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Also Known As: Oric
Drawn By: Bella
OS Personified: Any OS on the Oric microcomputer hardware
OS Developer: Tangerine Computer Systems
First Released: 1983
Latest Stable Release: Unknown

Oric was the name of a microcomputer line by Tangerine Computer Systems. Oric was somewhat obscure and looked down upon by many microcomputer enthusiasts, whom dismissed it as nothing more than a toy or gaming system.

Oric-tan is depicted as a preteen girl, undeniably tomboyish and fun-loving. She wears her dark brown hair short, donning a backwards baseball cap. She wears no-nonsense clothing and has dark orange-brown eyes.

Little is known at this time about Oric-tan's early life or history; currently aligned with the Vintage-tans, she still retains her lighthearted attitude, often acting to cheer up those around her. She loves games and sports, and has competitive streak, albeit a good-natured one.

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