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Also Known As:
Original Creator: NejinOniwa
First appearance: 10 Feb 2007
Application Personified: DC++
Application Developer: Jacek Siekca
First Deployed: June 2001
Latest Stable Release: v 0.781 January 12th 2011

DC-Tan is the personification of the DC++ file sharing client. This is one thing that largely influences her personality, and she is depicted as a pirate girl with gray-and-white hair, most often covered by a black pirate hat with the DC++ logo on it. She is not particularly well-endowed, and wears mostly gray-scale clothing - the most common one being a coat brandished with the icons for Downloads and Uploads, and the two Favorites stars from the original program graphics. She has a crisscross scar on her left cheek, and her left eye is covered by an eyepatch (which she doesn't even take off while showering). She is also known to be a practiced gunner. Personality-wise she is of slight Tsundere quality, but mainly she goes around being generally cynical, making fun of anyone in her vicinity, occasionally using her 'MAIN' sign (derived from the Mainchat function in DC++) as a chalkboard to write witty comments on. Due to the fact that DC++ is the program on which almost all other opensource clients using the DirectConnect are derived from, she personalizes them all in general, while still being a specific personification of DC++.