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Started by Bella, December 04, 2012, 07:05:14 pm

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Hey, I just wanted to ask if there are any reasons why the forum might be running unusually slow? It takes ages to load a page (in the forum or wiki) and make posts. It's been like this for me since yesterday.

I've tried clearing my cache to no avail, and it seems like the problem isn't limited to Firefox because it's also sluggish in Safari. It's not a major inconvenience, but I figure it's best to bring up any problems I'm having.


Sure, you're right to do it !
I'm interested in that kind of feedback actually, any others / from other ppl ?


It's been like that for me since late last week; I figured it was Steam deciding to download updates for all of my games all at once, as everything seemed slow, but even on my laptop (Which doesn't have Steam), OSC is noticeably slower than other sites.

Also, there was a point where it would randomly show me as being logged out last Sunday (Which was when the site was at its slowest). It was very brief, and refreshing the page always seemed to work to log me back in, so maybe it was a freak thing


running fine for me, but then, i'm running it in IE, not Opera. (nothing loads right in opera anymore due to sheer amount of tabs =__=; )


I haven't noticed any slowness either, though maybe I don't pay enough attention. Sure hope it's just from time to time if it's slow for some, don't want another server move. >.<


I've only been logged in for a few minutes, but it seems like it's been running okay so far. I haven't noticed a lag in loading pages / posting replies like I did yesterday. :)


It's moving smoother today, so maybe it was just a random thing?


It was running fine, but today it slowed down again, to the point where I frequently get timeout/connection reset errors when trying to post replies or wiki pages...


So it's not just me. I just assumed it was slow because I was loading a video on another tab :\


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Hmm, while it is not what I would call 'lickedy-split," I have not encountered any significant problems with load times. My connection's longest delay occurs at some server off in San Jose, but at worst it adds 190ms, so...

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December 12, 2012, 12:19:02 am Last Edit: December 12, 2012, 01:10:34 am by Chocofreak13
i had it fail to load a page either last night or today. but only once, it's fine for me.

EDIT: scratch that, it just failed to load again. >>;


It seems normal again. : /


Seems to be working fine here; it was only doing it this afternoon


it could be the crappy bus connection i'm on, but the forum is displaying in times new roman. not much of a nuisance, just odd. :\


not sure if this goes here, but i've noticed the search function here is less than good. i just searched for a post i KNOW i made (it was one word, i put in the entire word, exact same spelling) and it got nothing. i've noticed that when i search for more generic terms in search of a particular post, that post doesn't come up, despite my KNOWING it's on here somewhere.
it's like it only searches what it feels like. selective search. :\

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