Forum Games: What would you do if...?

Started by Pitkin, December 27, 2005, 04:13:00 pm

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order some take out lo mein.

wwydi: you suddenly had your favorite person ask you to be their owner.
Simon was here :P<br />


begrudgingly sigh and get the collar. can't say i didn't expect this.

wwydi the surface of your skin had the texture of Gyromitra esculenta?


Set myself on fire because I'm a monster...?

WWYDI there was an officially licensed Adventure Time and The Legend of Zelda crossover?


buy it, play it, enjoy it. -w-

wwydi you found a pot of gold chocolate coins


Make sure a leprechaun isn't going to stop me from taking his Lucky Charms

WWYDI there was a cover of Bat Out Of Hell preformed by ATHF's Meatwad?


either burn it or frame it.....idk which.

WWYDI life moved along in the manner of a comic, where you couldn't move out of one pocket of time until you did something to fill a panel?


Become Deadpool; break the fourth wall -w-

WWYDI you had a lovely bunch of coconuts?


make them into coconut bras because i fucking hate eating them.

wwydi world currency was converted to be nothing but various types of shit?


Pay for goods with feces, because shit is so cash </lame_joke>

WWYDI there was a reboot of Pinky & The Brain, that replaces Pinky with Pinkie Pie?
...Would still be better than that season where they lived with Elmyra


yes it would

kill it with fire.

wwydi the BBC, in an effort to gain publicity, built a Doctor Who Theme Park?


Not go there because I don't watch Dr. Who.

WWYDI annie-may were real?


revel in what i would consider an idealized, perfect world. ignore all the gore and petty rivalry.

wwydi you had the time machine from back to the future, but it was a bike?


Feel like Ace
After she graduated from Time Lord Academy in the expanded universe novels, she was given a time-traveling motorcycle. Fuck yeah

WWYDI lasers made you happy?


wtf, there's a time lord academy....?


wwydi 400 BABIES



Donate them to science...?

WWYDI you had combustible lemons?