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Weird dreams?

Started by Icelilly, July 02, 2007, 02:31:36 PM

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QuoteHave you ever dreamt that you saw the secrets of the universe and realized it was market-driven? I mean, every electron remaining in his position out of no other reason than it is a pareto optimum? And all physical powers in reality are just economic transactions

only you...
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Quote from: "Icelilly"
I've never had dreams like that before! O_O; Wonder if they're scary or not...

Scary is only if you wake up and can for a while not disinguish between dream logic and real world logic!

Quote from: "CaptBrenden"
only you...
I guess no one else tried to use fever days to learn business and economy related topics then. Fever turns even harmless little things as zero-bonds into horrible weapons! *nods*

Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!


like i said, ive had dreams where I was tossing and turning dreaming about painting models and drawing comics fruitlessly, so i imagin its the same thing
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Dr. Mario

;020 Yeah, CaptBrenden - it could be that, until frustration of drawing comic seeps into your dream - it could be where it get so strange. It happened to me few times. Yet fruitless failures... Failure could be part of dream. O_0 (?!!!)

*Sobbing* I didn't dream up OS-tans again...
(it did occured at my school in my dream - bizarree things have occured again and again... If anyone knows that place, MSDB - it could be that place...)

Yet, I love to have anime dream.

Added after 9 minutes:

Oh, and one more thing - how about the exploding nekos? I have dreamt about those nasty little guy going "Meww" and - Kaboom! (just imagine the nuclear explosion in your head - it could be much like that.) Wish I never dream about those critter blowing up.... It's ridlucious, in a sense.
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"exploding nekos"? haha....

...I had a rather vivid dream two nights ago.

I was in an old plane, looked a little bit like this:

I was standing behind the pilot, looking out at the night ocean.  The moon lit the waters just enough for me to see. We were descending at a steady pace towards that expanse of water before I asked, "Are we landing?"

All of a sudden I see what I believe to be a U-boat come out of the water. I don't know about U-boats, but it caught the line extending from the tower to the rear of the sub. It seemed like the pilot was aiming for it... >-> Like a carrier landing.

Well, in any case, next instant, I was in the water.  I see a fin of some sort coming at me.... might be the plane's horizontal stabilizers or some part of the u-boat.  I don't know how some lady got stuck in a bunch of seatbelts or nets or something, but I had to push a piece of the fuselage attached to her upwards to avoid the incoming fin. I got dangerously close to the fin coming at me, and I woke up before I could see if it missed the lady.

>-> yeah.

Dr. Mario

;hi SleepyD, it was a amusing dream. And the plane brought the thought back to me. I had dream that I was flying one of the jet fighter (it was one of stolen Nazi jet fighter, anyways - Messerschmitt Me 262 (the link is here if you wanted to know what it looks like: Me 262
- Some US pilot would steal one of them and gave it a paint job, so why not?)

Anyways, I was flying toward one of huge deon named Sin (from Final Fantasy 10) as it creeped down to Hawaii - to my surprise - it was eating Pearl Harbor (it was supposed to be bombed by Japanese, but instead... O_o) I decided to drop nuclear bomb, named Fatboy, as it hit Sin, witing eagerly for it to blow up - it just flicked it off - it didn't set off, instead, it was pummeled down into its watery grave. I went other way - I was shocked: Japanese decided to bring out a small starship (in aero mode) - it went and blew Sin up.... USA were nothing left but ocean... It was scary, but instead, I didn't become POW, I was given a chance as a pilot of this huge ship - I thought I would be finished off, but no.

I was living in 1930s, right? Know what happens when I was driving it back as a offer for exchange of my life: Japan was in year 2130 - it was bizarree travelling into ONE spot that's VERY much ahead of other countries...

Now, it was odd... as I woke up, I didn't knew where the ends meet.. T_T[/url]
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heyo dr. mario ^^

Amusing? XD; I was breathing pretty quickly when I woke up. ^^; Inconsistencies don't really matter to me when dreaming.
There are very few dreams that I remember, and actually remembering one of my dreams 2 days after the fact is quite remarkable for me. ^^

Your dream is crazy. So many anachronisms, even without Sin. I'm not even going to try to figure out any sort of meaning in that. XD;


I had an odd dream last night that had anime and war thrown together. I don't remember much of it but it goes!

I was in a room with Inuyasha characters Kagome and Miroku. I think Sango was there too. I think Miroku said something that made me run out of the room. I then ended up in room which looked liked my old friend's living room but with the couch moved in front of the window. The person on the couch? GS/GSD's Athrun. He was sleeping on the couch and I tried bugging him to see if was alive or dead... or something. After bugging him and no response from him. I dropped down on the floor and went to sleep.

After waking up, I found an object on the floor that looked like the game "Trouble" (You know, the one with die and you press on it and stuff?). But I looked very closely and saw the die was replaced as a bomb. I woke Athrun up screaming "There's a bomb on the floor!!" repeatedly. When he FINALLY takes notice of the bomb, we run out the back door which looked like the field in front of my friend's backyard. And then... the bomb exploded.

The next thing I remember, I'm on top of the hill with Athrun of what looks like an outdoor sewing class. We were sitting next to each other and he was giving me a hand with sewing a piece of a teddy bear back together. But then, a man came out of nowhere and said "It's time to battle!" All the guys including Athrun grabbed their guns and went with the man. I got up, ran to him, and I hugged him. Crying and begging him not to leave. He tells me that everything will be okay. I looked up at him with tears in my eyes saying "Please come back safely" or "Please don't die on me" (I don't remember which one). And then... I kissed him. Yeah, I know. I'm not proud of that either. >_<

When the men left, all the girls went back to sewing. My teacher came to me saying I was great student and would like to call my parents to tell them good work I've been doing. Then, it began to rain and we went back into the school which looked like my elementry school. At that time, the boys came from their battle. One of them comes up to me and tells me that Athrun wanted to see me. I ran out of my seat screaming his name. But I never found him. I then turned around. Hurt and in tears. And then I woke up.

Long, I know. But that's all I remember. I'm not proud of this dream for one reason. I'M NOT FAN OF ATHRUN. O____O; The dream scared the crap out of me because it looks like a dream that my best friend would have!

EDIT: I think this as been my longest post yet... XD


Huh. Athrun, huh? The most misspelled name in history (or something), huh? Fancy.


Oh yeah, I thought so to, rare seeing a long Ice-post...^^

Dr. Mario

;020 SleepyD, I must agree with you... I didn't find any d***ing asnswer for this dream, as why would Sin eat a famous warship, Pearl Harbor, instead of being damaged by our own eventually friends, Japanese?!
And, for a country being 200 years apart from the whole world?!

Interesting dream, Icelilly.

Oh, yeah - one more - it was yesterday, after I put the location, "Suigintou's house" - I dreamt being actually in one of house.. Wasn't pleasant dream (but it rapidly changed into a dream that you involve perversion... I won't mention this part, though - because the children could be reading this post...)

Anyways, I was in her house, playing Nintendo DS (with Mario 64 DS playing) - she appeared, saying "What the hell are you doing here?!" - I froze O_O - she proceeded to kick me onto the wall, sensing that I would have my face buried into the wall... She stopped, and wondering, "What would I do with you?", walking around - then taking up machine gun, just to see if any of leads would hit me. But no, I didn't have any bullet in my body.. She was shocked, then giggled... Anyways, I was spared...

Oh, yeah - the longest-post fight. (I'm not going to do that... -_-)

Added after 2 minutes:

Not "You involve"... I guess I'm an idiot (for not paying attention to the d***ed keystrokes..)
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One of the weirdest dreams I had actually involved the OS-tans, before I even knew they existed. Don't go screming LOL FANBOY FANTAISEEE, because I actually didn't know at the time they existed.

Basically how it started out was I was just at my house on my computer working, and I decided to go and get some food. When I opened the fridge my Mac and cheese was gone (I don't know why suddenly I was sad, because seconds before I didn't know I had KD). I quickly looked around (I was supposed to be alone), but found no one. So I went up into my room, and was about to go back on my computer when it was displaying "Operating System Not found". as I bend down to reboot it and see if that would work, someone grabs me, and throws me down on the ground. It actually looked like Saseko, but with almost yellow blond hair, like Komepo's hair. She had a bottle of Rat poison in her hand, and forced me to drink it. I woke up right there and when I did, I quickly went to turn on my computer, and it was actually displaying "Operating System Not Found". I had to reinstall XP.

Now, when I was surfing the net and ran across a picture of Saseko, I freaked. What creeped me out even more was the fact that she was a personification of XP Pro, which was the OS I had to reinstall. Very creepy. o_o
Dreaming in Digital,
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Talking in IP,
Welcome to our world!

Dr. Mario

Ragenule, you're not alone. I even had dream of Bill Gates being Adolf Hitler.... (You know, Nazi skinheads with Windows flags...)

I wonder, why would Komepo poison you in the first place...

And, being in Suigintou's house is pretty creepy... (Still comfy if she's not here, anyways.)

Well, I dreamt that most of staffs at my school are Windows-tans (and some Windows-kuns thrown in for a good measure.) - Strange, huh?
(I s t i l l clearly remembered that 95-kun screaming at me in Japanese, "Hey, you - get down right now, or I will have to jump over here and toss you over!"  as I was kneeling on the roof of my school [as my 8-years-old self] - I decided to jump onto the lamp post [it's about 18 feet tall] then I taunted at him... Know what happened, I got In-Cottage suspension.)
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dood, id ALWAYS be comfy in gin-samas house
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Dr. Mario

Capt, relax.... I knew you liked this character, and I liked her too, but it sometimes get messed up... (b***age, perhaps? Nah, too wrong... but it did occur anyways - I woke up dazed... O_O)


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kami tux will like that one -_-
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