Aurora's got an OS-tan art thread! Wait... what?!

Started by Aurora Borealis, September 01, 2006, 11:11:14 pm

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Um... I hate, I truly hate to be pesky, but...

...Bigger image pwease? ^///^'

*puppy eyes*

Aurora Borealis

Ack! I forgot that Photobucket only allows for a certain maximum size! I've got a solution- you can download the svg of the final provided and export it to a larger size for posting in the DeviantOS-tans gallery!

[attachment deleted by admin]


Tanks Auworwa...

*goes out of cutesy puppy begging voice*

Ahem...I mean... Thanks Aurora! ^^

Yeash, those image size restrictions on Photobucket annoy the heck outta me-- at least on DA there are no image size restrictions. Woot! HUEG images! >o<