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Started by Spysweeper, December 01, 2006, 10:19:31 am

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Melty Blood for PS2 has been out for a few months..., and I'm pretty disappointed how they weaken Aoko. Well, Aoko was way godlike in the PC version :D.


I just can't wait till Version B comes out for the coputer


I loves me some Melty Blood ReAct... Haven't seen/played any FSN though.


Hell yeah I'm into Type-Moon stufft  ;012

can't wait for that Kara no Kyokai animation that is planned


yesh. Kara no Kyokai is something I am quite looking forward to. ^^

In other news, I have played through Arcrueid and Ciel's True Endings, and Ciel's ending felt really good.  Arc's was good too.  Had a more peaceful, quiet mood.  But Ciel's... I dunno, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, for lack of a better phrase. ^^


Man I can't wait for Fate Zero to come out I hope some translates it.  I'm really looking forward to seeing how they portray Alexander the great.


Currently playing Tsukihime through Hisui's story arc, already completed Arc, Ciel, and Akiha's ending. I think Akiha's both endings are the best so far, although somewhat sad ^^;

About Fate/Zero, anime would be a long long way :D


had u all tried BMW? series 3 is out already >< its kind fun but mine corrupted


looking foward for fate zero..
but aint it was a prequel of fate/ stay night?


Fate zero is a novel (not a visual novel) which tell the previous war.
The company Nitro+ is collaborating with Type Moon to do it. For now we have to wait if they're gonna plan an animation like Kara no Kyoukai ^^ (maybe in 1 or 2 years)


must read,  tho I was hoping for something that improves or expands on the end of stay night... tho I have decided to go look for the manga so i can have more of the story filled out.
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I hear that translation projects for Type-moon novels tend to be slow due to Kinoko Nasu's rather high-level kanji and prose.  (and the fact that it's a freakin NOVEL)

there's a f/sn manga? *looks up*
Unlimited Blade Works, eh? I'd read it if it wasn't in japanese.... any scanslators?

well, there is the Tsukihime manga. anyone here read it? I saw it at Anime Expo, but I was strapped for cash at that point.


Captain, I suggest reading anything about the game(wikipedia) or playing the game itself. since there are alot of things that the anime missed. and reading some doujins helps too. I read lots of things about f/s n and before i knew it my favorite character became CASTER followed by RIDER.
Gaku gaku animal land has lots of pretty good doujin translations http://www.freewebs.com/aortic/fatekaranokyokai.htm
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I read vol. 1-4 of tsukihime (it seems that the vol. 5 will be release in japan on 25th October and the vol. 6 will be the last).
By the way, if you like the anime and/or the visual novel you have to read the manga because it gives you much more details than the anime.


Melty Blood Version B is awesome I just downloaded it it's really fun tag team mode owns.