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Started by C-Chan, July 30, 2006, 10:31:27 PM

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Hold that thought, Captain.  I might just do that for most of these individual -tan threads once I get all their stuff migrated to the Annex.  -__-

SilentBob, did I tell you you're my next best friend?  ^.^
Any info you can offer on the ZX Spectrum is appreciated, since I never used it and am developing Spectrum-tan's character ENTIRELY by ear based on what scant info I can collect....  ^^'

And NewYinzer... *sniff*
Bless your heart for having such an ambitious dream.  The girls of the Binteeji Renmei ("Vintage Federation") salute you.  ^-^\



Well this is it.  Everything I needed from this thread has been moved to the Annex

I should have all the information pertaining to my ZX Spectrum rendition there, plus any additional updates I may have since the time of this writing.  -v-

Thanks to those who participated in this thread.  ^__^
Time to close shop now....

*shakes can of spray paint*




As you wish, topic Locked.  Thankyoucomeagain.
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