H-NA Productions' RP - ERROR:403 (Outgame)

Started by NejinOniwa, May 12, 2007, 03:53:11 PM

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No I'm more thinking about the dark creature seen before asteroid or something-else rain.

Quote"If this is indeed the place I think it is then it's better to find a way out of here as soon as possible." Thought Gummster, but then looks up and sees a dark creature. That creature smelled like blood.
"Crap, I think my past is finally catching up with me."

And as I posted long time ago, it's possible that I know where this planet is, I just don't want the others to know, because of my gentle nature.

And yeah it makes sense.


hey everyone just telling you that i wont be online for a while (12-26 hours to be precise) i need to make a flash for class and streamyx is fixing my phone wiring (streamyx S**KS) and my xbox360 broke....... yeah im having a bad day :P so anyways see u in 12-26 hours.......

Them be the Velvets. They are made of Velvets and Megidolaon.


bai bai, Xeon-san!
Hope things start going better soon!


Just askin' ya gais - do you want me to do some last thing about the RP like before i go? Cuz' I'm leavin for my summer villa on saturday, and i'll be gone for three weeks, so if you want me to give it a last glimpse of life before summer vacation, now is the time. Otherwise, I'll just let it rest until maybe my two home weeks before my US trip, otherwise prolly nothing will be done until I'm home.


No needs to ask, just do something if you want to.


Yoshai, minasan!
We're back together here, and perhaps it's time to start up the old RP van again? Or is it just a clever ruse?

...eheheh ^-^

Well, anyways, seal of approval from current RP:ers, and perhaps anyone new wanting to join, go here - enough and I'll use my thread resurrection powars.



I have eagerly waited for this moment. But yeah it's good to revive the RP