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Started by Aurora Borealis, December 06, 2010, 06:40:33 pm

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Aurora Borealis

If you have ideas for her design and personality, I think that could work.

At first when I read the article, I wasn't sure since 4DOS isn't an OS, just a component/command shell of DOS... But then again, couldn't something similar be said for the early Windows releases which were just a GUI over DOS? There was also a concept of BASH-tan somewhere too, so, why not?

4DOS-tan would affiliate with the DOSes, and did so for years, but lives as a wanderer now since her company doesn't allow 4DOS to be used or compiled with the other DOSes except for FreeDOS, meaning 4DOS's company presumablu imposed a restraining order on her that forbids her from affiliating with the DOSSE (or something), but FreeDOS-tan still visits with her. 4DOS-tan would also have ambivalent viewpoints because while 4DOS's source code is free and available, there are restrictions that disqualify it from being truly F/OSS.


Any piece of software can be counted as a -tan, but in this case I'd say if you don't plan on making a 4dos-tan, don't include it. It's just a CLI shell anyway - like BASH - another software that was supposed to have a -tan since years ago, but who's only been cameoed in the briefest of ways. (See: girl going "d'awww" in this image: )

Aurora Borealis

So BASH-tan has appeared before. Still, she isn't anything more than a one-shot character as of yet, and we're trying to minimize the number of one-shot characters.

@Choco: If you're going to draw her, do so if you're confident you can make her into more than just a one-off.


There is plenty of background and character info in the case of BASH-tan though: if you consider her earlier incarnation to the the Bourne Shell (which I do) that makes her one of Unix-sama's oldest and closest assistants. She's bafflinglly difficult to follow, terse and to-the-point, yet very helpful toward Unix-and-*nix likes of all kind. Carries some sort of hammer (IIRC) and has a hermit-like personality. (Preferring to "hide behind" GUIs nowadays)

Aurora Borealis

I've been uploading some pics for the infoboxes for some OS-tans, and got started on two new articles. See the Recent Changes section! :)



as for 4DOS, until i can come up with a story involving multiple DOSes, idk if that will happen. ;__;

i'd like to though, so expect her sometime in the future. :3


Is the profile for one of the DOS a DOSsier?




Aurora Borealis

Updated ME-tan's infobox to the current one: [link], but haven't overhauled the writing. I'm sure a lot more could be said about the OS-tan who started it all! ^^;

Quickly created a new template for incomplete articles: [link] and moved the Binteeji Renmei Annex Bios up so far from my userpage to a separate section.


nice. :3 can't wait to see it in action. ^^

Aurora Borealis

I'll need help rewriting some of the Windows-tan articles, but thanks!

The new template has found a few places already:


i never realized the binteeji renmei was so BIG. *___*

they look great, btw. ^^

hmm, wasn't i supposed to make a 7-tan article....?
after homework. :3

Aurora Borealis

Same here! I didn't realize how big the Binteeji Renmei got until I typed up the whole list... and even then that doesn't include the DOS-tans (listed as the DOSSE faction, but are a subset of the BR), which brings the roster to around 40. And don't forget the early Classic-tans who are semi-retired!

Funny how big the BR has gotten, it was supposed to be the LUC that was the largest faction, either that or the Wanderer Class though they're not really a faction. ^^;

Aurora Borealis

February 02, 2011, 02:19:51 pm #119 Last Edit: February 02, 2011, 02:21:35 pm by Aurora Borealis
Two more articles need writing: Separate articles for 98-tan and 98SE-tan.

This is their article

In the list of Windows-tans, I have the two split up, but need writing. I also included a separate article for Nanami from the Windows 7 article.

And for the Linces and Unices, moved the LUC Annex Bios to a new section from my userpage: