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OS-tan Theory Revival

Started by Chocofreak13, January 02, 2012, 12:39:37 am

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Aurora Borealis

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Quote from: Bella on April 29, 2019, 02:15:40 pmA while back I learned that OpenVMS is being maintained by a group of former DEC employees under their own company. I also learned there's an ongoing effort to port VMS to x86.

I believe the story implications for this are VMS-tan being rescued by, and reuniting with, the DEC-tans. Since she's effectively no longer beholden to any company, surrounded by people who know her history, AND not in imminent threat of being displaced again, I imagine she has lost the mask and is generally in a much more relaxed place mentally.

I'm less certain what the implications of VMS on x86 hold for VMS-tan.

I don't have anything about the implications of VMS on x86, but what happened to OpenVMS is surprising, but the implications mean that VMS-tan can finally feel a sense of freedom that she hasn't in a long time. Her time spent post-DEC having to for the companies that conquered hers must have been humiliating for her, but as a proprietary OS, the dropping of company support would've been a scary and uncertain fate, and seem even worse. As tough and stoic as VMS-tan is, knowing that company support was going to be dropped still would've been scary for her. In the present day, would she still be the leader of the CIOST, since she set up to support other OS-tans who wanted to keep their independence?

Some other theories that were discussed:

Multics-tan is the only OS-tan who has been established as being resurrected after death, but MTS-tan and CTSS-tan may have also been resurrected after emulators for their OSes were successfully developed. The emulator for MTS was released 1 or 2 years ago, CTSS became open source in 2004, and a successful emulator was developed around 2009. The precedent for deceased OS-tans to be resurrected if working emulators can be built for them is there.

Could Apple I-tan also eventually be resurrected? She could, based on this precedent, but what about the story implications? Would her resurrection could cheapen the loss that Apple II-tan, Lisa-tan and Apple III-tan suffered early in their lives, and the sadness that System 1-tan felt over not being able to meet her. I've known about there being Apple I emulators for many years, but Apple I-tan was deceased and died early for story purposes.

AMIX-tan (Amiga Unix) could've been one of Linux-tan's early mentors: Components of AMIX were open source. They weren't free software because of the proprietary licensing of the rest of AMIX's code, but AMIX-tan could be an early advocate for open sourcery among the Unix-tans, and she looked to mentor anyone who would agree, and was shunned by most of the Unix Family. AMIX-tan was presumed to have died shortly after Commodore's bankruptcy in 1994, so she didn't live to see open source OSes become as prominent as they are now. The last version of AMIX was released in 1992, so near the end of AMIX-tan's life, she wasn't on duty much within the Commodore Fleet that she could've spent a lot of time searching for students she could mentor.

Linux-tan has to be careful to not become what she sought to fight against: In 2006 when the Annex Project continuity was being founded, the Linux OSes were gaining a lot of popularity, but were still underdogs. The Linux Family was growing in power and influence, but had some ways to go. Linux has now become a lot more mainstream, being widely used in servers, mobile devices, and now Windows 10 has the Windows Subsystem for Linux compatibility layer. Linux-tan can't see herself and the most prominent members of her family as underdogs so much because of these gains, and risks becoming what she sought to fight against. Despite the schisms that happened within the Linux Family due to the systemd controversy, the branches are still powerful in their own right.

It's been suggested that Unix has been carefully watching Linux-tan's leadership and trying to guide her away from being corrupted by the power she gained. Unix doesn't want to see Linux-tan become the way she used to be, and for the Linux Family to suffer from infighting severe enough to start a war akin to the Unix Wars.


So, something I brought up in the Discord, that I feel should be archived here, would be a headcanon I had involving 2k-tan.

During her youth, she used to idolize OS/2 Warp-tan; noting how the NT 5.0 startup sound feels like a mixing of elements from the the one for Warp 4.0 and the one for NT 4.0. However, at some point, she became aware of the negative light in which OS/2 Warp-tan views the Windows-tans, and it lead to a desire to differentiate herself; this is signified in the final release of Windows 2000 having a different startup sound altogether.