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Irfanview avi.png
Common Name: IrfanView-tan
Alias(es): None
First Appearance: December 2007
Original Creator: Siya
Software Personified: IrfanView
Software Use: Graphics viewer
Software Devloper: Irfan Skiljan
Latest Version Release: Version 4.10 - October 15, 2007

IrfanView-tan is a graphics viewer. She can pull up graphics files to use as shields or, simply, to look at or reference them. She also has minor graphics editing abilities (such as cropping, resizing, altering color balance, etc.) which is embodied in her X-acto knife.

The appearance of IrfanView-tan generally alludes to the IrfanView icon, a bright red roadkill cat. She has chin-length, straight orange hair. She wears large, round goggles. She has bright red cat ears and an equally bright red cat tail. Her dress is bright red, sleeveless, has a high collar and has a waist that looks like a tire tread. Under her dress, she wears a long-sleeved, black top and black tights. Her shoes are bright red Mary Janes. IrfanView-tan also wears filmstrip ribbons in her hair, referencing the program's ability to view a folder of images as a filmstrip.