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Weird dreams?

Started by Icelilly, July 02, 2007, 09:31:36 pm

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i can't lucid dream. no matter how absurd my dream is i can never tell it was a dream until i wake up. like i was literally making out with Sadako at one point D:
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I had one last night (7/28), where I was attending some sort of an anime convention. I don't really remember any specifics of this convention, other than it was implied to be taking place closer to home (The building felt like a mash-up of several in the area, including the local Walmart), plus I somehow ended up with an early draft of the schedule for AB instead of the one for this convention; which, for the curious, listed the Bootlegged Merch panel as being at 4PM on Saturday.

EDIT: I had another one last night (8/3). In it, I was getting a job interview at the local museum...except they had some some remodeling; the office was split into more rooms, and had a balcony area above the unused walk-in safe. Also, there was an unusually large Mac Mini on the desk; it looked like the original design of them, but physically it was closer to the width of an iBook G4. Don't remember any of the details on the interview, though apparently I started watching a video of "epic speedrunning fails" at some point, as the rest of the dream was filled with that sort of thing ^^;

EDIT 2: I had another one last night (8/31). In it, I was watching Lucky Star, although the episode's format felt more like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The main thing I can remember was from the Lucky Channel segment at the end; a joke about an "overpowered version of the A-Team", which consisted solely of clones of Mr. T xD

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