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Binteeji Renmei


Acorn MOS



  • Name: AMSDOS-tan
  • aka: "Amstrad CPC"
  • Debut: circa 1984
  • Height: 138 cm
  • Weight: ?? kg
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair: Blonde w/ black streaks
  • Quick Facts:
    • -Fast, likes to jog, and is noted as being faster then contemporaries.
    • -Is a stepsister to the Sinclair-tans. (Sinclair Research's computer lines were bought out by Amstrad in 1986)
    • -Enjoys sorting and labeling things.
    • -Very competitive, especially with her contemporaries. Her main rival being Sinclair QL.
    • -Will juggle cassettes and floppies to show off.
    • -Friend of DR-DOS.
    • -Often found playing games of skill against Roland.
    • -Has short blonde hair with black streaks, wears a green shirt with blue track shorts, sneakers and a red+black jacket.

Apple II


  • Name: Apple II-tan
  • aka: "II-chan"
  • Debut: 6/5/1977
  • Height: 128 cm (4'2")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Red
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Quick Facts:
    • -Is Apple I's oldest daughter and the oldest living member of the Apple Family.
    • -One of the co-founders of the Binteeji Renmei.
    • -Usually dons a set of red+white Edo-era Japanese farm clothes, a white kerchief and straw hat, and her hair is usually braided.
    • -Maintains an apple orchard, and teaches others how to grow their own gardens.
    • -Has a golden apple-shaped locket containing a black+white photo of Apple I in memory of her.
    • -Is hard-working, rugged, friendly, witty, and great story-teller.
    • -Serves as a big sister and parental figure to all of the Apple-tans, and served as a teacher figure to the Apple Family when she lived with them.
    • -Still maintains close ties with the Mac-tans after her departure in 1993, and is in fact even closer to them than she was before.
    • -Sad that she had neglected much of her family, being too busy with work before she retired.
    • -Is Lisa's caregiver, not just out of sisterly love or pity, but also as part of Apple I's parting wish.
    • -Former rivals with Atari DOS and Commodore PET, the three are now best of friends.
    • -Still in a rivalry with Coleco Adam that is highly competitive, yet (usually) civil.

Apple Lisa

Arthur OS

[[File: ]]

  • Name: Arthur OS-kun
  • aka:
  • Debut: circa 1987
  • Height: 174 cm (~5'9")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Varies
  • Hair: Blond
  • Quick Facts:
    • -One of the failed predeccsors to RISC OS, but generally seems to have taken his abandonment well.
    • -Doesn't like using computers, depends on written notes.
    • -Looks to MOS as a a mentor, wanted to be as succesful and loved as she was.
    • -Typically gallant and cheerful, does tend to gloat something terribly over ARX.
    • -Has a hard time working with other company's systems, and sometimes just stops talking.
    • -Resourceful, capable of accomplishing his tasks with almost nothing.
    • -Does oragami as a hobby.
    • -Has the unpleasant habit of attracting insects.
    • -Sort of brother to ARX & RISC OS.
    • -Has odd color-changing eyes, wears a double-breasted suit with Acorn-theme ties. Carries origami paper and a notebook at all times, and usually keeps a pen behind his ear too.

Atari DOS


  • Name: Atari DOS-tan
  • aka: "Atari 8-bit"
  • Debut: 1979
  • Height: 125 cm (4'1")
  • Weight: ?? kg
  • Eye Color: Yellow
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Quick Facts:
    • -Is kind-hearted, youthful, and cheerful and soft-spoken.
    • -An old-fashioned prop comic and magician, though her magician outfit appears more impressive than her skills.
    • -Yet she is resourceful, good at improvising and incorporating the appearance of a timid, bumbling rookie into her acts.
    • -Wise beyond her years, she is a big sister figure to Atari ST and the other Atari-tans.
    • -Is Atari ST's older stepsister. Despite their differences, and ST's counterproductive antics, they care for each other a lot.
    • -Used to be rivals with Commodore PET and Apple II, now the three of them are best friends that are nearly inseparable.
    • -In the old Atari family, she remained optimistic, even though the Atari console-tans didn't like her.
    • -Has blonde hair, braided in the style of the Atari logo, each braid ending in three small pigtails.
    • -Wears a purple+grey magician outfit with an ascot and colorful cape.
    • -Uses an Atari Remote Controller as a magic wand.

Atari TOS


  • Name: Atari TOS-tan
  • aka: Atari ST
  • Debut: Jan 1985
  • Height: 161 cm (5'3")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Teal
  • Hair: Light blue
  • Quick Facts:
    • -Atari DOS's stepsister, GEM's twin sister, also a biological sister to DR-DOS-tan.
    • -She and GEM were separated from birth and had competed against each other before reuniting in the Binteeji Renmei.
    • -A diva yearning for her old glory days again as an idol singer.
    • -Obsessed over her looks, worries about her 'fading beauty', and laments her age --which she denies--.
    • -Was supposed to be a magician like her stepsister --following the tradition of her step-family--, but was more of a song-and-dance performer.
    • -Had much more pizzazz as a performer, but neglected her magic skills.
    • -Still has rivalries with Amiga and C64. Had either reconciled with or forgot about her rivalries with GS/OS and the Macs.
    • -Somewhat of a loner and keeps her distance from most Vintage-tans, but deep down she is grateful for their help and kindness.
    • -Has long wavy light blue hair decorated with a bee-shaped hair clip.
    • -Wears a green+white minidress with high-heels, a teal jacket and Atari logo sash.

Coleco Adam


  • Name: Coleco Adam-tan
  • aka: "Adam-chan"
  • Debut: 1983
  • Height: 142 cm (4'8")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Red
  • Hair: Orange
  • Quick Facts:
    • -Is timid and paranoid, but does her best to be courteous to others.
    • -Notorious for erasing nearby tapes, and attracting metal objects because of electromagnetic energy she involuntarily generates.
    • -Has wavy orange hair that is almost always frizzled because of the electromagnetic discharges.
    • -Always carries her printer with her.
    • -Still rivals with Apple II, her main rival from the 80's.
    • -Tomboyish, but also carries a Cabbage Patch doll with her.
    • -Difficult to understand when speaking, lapses into incoherency at times.
    • -Good at both office work and gaming.
    • -Childhood friends with her sister Colecovision-tan, but were separated in 1988 when their family fell apart.
    • -Still feels a lot of guilt for causing her family's demise in just 5 years but remains upbeat with the motivation from her followers who helped her during her wanderer years
    • -Wears a beige dress shirt with green frills, matching shoes, pants and white tights.
    • -Closest friends with Apple ///, Barbie Linux and Plus/4.

Commodore 64

Commodore PET

Commodore Plus/4



  • Name:DTSS-tan
  • aka: "Dartmouth Timesharing System"
  • Debut: 1963
  • Height: 165 cm (5'5")
  • Weight: 59kg (130 lb)
  • Eye Color: Teal
  • Hair: Blonde+white
  • Quick Facts:
    • -A teacher who specialized in human/OS-tan communication.
    • -Inventor of the BASIC language.
    • -Feels affection toward the microcomputer-tans who so widely implemented her language, especially Altair 8800-tan.
    • -Friendly toward the other timesharing OS-tans of the day and region, like CTSS and Multics.
    • -Dislikes squirrels.
    • -Has been known to spontaneously build up and discharge electricity.
    • -Is mute; in her prime, she kept an assistant as her "translator".
    • -An outdoorswoman.
    • -Dresses in eclectic clothing, typically of Cossack style, and carries a wooden walking stick.




  • Name: EvilEntity-tan
  • aka: EvilE
  • Debut: 1/25/2003
  • Height: ???cm
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye color: Red
  • Hair: Dark blue
  • Quick Facts:
    • -A vampire who wanted to be a feared mastermind, but wasn't successful.
    • -Plotted against the Windows Family multiple times (marketed to compete against Windows and gets rid of Windows partition when installed), most weren't aware of her existence, but was banished by 95-tan and NT-tan in a duel.
    • -Lost support in 2006, now lives with the Binteeji Renmei.
    • -Became friends with Windows 1.0-tan, 2.0-tan and 3.2-tan despite her vendetta against the Windows Family.
    • -A power user skilled in dark magic attacks.
    • -Clumsy and not good at escaping, apparently she can shapeshift into a penguin, but not a bat.
    • -Doesn't do any business or server work, is an entertainer instead. Likes to draw, make movies and play music.
    • -Has long dark blue hair, wears a black dress or suit with a dark red cape.
    • -Considers herself an ubermensch, and morally superior to the corporate Linux-tans, who she derides as sell-outs.
    • -Interested in the old school hacker culture that Linux originated in.







MITS Altair 8800

[[File: ]]

  • Name: MITS Altair 8800-tan
  • aka: "Altair"
  • Debut: Jan 1975
  • Height: 137 cm (4'6")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Red
  • Hair: White
  • Quick Facts:
    • -Credited for starting the personal computer revolution. (first commercially successful personal computer)
    • -Overconfident in her youth, but still prone to exaggerating things. (had hugely exaggerated hype from its developers)
    • -Intelligent but was self-destructive, withdrawn and melancholy. Her attitude has improved a lot since joining the BR though.
    • -Hobbies include working on model rockets and antique calculators.
    • -Was arch-rivals with IMSAI 8080, who she wanted to knock out of the competition.
    • -Ended up causing her own near-demise and lost against IMSAI in terms of popularity.
    • -Was friends with Apple I and Xenix.
    • -Was the benefactress and an honorary member of the Microsoft-IBM family, but had to leave in 1981.
    • -Spent over 20 years as a wanderer in various hardships and obscurity.
    • -Joined the Binteeji Renmei in recent years, and reconciled with IMSAI 8080.
    • -Is much happier now that she has retired, making new friends, and feeling like she can redeem herself.
    • -Wears a long blue+silver gown with a white bow and red pearls around the collar.



  • Name: Multics
  • aka: "Multiplexed Information and Computing Service"
  • Debut: 1969, but was born in 1965
  • Height: 176 cm (~5'9.5")
  • Weight: 61 kg (134 lb)
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair: Dark Purple
  • Quick Facts:
    • -Born out of the ambitious Project MAC at MIT, Multics is the adoptive child of CTSS-tan.
    • -Was sickly and weak throughout much of her youth, but became better as she matured.
    • -Led a fairly tragic life, filled with numerous near-death experiences, disownments and abandonment.
    • -Felt her glory was stolen by her 'illegitimate child' Unix.
    • -Has a vastly complex personality: friends describe her as personable and warm, while enemies report her to be mercilessly calculating.
    • -Had amazing magical powers and fighting skills that belied her prim, elegant appearance.
    • -In her prime she wore complex, cumbersome Rococo-style gowns and jewelry, mixed in with more ancient-looking elements.
    • -Has white and black splotched wings, although the left one is deformed from a break.
    • -Fluent in several languages, including Latin and French.
    • -Died in 2000, but has since been resurrected.
    • -Currently devoid of any substantial magical powers and her former territory and possessions, but is actually happier because of it.



[[File: ]]

  • Name: OS/8-tan
  • aka: OS/12, MS/8, PS/8
  • Debut: 1971
  • Height: 168 cm (5'6")
  • Weight: 54kg (119 lb)
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair: Black
  • Quick Facts:
    • -Is very fast, has excellent reflexes.
    • -A notable orator and communicator.
    • -Has a subtle sense of humour and enjoys telling witty anecdotes.
    • -Perhaps a little less straight-laced than her fellow DEC-tans.
    • -Has a poor sense of internal timekeeping, often wakes in the night and sleeps during the morning.
    • -Narcoleptic.
    • -Lithe and agile, wears a bobbed haircut and 1920s style dress when not in uniform.



  • Name: DEC PDP-1-tan
  • aka: "Programmable Data Processor-1"
  • Debut: early 1959
  • Height: 122 cm (4'0")
  • Weight: 31 kg (70 lb)
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Quick Facts:
    • -Innocent, feisty and child-like in nature; but with a great deal of tenacity and inner resourcefulness.
    • -Called a programmable data processor, instead of "computer" to avoid dismissal and possible reprisal by the more powerful computer-tans of her day (especially the IBM mainframes).
    • -Foundress of the DEC Empire.
    • -Nonviolent for the most part, may occasionally wield a slingshot.
    • -A pianist, known for her excellent handle on baroque classical music. (PDP-1 is famous for making music)
    • -Spent most of her early life living at MIT, where she studied and taught.
    • -Daughter of Whirlwind-hime via the TX-0 project, lived near her mother for the duration of Whirlwind's life.
    • -Sister to SAGE and CTSS.
    • -Ancestor of all PDP computer-tans.
    • -A small, outwardly mousey girl, dresses in blue and white, dons twin buns that give the appearance of mouse ears and large round glasses.

Pilot OS/Xerox Star

[[File: ]]

  • Name: Pilot OS-tan
  • aka: Xerox Star
  • Debut: 1981 (born 1977)
  • Height: 148 cm (4'10")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Red
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Quick Facts:
    • -First commercial GUI OS, but rarely, if ever recognized by mainstream OS-tans.
    • -Younger sister of Alto-tan. Took after her, until their separation from abandonment took its toll.
    • -Short-tempered, has little good to say about anything modern and usually keeps to herself.
    • -Swears a lot, and known to guilt-trip others frequently.
    • -A pilot who once had a fleet of aircraft, but had to abandon all but her trusted X-Star plane.
    • -Her only close friend is PC-DOS.
    • -Helps PC-DOS and MS-DOS meet up.
    • -Has short blonde hair held back with her goggles.
    • -Wears an aviator hat with the old Xerox logo on it, an aviator jacket, boots and long scarf.
    • -Doesn't resent her life in the Binteeji Renmei despite her bitterness, and is willing to risk herself to help them.


[[File: ]]

  • Name: RT-11-tan
  • aka:
  • Debut: circa 1973
  • Height: 152 cm (5'0")
  • Weight: 48kg (106 lb)
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair: Red
  • Quick Facts:
    • -Demure and quiet with low self-confidence.
    • -Has trouble standing up for herself.
    • -Hypersensitive to physical and mental stimuli.
    • -Considers herself an outsider in the among the outgoing DEC-tans
    • -A fast and agile, moreso than Unix even.
    • -Short, teenaged, has large blue eyes and long red hair held in twin ponytails. Wears a DEC military uniform.
    • -A tinkerer with old gadgets.
    • -Has a devoted following of Soviet Elektronika clones, it is unknown if her menagerie of fans does anything to boost her spirit.
    • -Friends with the quieter Vintage-tans.

Sinclair QL



  • Name: TOPS-10-tan
  • aka: PDP-6 / PDP-10 Monitor Software, Timesharing / Total Operating System
  • Debut: 1964
  • Height: 170 cm (5'7")
  • Weight: 63kg (139 lb)
  • Eye Color: Purple
  • Hair: Lavender
  • Quick Facts:
    • -One of the oldest (living) DEC OS-tans.
    • -Established DEC's military tradition, considered their de-facto commander and head strategist for many years.
    • -Like most of the DEC-tans, resembled a free-thinking revolutionary more than a straight-laced military type.
    • -Fearless, loyal and fierce with a wry sense of humor.
    • -Very social, fond of CB radio and multiplayer boardgames.
    • -Has the sensibilities of a modern OS-tan.
    • -Especially fond of RSX-11, looked at Tenex (TOPS-20) as something of a little-sister figure.
    • -Doesn't seem to acknowledge her daughter, WAITS, or comment on her possible relation to CP/M-tan.
    • -Aged and retired gracefully, still active today.
    • -Tall, athletic, moderately-endowed, appears sometime in her mid-to-late 30s. Has long hair and lively eyes, wears parts of her old uniform mixed with civilian pieces.

Windows 1.0


  • Name: Windows 1.0-tan
  • aka:
  • Debut: 11/20/1985
  • Height: 161 cm (~5'3")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair: Green
  • Note: Backstory differs a lot from the independently-made Futaba version, but OSC!1.0-tan's kimono is a shout-out to her Futaba-made counterpart. Futaba!1.0-tan would be associated with the Windows Family.
  • Quick Facts:
    • -The genetic mother of the 9x Windows-tans.
    • -Physically a young woman, but has an innocent, child-like mentality.
    • -Her stunted mental condition makes the completion of complex tasks difficult, but she revels in her ability to perform simple tasks.
    • -A loving and caring personality, very perceptive of other persons' emotions.
    • -Tries to be a good mother for Windows 2.0-tan, but more often then not 2.0-tan takes care of her mother.
    • -Was ousted from the Windows family with 2.0-tan around the time of the breakup of the Microsoft/IBM alliance.
    • -Often wears a variety of bandages and slings (a nod to Windows 1.0's unfinished and experimental nature).
    • -Donned a fine kimono and hair decorations during her time at MS, now dresses in plain 1920s-inspired dresses, usually tattered and patched.
    • -Has short green hair (was darker in her youth, now light green), a 1.0-shaped hair decoration, wears a kind but far-away expression.

Windows 2.0


  • Name: Windows 2.0
  • aka: N/A
  • Debut: Nov. 1987
  • Height: 127 cm (4'2")
  • Weight: ?? kg
  • Eye Color: bright blue
  • Hair: black
  • Quick Facts:
    • -Eldest daughter of Windows 1.0-tan.
    • -Has a level of emotional maturity that belies her young physical age.
    • -Sickly and weak since birth.
    • -A skilled mason.
    • -Was exiled, with her mother, from the Windows family not too long after the Microsoft-IBM family broke up; Windows 3.1-tan is perhaps the only Windows-tan that recalls her's and Windows 1.0-tan's existence.
    • -This, coupled with the hardships she faced during the OS Wars, has inflicted substantial psychological trauma which she's still struggling to overcome.
    • -Is now at home in the Binteji Renmei (Vintage Federation).
    • -Dresses in a blue and white school uniform, leather masonry gloves and Mary Jane shoes.

Yggdrasil Linux

[[File: ]]

  • Name: Yggdrasil Linux
  • aka: Yggdrasil Linux/GNU/X, LGX
  • Debut: 12/8/1992
  • Height: 175 cm (5'9")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye color: Red
  • Hair: Blonde and brown
  • Quick Facts:
    • -Forgetful of things (alpha release left out some source code), an especially unfortunate trait because she likes to build things and document information.
    • -Highly adaptable to new situations. (first plug-and-play, auto-configuring Linux version)
    • -Dresses in early medieval Viking gear, including the historically inaccurate horned helmet.
    • -Has long hair tied into three ponytails, with leaf-shaped hair-ties.
    • -Wields a halberd.
    • -An influential free software advocate and crusader.
    • -Wears a disc-shaped pendant. (first Live CD distro)
    • -Kind, calm and helpful older sister figure of the early Linux Family.
    • -Was the first to document the early Linux family's culture and genealogy, which she has continued to do. (Compiled CDs of the latest Linux and other Open Source software, also from Yggdrasil is The Linux Bible)
    • -Disappeared in 1995, had not been heard from in more than a decade.
    • -Joined the Binteeji Renmei to retire, using her fighting skills to defend it from intruders.
    • -Friends with EvilEntity-tan, who sees her as a role model, and Spectrum-tan who shares a fondness of genealogy work.


[[File: ]]

  • Name: ZX81-tan
  • aka: Timex-Sinclair 1000
  • Debut: Mar 1981
  • Height: 130 cm (4'3")
  • Weight: 29 kg (64 lb)
  • Eye Color: Red
  • Hair: Black
  • Quick Facts:
    • -Small, thin and very frail.
    • -Frequently pushes herself to her limits.
    • -Older sister to ZX Spectrum and Sinclair QL.
    • -Wears a long black+white dress and has short black hair, red eyes and a ZX-81 brooch.
    • -Miserly. Does not like to use much of anything.
    • -Tsundere-ish, can be very harsh, at times mistaken for sadistic. (one screw up, and your program is lost.)
    • -A teacher to many, despite her harshness towards others, has had a loyal following of students willing to stick to her rules.
    • -Taught her students, and her younger sisters to be highly resourceful.
    • -Gets along best with minimalist OS-tans.
    • -Shows discontent towards most modern OS-tans for their inefficient use of resources.

ZX Spectrum