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Pilot OS-tan
Character information
Common name Pilot OS-tan
Also known as Xerox Star
First appearance Apr 2008
Height 148 cm (4'10")
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Red
Faction Binteeji Renmei
Lineage Xerox
Technical information
System personified Pilot OS
Developer(s) Xerox
Debut 1981
Latest release ?

Technical details

Pilot OS is a single-user, multitasking OS designed for a networking environment, was made for the Xerox Star workstation and is the first commercial grade GUI OS but did not sell well at all due to its extremely high price (Xerox Stars cost $16,000 each, and with a typical office requiring multiple machines). Although regarded as a commercial failure, Pilot OS and the Xerox Star influenced or inspired many OSes. Most notably, development for Apple's Macintosh and Lisa projects were influenced by Apple's visits to Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center.

Character details

Pilot OS-tan is little pilot girl with short blonde hair, intimidating red eyes and wears a pilot's outfit. Her outfit is an aviator jacket with a long white scarf, knee-length boots, goggles, and an aviator cap decorated with an older Xerox logo. Aside from being a pilot, she's also a gunslinger and carries an antique pistol with her as her favorite firearm. Because of years of hardship she endured after being abandoned long ago, she is short-tempered, has little good to say about anything modern, and generally keeps to herself. She manifests her discontent with lots of swearing and guilt-tripping others. However, she does not mind putting herself in danger to help the Vintage-tans she lives with, but generally-speaking her only close friend is the similarly bitter PCDOS-tan. She helps her friend PC-DOS-tan arrange reunions with MS-DOS-tan, who in turn uses her old business contacts to get repair parts for the X-Star at affordable prices.

She has an older sister, Xerox Alto-tan, but they were separated long ago.

History and background

Pilot OS-tan was the pride-and-joy of her company back in her youth, and had an impressive fleet of airplanes. Her capabilities were a force to be reckoned with. Lisa-tan, the Mac-tans, and later the Windows-tans (and even later, many more others) were influenced by her and incorporated elements of her technology. That is something she wouldn't have minded if she were given more credit in the first place, and didn't overshadow her to the point of leading to her downfall.

After being overshadowed by all the others she influenced, she was seen as too much of a liability to her company by the mid- or late 80's and separated from her family. She was left to fend for herself while her territory dwindled, and without money to maintain her fleet of aircraft or even feed herself. The only airplane she has left (and in barely working condition) is her beloved first plane, dubbed the X-Star.

Although emotionally scared and nearly penniless, she does not resent her life in the Binteeji Renmei at all, happy to be surrounded by good and hard-working OS-tans.

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