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Started by DustiiWolf, November 27, 2013, 11:56:25 pm

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September 17, 2014, 05:58:13 am #330 Last Edit: September 17, 2014, 08:57:40 am by winduko
Zettai Windows isn't going to have much of a continuity, but what little continuity there will be is going to be written down.

Edit: It is also nice to have a list of characters.


in my case it's kinda necessary as with background characters and the nun catalogue it likely numbers somewhere in the 200s


September 17, 2014, 02:11:06 pm #332 Last Edit: September 17, 2014, 02:12:38 pm by NejinOniwa
>over 120 separate .txt files for lore, characters, politics, magical theory, physics, technology ETC
>26000+ years of backstory
>world map that actually covers the entire planet
>sidestory trilogy 1 book written, rewrite and sequels pending
>still not done with the first book of the main series



I'm envious of people with world building skills. ;_;


@nej: as is to be expected of you, mashtur. -w-
@bells: i'd offer you tips, but idk where i'd begin. i just sorta blorped mine out, like i do with most things i write. :\

i suppose it always starts with thinking about where things are set. in the case of Ace's High, i knew it was a city, but i actually had to have voting on the City name because i couldn't decide. i ended up using all of the city names i made, though, just for different towns. xD

Europa has a specific location in that, well, it's set on Europa. but it doesn't STAY there, as there are other nearby moons which can (theoretically) support life, which end up getting explored as well (Titan, Ganymede, Callisto are 3 that can).

Aurora Borealis

For my own original series, I try to write down all the details for my characters, setting, and plot. But it's largely disorganized, and there are a lot of ideas and character concepts I have in my head, that I haven't written down anywhere.


September 18, 2014, 08:58:58 am #336 Last Edit: September 18, 2014, 09:33:40 am by winduko
Oops teacher gave a prompt that allowed for important foe yay

She gave other prompts but I'm writing some 95/Sys7

Edit: It isn't quite foe yay, but they do team up against me for asking for them to make love right now.



can that even count as a school assignment anymore

@aurora: i started off that way, but given my memory issues i found it more coherent to write EVERYTHING down, even if it was just on a post-it. the major stuff is kept in books but the Arc Listing and bare-bones of plot for some of them is written on a leaflet of notepad paper (vury old, lol).

it's also helpful to write this shit down because in the event that i die Bella is taking Ace's High over. *w*;;;


We live in a day and age in which we can write yuri about mid-90s operating systems for legitimate high school assignments and not get counted off for it.

Okay, the teacher doesn't know what I'm doing fully. She should be aware of the yuri part, but not the mid-90s operating systems part.

I'm making it a goal to make all of my future creative writing assignments OS-tan related.


i just hope it's not too graphic, lest you get called into the principal's office or something. :\


I doubt the teacher would actually mind sex, but I don't want to actually write sex scenes, and I want to stay on the safe side anyways.

Honestly, I feel very confident in my safety.


no, it's the right thing to do. NEVER write sex scenes for school, even in college. >>;


Very right.

I say I'm safe because I don't want to ever ever write sex scenes, let alone sex scenes for school, where there could be a lot of risks involved, even if the teacher probably won't mind.

I consider it risky enough that I'm writing lesbians all over the place. I really don't need to include sex scenes.

To be fair, I am more daring because I wrote that 95/NT fic and I didn't get in trouble for it. It was very implicit however, and later fics make their relationship far more explicit, such as them referring to the other as her wife. Still no sex though.


i wouldn't really call "wife" explicit. if anything, i admire that you're willing to do that (write gay characters in school), even without the draw of fandom. homosexuality is becoming more accepted but it's still not the norm, so it's refreshing to see that someone is so willing to push forward with it. or at least that's probably what your teacher thinks.


I'm positve she thinks that. It wasn't the first time she's read about gay characters. Another girl in the same class shared a fanfic where Sherlock was waiting in a line and really wanted Watson by his side, and it wasn't hard to tell that Sherlock liked Watson in that way. After she finished, she stated that they were in a gay relationship.