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Also known as XP Home-kun, Homeo is portrayed as a gender-confused boy who looks akin to his sister Homeko. He is typically shown wearing a key shaped hair-clip and an XP shaped necktie. Homeo is a transvestite and often cosplays as female characters, most commonly Kanaria from Rozen Maiden. He fancies 98-tan, and there have been numerous occasions when they have nearly gotten together.

Homeo is one of the more complicated characters in Troubled Windows, for a number of reasons. First off, he is one of the more sexually complicated characters. He desires to become a woman, but only to have a relationship with his sister, Homeko. He often cosplays as female characters, which appear to excite [[Homeko]]. Many zany, and often ecchi situations ensue. [[98-tan and 98SE-tan|98-tan]] (Hacchan) also loves Homeo, who returns her love to a degree. Hacchan often assumes a domination role over Homeo, with very unusual results. Their relationship is much to the chagrin of [[98-tan and 98SE-tan|98SE-tan]] (Secchan), who also likes Homeo. Secchan's preoccupation with castrating him with a bottle opener, however, complicates this situation.

Homeo is not truly gay in that he bears no liking of men, but desires to be a woman. This unusual sexual trait leads to some situations, many involving the love square between Hacchan, Secchan, Homeo, and Homeko.

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