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Original Creator: Aurora Borealis
First appearance: 2006
Application Personified: AOL
Applicaion Devloper: AOL
First Deployed: May 1988

AOL-tan is Quantum Link-tan's younger sister and is a messenger girl who is a chatterbox-type all about the gossip and the latest news and such but tends to be very dense and unreliable, sometimes spouting off stuff at the wrong time or not filtering spam and malware correctly.

She is represented as a blue-haired girl with L-shaped pigtails, wears a blue dress with a white triangular collar with AOL printed on it, blue high-heel shoes, a beige coat, and black hat with an antenna. Her outfit is Jetsons-inspired as AOL has had a couple Jetsons themed codenames. Her beige coat and black hat are references to Casablanca, which is also another of AOL's codenames. When delivering messages, she says her catch phrase You've got mail!

In her youth she was a humble girl who had some good friends and was pretty well-liked. When befriending the Windows-tans in the mid 90's, she became extremely powerful and focused more on popularity than reliability. And since the 2000's, things have been going downhill for her and she is now in a state of desperation, trying to do what it takes to rebuild her fanbase. The modern OS-tans find her extremely annoying and the friends she had in the past miss the old her.

But one loyal friend does remain to this day: Netscape-tan, who AOL-tan originally took as a prisoner of war in the 90's when both were at their most powerful. But since both lost a lot of their power in the 2000's, that all changed. AOL-tan is very caring towards Netscape-tan despite near abandonment and loss of all of her power.