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Dartmouth Time-Sharing System
Character Information
Common Names Dartmouth Time-Sharing System
Other Names DTSS
Human Name(s) Delilah Archmoore
Faction Binteeji Renmei
Lineage independent, but loosely related to the MIT-tans
Rival(s) Squirrels
Height 5'5
Hair Color White and Blonde
Eye Color Teal-green
Weapon(s) Electrical dischange
First Appearance 2008
Technical Information
System Personified Dartmouth Time-Sharing System
Developer(s) Dartmouth College
Debut 1964
Latest release Circa 1970s

Technical details

DTSS was an early timesharing OS and the first to be successfully implemented on a large scale. Loosely based on a PDP-1 timesharing system, DTSS was designed for the GE-200 series computer (and later the 600-series) by John Kemeny and Thomas Curtz and was built by a student team at Dartmouth College.

DTSS is notable for being built almost entirely by students, many of whom had no prior experience with computers or programming. It is also the system on which the language BASIC was created. At the time, this easy-to-learn programming language allowed DTSS to accommodate usage by non-scientific users.

Character details

DTSS-tan is portrayed as a petite, teal-eyed, white-and-gold-haired woman. She typically wears an eclectic mix of Cossack-styled clothing and outdoor-wear, and often carries and carved wooden walking stick.

A teacher and pioneer in human-computer communications, DTSS-tan has a kind and amicable attitude and is exceptionally self-sufficient for an OS-tan of her time. While completely mute, she can communicate effectively through translators - computer- or -program-tans she assigns the job of speaking for her. How exactly she linguistically communicates with them is unknown, but it has been speculated that she can project her thoughts into the minds of others.

History and Background

Relationships and Family