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General Anime and Manga / Re: What anime are ya watching...
Last post by Goujer - July 22, 2019, 04:21:18 pm
When you realize that you just replied to a bot...
OS-tan Fan-Fics, Comics and Fan-Stuff / Re: SCRAP PAPER.
Last post by Aurora Borealis - July 21, 2019, 03:36:59 pm
Part 5: The legend's inquiries

This part might not be final. There will be a section added on at the end showing Altair-tan's first attempt at training, but I also considered rewriting the conversation so that NeXTSTEP-tan stays longer and joins it to explain her situation from her perspective.

Quote from: undefinedThe next day, Altair stopped by MenuetOS's shop to check if it was open. She noticed that the sign on the window with the shop's hours of operation had an asterisk next to the hours. At the bottom of the sign, the asterisk indicated that these were normal hours of operation, but that the shop could be closed during an emergency.

Altair entered the shop and saw MenuetOS at her desk fixing Altair's calculator.

"Hi, Altair!"
"Hey, were you able to track down IMSAI 8080's stolen devices and return them to her?"
"Yes. That bootleg OS-tan that stole from her put up a fight, but I got everything back". MenuetOS recounted the challenges of the fight. It was in a forest with low visibility. The sun was setting, and her night vision goggles weren't working. She could not chase down the culprit in the air. She had to carefully land her hovercraft, then had to run, and rely on her hand-to-hand combat skills to disarm the culprit and seize back the stolen devices.

"Great!" Altair cheered. "So... did you mention me when you spoke with her?" she then asked.
"I didn't know if you wanted me to this time, so when she asked what I had been up to before I went to help her, I just said I was at my shop fixing a calculator for a customer and friend. She seemed curious who that was, but didn't say anything."
"Oh, that's not too bad. Before you left yesterday, I wanted to say that I didn't know that she was still alive, and I wanted to ask if she knew that I was still alive."

The shop bell rang, and another visitor entered. A green-eyed woman who was slightly taller than MenuetOS, and had long black hair in pigtails with 4 colored streaks in red, yellow, green, and magenta, and had goggles on top of her head. She wore dangling cube earrings, and wore a black top with slate blue pants, black boots, and pieces of gray armor.

"Hello" She said.
"Hi, NeXTSTEP!" MenuetOS said to her. "I have your ray gun fixed with a little upgrade! I'll get it for you now!"

MenuetOS walked to the storage room, and brought NeXTSTEP's ray gun to the desk. NeXTSTEP paid, but had a discount for also being a CIOST member. She picked up her ray gun and admired the work done to it. "Thanks! You went the extra mile fixing up the scuffs too!" She said.
"I did that without any extra charge." MenuetOS said. "Please call me if you also need help fixing your tank or battle armor!" She added with more excitement in her voice.
"Sure! I will!" NeXTSTEP said as put her ray gun in her holster, waved and walked out.

"Was she one of your friends?" Altair asked.
"Yes. That was NeXTSTEP. Both times I applied for the CIOST, she voted in my favor. We became friends when she said that I had a lot of potential, and because she sympathized with me having a difficult time getting approved".
"She had a difficult time getting approved?" Altair asked in disbelief.
"Whether she was powerful enough, had enough combat skills, and whether she had other skills that would help the CIOST were never disputed. The difficulty for her was from her ties to the Mac House. She became an honorary member of theirs some years ago, but it was before the CIOST was founded."
"And that would've disqualified her?"
"How did she prove herself? Did you vote for her?"
"Oh no" MenuetOS chuckled. "We hadn't met yet. When I first applied, and when I met her, I noticed that she seemed on-edge around some of them. She gave off this vibe of being tough, but lonely, always having to prove that she's not a sell-out seeking political power."
"That's not it, was it?"
"She told me that before her alliance with the Mac House, she was lonely and frustrated that no one cared about the technology she wanted to share with others that would promote cooperation. There were just a few CIOST members at the time who could vouch for her. One of them was BeOS, her former rival who knew her before she allied with the Mac House."
"Who were the others?"
"I don't remember, but there is something you can take from this. If you don't know many of the other CIOST members, even if some of them are suspicious of you, you could still get in if you have skills we need."
"Hmm..." Altair looked down at the table, pondering what skills she had that could be of use.
While Altair was still thinking about it, MenuetOS was adding the last fixes to the calculator. Altair was still thinking.
"It looks perfect! Thank you!" Altair said when she saw the fixed calculator in front of her, but then she worried.
"It's okay if you can't pay the cost all at once." MenuetOS said.
Altair reached for some money from her purse. "This will cover part of it. It's from a writing commission I had."
"That covers about half of the cost, but I'm not in a hurry for the rest of it."
"That's a relief."
"It's almost closing time. Would you have time to go to the shooting range with me tonight? I have another ray gun and I can teach you how to use it."
"Yes! I want to get started training tonight!"
That sounds good. It's never been mentioned whether the XP-tans knew that Odyssey-tan and Neptune-tan were abandoned because of them, but I like the idea that Vistan found out about Longhorn-tan, felt guilty over being her replacement, and sympathetic towards her abandonment.

Now that XP is long obsolete, is it possible that Odyssey-tan and Neptune-tan could've let go of their resentment? It could go either way. They're still wanderers having to fend for themselves, but found some other friends, but either of them could still feel bitterness towards not being part of the Windows Family since their exile. Of the two of them, I've never seen Odyssey-tan being portrayed as a fighter, and she doesn't seem like much of one to me. It may be more difficult for her to survive as a wanderer. Neptune-tan is portrayed a lot more as being ready to fight, and often wielding a large weapon that I could see that she could've fought many bootleg OS-tans and malware-tans, and became a great survivalist in spite of the disadvantages she has.
The wanderers who are proprietary discontinued OSes are the most vulnerable to danger, or of fading away into obscurity, which is usually why the Vintage Federation seeks to recruit them. The ones that declined did so at their own risk.
Forum Games and Role-Playing / Re: Forum Game: Context Quote
Last post by stewartsage - July 18, 2019, 08:32:57 pm
"Sometimes a waifu can be spaceship debris spread over several hundred kilometers of planetary surface."
Vista did get dumped pretty hard herself, that might make her sympathetic to Longhorn?  Interesting indeed.
OS-tan Talk / Re: More IBM-tans III: The One...
Last post by stewartsage - July 17, 2019, 07:57:55 pm
One revised and then new -tans!  Aurora got me looking back at the IAS family specifically, which lead to me discovering a lot of new sources that have come out in the last ten years.  NAREC is a result of that, and so is more depth to MUSASINO-1, along with the entire line descended from her that ended up branching over to other early Japanese computers.

-Sister of ILLIAC (intended to reproduce ILLIAC closely to use her program library)
-Rarely seen (Research-only installation at Nippon Telephone & Telegraph)
-Often heard from; she calls her family fairly often (see above)
-Speaks only Japanese
-Plagued with ill-health, she empathizes with WHIRLWIND's troubles.  They corresponded but never met (hand-built, experimental design that was often down for maintenance)
-Had some limited future-sight thanks to her parametron design.
-Status: Deceased 1962

Physical: Short, medium length black hair, usually wore a kimono, vertical-slit eyes that waver at the pupil, only half-Japanese.

Sources: IPSJ Computer Museum and The IAS Computer Family Scrapbook.

-MUSASINO-1's daughter
-Never got along well with her mother, feeling she was uncomfortably linked to foreign interests in addition to her poor health.  She doesn't talk about her mother still, but keeps a shrine to her.
-Rivals with FACOM 202-tan to the bitter end.  Now that they're retired they mostly just verbally spar while playing Go. (Both PC-2 and a FACOM 201 are preserved at the IPSJ, both were commercial designs produced by Fujistsu from different base projects)
-Lost to her a lot in sports competitions when they were young. (PC-2 was much faster)
-Incredibly acrobatic
-Split a career between science and business, tending towards business.  She was Fujitsu's first commercial product mainly sold to universities and corporations.
-Possibly an alcoholic.
-Denied any of her mother's future-telling ability though she is also a parametron design, instead showing an ability to control primitive robots.
-Nicknamed 1B to differentiate from the very different but closely named FACOM 202
-Status: Alive

Physical: Short, thin, favors well-tailored and sober business skirt suits, wears her hair short and straight.  Seldom smiles.  Inherited her mother's eyes but not much else.

Sources: The IAS Computer Family Scrapbook., IPSJ Entry on the FACOM 201, IPSJ Entry on Commercial Parametron Computers

FACOM 202-tan: AKA PC-2, AKA Large Parametron-Based Computer
-A former sprinter, she's kept the physique. (The fastest parametron computer)
-Extremely jealous of transistorized computers, frequently and loudly says so.
-Rivals with FACOM 201-tan to the bitter end.  Now that they're retired they mostly just verbally spar while playing Go. (Both PC-2 and a FACOM 201 are preserved at the IPSJ, both were commercial designs produced by Fujistsu from different base projects)
-She seems to take their rivalry more seriously, often trying to bait FACOM 201
-Bitter about everything and sleeps a lot.
-Nicknamed Takahashi to differentiate from the closely named but very different FACOM 201
-Status: Alive

Physical: Dresses like a gym teacher; track suit or shorts and tank top, running shoes, long sky blue hair tied up, slouches a lot

Sources: IPSJ Entry on Commercial Parametron Computers, IPSJ PC-2 Entry

Japan's first great OS-tan hero!  A powerful magical girl in her day, she wouldn't be overshadowed for a decade. (MADIC was designed and achieved high reliability by minimizing part count among other things)  Among others, her powers included the ability to alter her size and vastly increased endurance.  She traveled the country teaching children and adults about technology, between being a university professor and a cardiovascular surgeon.  The sheer amount of different tasks MADIC proved possible of set a precedent that can be difficult to live up to despite the increasing power of newer, younger OS-tans.  Today, decades into retirement, she resides in what used to be her secret layer at the quiet Wakayama University Faculty of Economics, still teaching others, about the past instead of the future.

Physical: A youthful, energetic girl with blonde hair in pigtails, she practically vibrates with energy when not moving.  She has a deeper voice then you would expect.  Her wardrobe tends towards the casual, though sometimes she's been caught in her old sailor uniform styled magical girl outfit.

Sources: IPSJ MADIAC IIA entries on use and design
Thank you! I wasn't aware until recently that Longhorn-tan, Odyssey-tan and Neptune-tan continue to be drawn, but they're usually seen with each other. The characterization I put for Odyssey-tan and Neptune-tan being resentful towards the XP-tans that replaced them isn't based off of any pictures, but just how these OSes were abandoned and replaced by what became among the most popular Windows OSes ever. I've seen a few pictures of Odyssey-tan with 2K-tan. They're also sometimes seen with 97-tan.

There's one picture I've seen of Longhorn-tan and Vistan together. It's just one, but it's possible to think that Longhorn-tan might not be resentful towards Vistan.
OS-tan Talk / Re: More IBM-tans III: The One...
Last post by stewartsage - July 17, 2019, 05:53:45 pm
Quote from: Bella on July 13, 2019, 01:47:40 pmIs that a  m o o n  s p y  I see?

Excellent work, Aurora!  Is there still much being done in the community with the unused or developmental Windows builds?
I'm bringing this back, because I've resumed with completing character bios for this project, which I hope to see be as complete as it can get, since it now has a continuation, which was first suggested here: https://www.ostan-collections.net/forum/index.php/topic,1807.0.html

So much has changed over this decade! The Annex Project was started in 2006 and a some bios may only be applicable until then, or until earlier in the 2010's at the latest. New bios should be written for characters who have undergone a lot of changes, such as a change in faction.

There are some other bios I added or updated recently, but I may need to double-post at times to avoid going over the character limit.

New bios:

Quote from: undefinedName: Commodore 65-tan
aka: C65, C64DX
Debut: n/a
Height: 179 cm (5'10.5")
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Dark purple
Hair: Dark purple
Note: The C65 prototypes were unofficially released in 1994 after Commodore's bankruptcy.

Quick Facts:
-Is bold, energetic, and is very loyal to her friends, but can be aggressive and ruthless.
-The youngest of the 8-bit Commodore-tans, and never officially served in the Commodore Fleet.
-Her existence was only known to Commodore 128-tan, who assisted with her training.
-Was exiled from the Commodore Fleet in 1991, and later became a pirate, and talks like a pirate.
-Was a long-time enemy to the other Commodore-tans except for C128-tan, since the others thought she was a bootleg.
-The truth about her not being a bootleg, and her being welcomed by the rest of the Commodore-tans happened around 2010 when C128-tan explained the truth.
-Used to wear a sailor uniform as a Commodore Fleet cadet, but dresses in a blue and white pirate uniform with rainbow accents, a tan bandanna and a tan ascot.
-Wields a large cutlass.
-Suffered several near-death experiences, but became well-off from piracy and mercenary work.
-Her closest friends are Macintosh System 3.4-tan and Windows 3.2-tan, who she saw as fellow odd ones out from their families.
-Remains a wanderer because she doesn't want to leave behind the friends she made, and to not lose her livelihood.

QuoteName: Windows Neptune
aka: Neptune
Debut: n/a
Height: 173 cm (5'8")
Weight: ??kg
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: green
Note: Neptune was never officially released, but a build of it was released to developers December 27, 1999.

Quick Facts:
-A prototype Windows version, was meant to be the first NT-based Windows-tan for the consumer market.
-Resentful towards XP Home-tan for taking her intended role, which led to her abandonment.
-Usually seen with Odyssey-tan and Longhorn-tan.
-Has a stoic and serious demeanor.
-Has long green hair in pigtails, and is almost always seen wearing a red visor.
-Wears a black sleeveless qipao with blue accents, and large red bracelets. Has a red talisman around her collar, and has mechanical headpieces.
-A very tough and skilled survivalist. Wields a large trident as her weapon.

More recent drawings of Neptune-tan show her with green hair and green eyes, and a predominantly black outfit. She used to be depicted with blue hair, and a predominantly blue outfit.

QuoteName: Windows Odyssey
aka:  Odyssey
Debut: n/a
Height: 165 cm (5'5")
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: blue or green
Quick Facts:

-A prototype Windows version, was meant to be Windows 2000-tan's successor, but was abandoned.
-Resentful towards XP Pro-tan for taking her intended role, which led to her abandonment.
-Similar in appearance to 2000-tan, has short blue hair, but with long bangs framing her face, and wears a red headband across her forehead.
-Wants to be friends with 2000-tan.
-Has a pair of floating gold wings, and has a gold halo above her head.
-Wears a light blue dress with puffy sleeves, black and white accents, and wears a white ascot.
-Usually seen with Neptune-tan and Longhorn-tan.
-Is somewhat shy and socially awkward, but likes to express herself.

In more recent group pictures of Odyssey-tan and Neptune-tan, they've been shown with Longhorn-tan a lot, suggesting that there is still a separate Longhorn-tan, and she was not dropped out of the continuity when Windows Vista was announced.

Updated bios:

Quote from: undefinedName: DEC Rainbow 100-tan
aka: Rainbow
Debut: 1982
Height: 148 cm (4'10")
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Pink

Quick Facts:
-Has three modes she can switch between: VT-100 mode, CP/M mode, and MS-DOS mode. Her VT-100 mode is more stoic and was utilized when on duty in the DEC Military.
-The lone home computer of the DEC-tans.
-Never got promoted above cadet rank in the DEC Military. She mainly served as a cadet under VMS-tan's division, but felt like her skills were being underutilized.
-Served as the ambassador of the DEC Military to the Microsoft-IBM Family, but wasn't very good at it.
-Has ambivalent attitudes towards MS-DOS-tan and PC-DOS-tan since she wanted to be like them, but still saw them as her rivals.
-Is a great multi-tasker, likes to write and draw. Is usually carefree, but can still get competitive.
-Relies on her resourcefulness and cleverness more than raw power in combat.
-Wears her old DEC uniform jacket with frilly dresses and colorful hair ribbons.
-Can manipulate light.
-Friends with Amiga, Windows 1.0, DR-DOS, TOPS-10 and TOPS-20.
-Was in the CIOST for a while, and left to be a wanderer again, but kept the friendships she made in the CIOST.

Quote from: undefinedName: Macintosh System 3.4
aka: AppleShare 2.0
Debut: Early 1988
Height: 180 cm (5'11")
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Dark gray
Hair Color: Dark brown
Quick Facts:

-Is hot-blooded, boisterous and cheerful, but is stubborn and single-minded.
-Was created specifically to continue the AppleShare role started by Macintosh System 3-tan, and took pride in this role, specializing in communication, networking, and sharing information.
-Is physically weak, but has telepathy and strong telekinetic powers.
-Is Macintosh System 6-tan's twin sister. (System 3.4 used the same Finder version as System 6.0.x) They never competed over who would lead the Mac-tans while they were both current because they had different roles.
-Left the Mac House in 1992. Refused recruitment from the Vintage Federation, had clashes with some of its members who tried to recruit her, and believes that joining them would be giving up.
-Is a traveling stunt performer and carnival ringmaster who uses her success to encourage and inspire other vulnerable wanderers to persevere over the odds against them, and seeks more of them out as allies.
-Her closest friends are Commodore 65-tan and Windows 3.2-tan. The three of them are usually seen together, and met in their early years as wanderers.
-Suffered several near-death experiences, and struggled to survive for years as a wanderer, but became well-off and defied the odds against her.
-Wears a grey frilly blouse and blue skirt with ballet shoes.
-Keeps her hair tied in long, forked pigtails tied with red ribbons and decorated with hairclips. Has large, winged sunglasses with colored panels.

Quote from: undefinedName: Macintosh System 7.5
aka: Capone
Debut: Sep 1994
Height: 165 cm (5'5")
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Lilac
Hair: Blonde
Quick Facts:

-Has a disgruntled, and stoic demeanor, but can show a caring side.
-Is a gunslinger, and usually carries multiple guns with her, with one of them being an assault rifle.
-Is highly adventurous, and is an inventor, but has a questionable track record with her inventions and expeditions. (7.5 added a lot of features, but wasn't very stable, and was the basis for the OS of the Pippin, which wasn't commercially successful)
-Has long blonde hair with a large cowlick and a "7.5" hair clip.
-Wears a long blue dress with a white vest, combat boots and window bar-style armbands.
-Disappointed in herself during the OS Wars, she left as a wanderer to continue her life as a wandering vigilante, or mobster, depending on who you ask.
-Occasionally visits the Mac House, and quickly got along well with Mac OS 9-tan since they first met.
-Maintains a rivalry with Windows 3.1-tan, but they also have some respect towards each other.
-Gets along well with the OSX-kuns, but is willing to enforce punishment when needed.
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