More IBM-tans II: The DECkoning

Started by stewartsage, May 21, 2014, 11:48:54 pm

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Let's ease in nice and slow with some more members of the greater CDC community.

-Bizarre CDC/UNIX hybrid, born in the mid-1980s
-Looked after by grandma SCOPE most of the time, despite being from a different company (ETA)
-Immature overall.  Prone to giving up on assignments or work tasks before completion. (actually called 'immature' or rushed by users)
-Has some difficulty walking (Suffered frequent software failure, seldom could run all processors at once)
-Depends on Apollo Computer-tan to get done what she actually does, often shaming her into it (ETA10 and eOS systems were entirely dependent on Apollo terminals)
-Half-sister of VSOS, jealous of her being actually cared for by other CDCs
-Finally came to live with her family at CDC after ETA folded in the early 1990s
-Doesn't like to talk about the UNIX in her, blames it largely for her own failings
-Status: Deceased circa early 1990s

Physically: Girl in her early teens, average height and build, brown hair shot through with colorful streaks worn in a ponytail, usually dressed up nicely by SCOPE... in dresses, needs glasses or she ends up squinting.  Something like a mini-UNIX.

-Daughter of LTSS and SCOPE circa early 1970s
-Came out suspiciously like a UNIX
-Elder half-sister of eOS
-Not as useless as her younger sister.  She's excellent with customers and remembers tasks well (had an excellent built in recovery system as well as fast file retrieval)
-Something of a runner/track-field athlete, mostly relay races (CPU/memory access fast for the time)
-A bit out of synch with the times (1980s) and frequently trying to answer modern problems like it's the early 1970s, passionate about contemporary (1970s) music (basically a modified version of the early edition LTSS that was never upgraded much)
-Has some powers based on her expansive virtual memory
-Not related to NOS
-Doesn't get along very well with eOS whom she thinks as lazy and selfish.
-Often comes across as intellectually dim and annoying (thanks usenet!), but earnest
-Can't swim
-Status: Probably deceased in the late 1980s

Physically: Late teens, short for her age (lack of treed directories), somewhat wide hips (large virtual address space), straight short light brown hair, dark blue eyes like LTSS and her sister.  Usually wears a track jacket and running shorts.  The anti-SCOPE.

Digital computers too!

CALDIC-tan (California Digital Computer)
-Cousin of ENIAC
-Naval Reserve officer
-Seemed to be everywhere back in the day, a bit creepy with her level of helpfulness
-A proud teacher and professor
-Helped, indirectly, advance OS/hardware-tans everywhere by influencing a young Doug Englebart
-Status: Deceased


Yesssssssssssssss new OS-tans!

eOS-tan sounds really cute!! I'm intrigued by her relation to the Unices -- is she actually related to one of the Unix-tans, or was she simply derived from the Unix primordial soup....? ^__^;


VSOS-tan is the daughter of LTSS-tan and SCOPE-tan?! B-But that means ... more science kids ...

(   ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

But if LTSS-tan's her mom and SCOPE's her other mom ... HOW DID SHE END UP UNIX-y?!

I'm really digging the idea that she's stuck in the past though ... ehehehe. I really like her physical design too!

*puts on to-draw list*

CALDIC-tan sounds very intriguing .... I wanna draw her and NLS-tan together once we get a physical description for her.



May 22, 2014, 01:49:06 pm #3 Last Edit: May 22, 2014, 01:56:22 pm by stewartsage
eOS incorporated elements from the disgusting soup of SysV Unix.  The replacement for her on the ETA10 line was just called ETA System V so they cut out the derpy middle man.  Still didn't save ETA though.

LTSS and SCOPE were just so hard core they could Unix before UNIX.

I just honestly have no idea what to do about a physical description for CALDIC.  Most every other system I do there's been something that's really stuck out to me about how to design them...


oh hey, a catalyst to post that -tan me and pent made.

aka Caddie
constructed 1947

semi-poor vision (especially poor periphral vision), cat-eye glasses
kind but misunderstood
has an odd concept of fun (EXCECUTE AMUSEMENT PROGRAM 01) in the way Princess Luna tries to have "fun"
likes planes, guns, military simulations, games, strategy, going shooting, meeting new people
dislikes: having to be confined to one room (not being able to move freely due to power source needed), when people get scared of her, being overlooked/forgotten, people calling her dumb, modern video games
mechanical; has to be plugged into wall to work
modest bust (didn't use any sort of internal memory, mechanical only)
knobs in hair
steel blue dress
enjoys beams (lazers, flashlights, lighthouses, etc); has fascination bordering on obsession with them
is illiterate; very shy about the topic
adopted Magnavox Odyssey-tan as her daughter
doesn't like video games newer than the Magnavox Odyssey; is jealous due to them having capibilities she'll never have
is friends with GENIAC, Magnavox Odyssey-tan; gets confused whenever someone mentions Windows Odyssey due to similar name
wants a battery she can plug herself into, so she can be more mobile
doesn't know that many people (was never released on the market)


@Kari: YES >:3
(I was about to ask if we were ever going to post her -w-; )

Aurora Borealis

Yay, new character concepts! I'll have to draw some of these! :D


dude, HT-tan. pleeeeeeeease draw HT-tan. ;^;


Interesting, I'd never heard of the CRTAD before. At any rate, that design sounds great, and your concept sketch for her is very cute too. I wanna see a pic of her and GENIAC~ ^^

@Stew: I'm sure Unix-tan would be ........ thrilled.

Also, I hate it when that happens, re: having a character concept but no physical ideas. x__x


We're gonna have to make an M. Odyssey-tan too, aren't we. -w-;



just realized, the title of this thread should seriously have been IBM-tans II: Whirlwind Boogaloo


I was gonna post DECs but then I didn't because I still don't have any idea what to do for the DECs I have on deck.



I'm working on Data General Nova-tan as we speak ... who's kind of related to the DECs in a roundabout way.