Something Awful

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Something Awful-tan
Common Name: Something Awful-tan
Alias(es): SA-tan
First Appearance: Dec 2006
Original Creator: Aurora Borealis
Site/page Personified:
Site/page Type: Parody site, review site
Devloper: Richard Kyanka (aka: Lowtax)
Date Published: When was the website published?

Something Awful-tan is a trend setter, notorious for a lot of internet memes including O RLY?, All your base are belong to us and Im in ur base, killin ur doodz (and variations of). She tends to be very snarky and says everything is awful in some way (ex: That's awful! or Wow! That's not awful!). Her hobbies are making fun of idiots, reviewing bad websites, making parodies and throwing grenades. She has aquamarine + white hair with grenade-shaped hairclips in the front and dons a blue outfit based off of a SWAT team uniform which she wears to reflect her 'duties' as the Fashion SWAT, apprehending those whose fashion doesn't meet standards. But she does not enforce the law, she is usually running from it as she is also a juvenile delinquent who has gotten in trouble with the law several times (SA has had a lot of legal problems) and does not get along with The Smoking Gun-tan, who is usually out to get her. But Something Awful-tan is after the Smoking Gun-tan because she wears clashing colors!

Fark-tan is Something Awful-tan's closest friend- sharing some of the same interests, sense of humor and fondness for photo editing. However because Fark-tan is also friends with The Smoking Gun-tan, tension arises when the three are together. Another companion of Something Awful-tan's is a snowy owl who she taught 'useful' phrases such as O RLY?, YA RLY and NO WAI!

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