H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)

Started by NejinOniwa, February 29, 2008, 03:20:52 PM

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P..please! I don't want to serve them, they already think I'm weird-- There is a crash, an incoherent hollar and Lenoria is unceremoniously shoved out of the kitchen. With a little sigh Lenoria absently rubs her cheek while she walks over to the table with all the strange people at it. She stumbles over her voice a little before asking everyone if they would like something to eat. She obviously has to try very hard not to look at the ground, but there must be something very interesting there because she can't stop glancing at it. I am very sorry for the service tonight... her pale face has a pink tinge.


Eliano bit his thumb and gazed at the maid. "'Bout damn time you showed up, lass! Hand me steamin' kettle of tea and a plate o' Desert Hegren Sheeve, off the stove. Also..." he leaned a bit towards her, "Whoever put you into those clothes needs some serious whipping. They don't fit you."

The barkeep, who had been listening casually, jumped a bit at this, and stopped polishing glasses for a moment. "Hey, customer! Don't criticize the master's tastes, or you'll get thrown out!"
Eliano put his elbows on the table. "Heeeh. You trying to defend the geezer? Or perhaps...you're some sort of fetishist too, eh?"

The barkeep went red, and curtly spun around to face the barrels behind him.

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"I'll have the hegren wing with some sand potatoes, please" Crazy Ox said, trying to calm things down a bit and make the poor maid feel less out of place.
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Lenoria only nodded and no longer made any attempt to lift her eyes from the ground. Her hands shook slightly as she wrote down the two orders. With great effort she raised her eyes to whoever was sitting next to Crazy Ox, and politely mumbled a question in their direction of what they would be pleased to drink or eat.

Techno the fox

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"Don't worry about it, I'm in no hurry." Techno said, glancing over at the girl standing before him.

"Hmm. Well, I'd like some pork ribs, with potatoes on the side. As for my drink, I'll take a light ale."

Having placed his order, he leans back a bit in his seat, waiting for the others to do the same.