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Weird dreams?

Started by Icelilly, July 02, 2007, 02:31:36 PM

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"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

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Don't worry, I am! O_O

Ever get those dreams where you're in an anime world with your favourite cast of characters and you see nothing but familiar faces everywhere you go?


hah, i wish.  -_- not that lucky. a world with evangeline, asuka, 3.1sama, suigintou, louise... i think id never wake up.
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

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I was lucky. It even had a "To be Continued" screen at the end and started off where it left offed the next night! But I haven't had a dream like that since. ;_;


I've only had an anime-based dream once...  and that was many years ago involving the 1st season of digimon. XD;

usually I don't have control of myself in my dreams... it's like, I'm in my body and just watching myself do stuff. >->

and... my dreams are rather boring. Little really happens.

Aurora Borealis

I've also had nightmares of hopelessly trying to fight against aliens and such :(

Another weird dream I had was one where I was riding a bike home from school and ride into a tunnel which soon becomes completely dark but I don't crash at all but stop when I see a glowing door in the darkness, enter the door and it leads to a top secret laboratory also 40 years in the past and in the center of the room is a giant computer and I get up close, in awe that I'm seeing a computer from the 1960's but then some scientists appear, guarding the mainframe telling me

"What? What is a foolish little kid doing here?! This place is top secret! Go back where you came from!"

And I was like "I'm sorry! I didn't know you all were here!"

and they respond "It looks like you're asking for a fight!" and appear in their true forms as ninjas and then I appear as a ninja too, and the battle begins!

It was an epic ninja battle! Boucing off walls, shuriken and kunai flying everywhere and fighting against the lead ninja with kendo sticks.

He knocks my kendo stick out of my hand, traps me against the wall using shuriken and about to smack me good but I retaliate with a rubber duck which everyone soon bowed down to after stopping their attacks against me. "You are a true ninja. You have the mad ninja skills to be one of us! What do you say?" asked the lead ninja.

"But I have to decline because I need to go back home to my time period, 40 years in the future." I responded.

"You just go back the way you came but when going through the tunnel, you must close your eyes, believe in us as well as yourself completely and you cannot have any doubt or you won't end up back home." Another ninja answered.

The dream ended right when I left the tunnel to get back home. Well... it must have worked if I woke up right after that, me being in my bed at home! :D


It's as times like this i remember...

In my dream, I was in a spaceship. Sounds of battle all over - oddly enough though, not the bzing-bzing of lazors and stuff you'd expect, but rather the metallic clangs of swords and stuff. And then i run into my brother. Who tries to kill me with a saber. And then i take the two-hand claymore sword either lying on the floor, or is in my hands already - whatever. Anyway, after a bit of fighting, I cleave his head, just along the scalp.

The upper half jumps up a bit...
...and then falls back into place.

and I run as fast as i can, while i hear my older brother laughing at me from behind.

That one left me somewhat mentally damaged...

Dr. Mario

;020 Could agree with you guy, anyways. But I found out several times for myself, if you really dream hard, you could possibly sleepwalk...  
;014 Strange doo-doo happens.

Anyways, you guy who didn't dream of being chased by M$ nazis, like I did... Still, Bill Gates sounds weird when he chanted that exact word... (Alright, I'm a deaf person, but I still know how it sound like... Creepy voices.. T_T)

Sometimes, I dream out the actual event from the near (or far) future... It's freaky, but I became used to it, unless some sh*t will happen to me....

Added after 12 minutes:

Sorry, I should have said, "Anyways, you guy who didn't dream of being chased by M$ nazis, like I did... You should be glad..."

;020 Anyways, I even dream of being smothered by a lemon guy (a character in Nijikaku M.U.G.E.N.) and, even being able to being absorbed in anybody (Boy or girl, it didn't matter) and control them to my willings...

;014 Dreams are strange...
;025 Now, Bowser... What can I do with you...



Simonkin janaika!

Dr. Mario

(in background of police's bench room) Hmm, yeah - that's the guy...

Well, that was scary when he tries to use his own bizarre move on me, knocking me flat...
;025 Now, Bowser... What can I do with you...


I had the weirdest dream a few nights ago. It goes a little something like this:

I was a warrior in the Sengoku Period (I think). I was sent to kill and undefeated samurai in a huge temple. I was unsure of my skills and didn't think I could kill him. I entered the temple...

...and found out that it was a shop in Akihabara! I started at the top, and made my way downstairs. I passed through video games, electronic junk, old video game systems, completed mobile suits for sale, mobile suit devkits, robot parts, superhero comics, manga, models, DVD's, more models, fluorescent lights in all the colors of the rainbow, computers, electronics, software, historical components, Lord of the Rings stuff, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, etc. The only problem is that I didn't want to buy any of it. It was interesting stuff, but it was deserted and I felt like the Omega Man. Even though my surroundings reminded me of the movie Akira, my purpose was to kill this one samurai...

...but I kept moving. I make it down to the subbasement at the bottom the building, and open the door to the loading dock ramp. There was the samurai, but...

...he was Dave Chapelle! I thrusted my katana into his guts before he could say "I'm Rick James, bitch!". Not that I hate African-Americans or anything, he's a really good comedian, but I expected some 200 pound Japanese guy! After all it was a dream! I think that that was my weirdest dream ever. I wonder what Freud would have to say about that...

...maybe the lesson is to enjoy life! Or to not let the problems of life stop you from smelling the roses! Or to realize that what you fear either never comes to pass or isn't that big of a deal! Or that Dave Chapelle is secretly a samurai!


...whatever you never beats Kyon.

Dr. Mario

;001 NewYinzer, that was good one, but it was weird being a samurai in an electronic store... Still, it would be better than confronting Simonkin in person...

Anyways, I wished I would be a samurai. (I can't, in general - because I'm deaf.. T_T Wish I didn't lose my hearing...)
;025 Now, Bowser... What can I do with you...


Have you ever dreamt that you saw the secrets of the universe and realized it was market-driven? I mean, every electron remaining in his position out of no other reason than it is a pareto optimum? And all physical powers in reality are just economic transactions?

I did. It was scary! Never study when having a fewer, I guess.

Also... I noticed that I never really act in my dreams. many dreams are experienced by me as a kind of narrator in a book or as viewer of a film.One of the few weird dreams in which I acted was that I was Korean. I went to a normal school, my parents were the same, but we spoke korean and all. We lived in Seoul. And I was seeing a world cup match with my family were South Korea defeated some weird nation (that was at the time the World Cup WAS in Japan/South korea)

Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!


Quote from: "Kami-Tux"Have you ever dreamt that you saw the secrets of the universe and realized it was market-driven? I mean, every electron remaining in his position out of no other reason than it is a pareto optimum? And all physical powers in reality are just economic transactions?
I've never had dreams like that before! O_O; Wonder if they're scary or not...