fanon, both characters co-exist.
==History and background (fanon)==

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