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Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: NejinOniwa on February 29, 2008, 04:20:52 PM
(IMPORTANT: All discussion and major OOC goes in the Outgame thread.)

Whew! I never thought the moment I'd do this again would come, but yet again here I am. So up and ago - this is gonna be a good trip for y'all, and hopefully we'll be able to survive longer than last time, who knows!

Anyway, last year we did Sci-Fi - so I figured this year we'd put our good ol' fantasy to the test with just that - FANTASY. If all goes well, dragons won't be the only thing we'll have to deal with this spring! ^_^

Anyway. The rules off last year's thread was pretty good though (I think) so brace for some good old copypasta.

Quote from: "Slightly Edited Copypasta"NAME: This one is pretty obvious. Make up one.
CLASS/RACE: If you're a vampire, write that. If you're an old-school Elf, scribble it down. If you're a three-headed monster frog, punch it in. Class is NOT job.
ORIGIN: Just make up some weird country or island or something if you're lazy.
AGE: Once again, pretty simple. Brat or geezer?

APPEARANCE: The general looks of your character. Fatness, pink hair, peg leg or Super-Moe - anything that ways goes here. IMPORTANT: Make sure you write down your Weight/Height here.
PERSONALITY: All random personality traits and quirks go here. This section might be seen as important, since the quality of roleplay is largely based on how well one adapts to one's character. Much innovativeness and fun ideas encouraged!
BACKGROUND: So here you write a little something to make that random planet your character comes from a little less random, and your character's appearance a little less shunkan idou plot device-ish. Once again, tap away at the keyboard as much as you like!

STATS SECTION: Here you have 120 points to spend away with as you like. The base stats will be:

With the last one being stuff like willpower and stress tolerance. You can have maximally 20 in a single stat (unless you have REALLY good reasons to do otherwise).
The rest will be spent on Skills and Abilities. Skills can be anything from Swordfighting and Navigation to Climbing or Singing. Most skills are pretty self-explanatory but if you have something that isn't all too obvious then write a short note about what it is.
Abilities are special stuff, like inborn talents or special effects, and can be stuff like Resistance to poisons and alcohol, Natural armor or (!) Mikuru Beam - it's your choice. I won't dictate point costs much, but use these as guidelines:
Lesser 5p Lagom (moderate) 10p Greater 20p

EQUIPMENT: Here's this section again. It's pretty basic - use you own judgment and get yourself fitting weapons, items and stuff like that. I recommend not having too many weapons as well - the basic issue of carrying the stuff is still De Facto (no hoipoi capsules people ). Now three examples of stuff you DO NOT HAVE:

since the second two are just cheating, and the first one is just NOT ALLOWED. If you absolutely must, then kidnap another player (although I won't be responsible for the consequences! )

Now some advice on BALANCE:

6 is bad, 10 is normal, 13 is good, 16 is extreme and 20 is way overkill.
1 is total newbie, 5 is beginner, 10 and you've got all basics down, 15 and you're starting to learn special stuff, 20 and you're good at special stuff, 25 and you've mastered almost everything, 30 and above and you're probably legendary and making up own techniques and teaching people.
Powergaming IS allowed, but i'd not say it's encouraged ^-^; Also, a very low karma will make you eternally followed by misfortune and stuff. Karma is important (and lowering it a way of punishment ) and the only base stat which fluctuates rather heavily depending on your actions. One the other hand it might just also be that little thing you don't care scrap about, like Charisma in DnD - but it's also a way of determining who gets caught in the pitfall, and such; In other words, the DM's bully button. >:3
If you wonder about balance and point costs and such, or just want some inspiration, you can check out the Old (http://ostan-collections.net/topic-523.html) RP (http://ostan-collections.net/topic-540.html) threads for reference. Keep in mind though that this time around we're doing fantasy and not sci-fi.

Now for the setting...I'll be providing you with a World Map (although it's just a small part of it), made entirely in Inkscape. It'll be coming up once I finish it (today or tomorrow night), but I wanted to get this stuff up first.
The mapped game world has five distinct regions:

Quarmote, a continent roughly the size of Australia. It is located on the easternmost part of the map. Mostly consisting of deserts and with three big nations: Two kingdoms, Vassica in the southwest and Haldera in the east, and then the pseudo-democracy of Peltair all along the north. The Motim desert lies great in the middle of it all, separating the countries from each other - the only actual borders are on the eastern edge between the Halderan city Luthisport and the Peltairan Sandisdale mountain ridge, a border stretch of around 10 miles.
In the middle of the continent is the huge mountain chain The Fire Daggers, which splits the continent (and Peltair) in two distinct parts.

Scorphia, an island around the size of the Scandinavian peninsula, is located on the western part of the map. It is split into two large peninsulas by the Mienhaven bay, and a few miles west from Mienhaven, the port city by the tip of the bay, goes the border between Trogal in the northwest, and Lirma in the east. Scorphia is a flat region, with mostly fields and hills in Lirma, and forests covering most of Trogal.

Serpent Island is a somewhat lifeless region in the very northwest. The Raptyll strait, a huge warm water current (like the Golf) separates it from Scorphia, and also saves it from being frozen entirely - it is located on the same latitudes as Svalbard, and is roughly the size of the Britannia and Ireland put together - albeit with a smaller landmass. A few cities exist over the island, but no real national status exists. The island is mostly flat, but has a large mountain range in the mid-south, largely preventing access by land to the westernmost part, or the "Serpent's Tail". A tiny strait between the outer sea and the inner sea exists, but both sides are covered with mountains and there are jagged sunken peaks below, making the passage treacherous.

Separating east from west are the "Wislands", or Wild Islands - huge, elongated islands populated by an amazon-like warrior clan. The only ways of passage between the east with Quarmote, and Scorphia in the west, is either to pass around the islands the southern way, a long, long detour; To brave the frozen seas north of the Wislands, a very harsh journey; Or to pass through the Wisland Passage, a series of narrow straits between the islands that is also used by the wild tribes. Thus passage between east and west is rarely conducted and high-priced, despite there not being any considerable distance by air - in fact, a journey by land from Sandisdale to Morphin, the easternmost and westernmost cities of Peltair, is about the same length as the sea journey from Hayince or Tava-di-Mienna in Vassica or Morphin in Peltair, to the port city of Laimira-Vanstat in Lirma.

Finally, a long way south of Quarmote and the Wislands, lies a fog that never clears. It is known as Mienroth, and many expeditions have been sent there only never be heard from again. The few that have escaped it have only done so by turning back in time, and they speak of treacherous streams, shifting stormwinds and some of the most dangerous waters in the world. But some, also speak of a pearl of shining blue...

Now, enough with the yipyapping chatter - LET IT START!!!
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: VonDaab on February 29, 2008, 04:34:10 PM
Oh RP?
Sounds interesting.
Let's see if I can come up with something...

Edit: Btw, is a visual description of the character allowed?
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Smokey on February 29, 2008, 04:55:52 PM
Wow, this is deep...I'll keep an eye on this... (after I start to understand it all :D)
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: NejinOniwa on February 29, 2008, 05:10:34 PM
Edit: Btw, is a visual description of the character allowed?
It is, however - keep those in links (//http://) in order to not clog up the thread with images. Not even sure if I'll be having the world map as a link or image.

Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Techno the fox on February 29, 2008, 07:03:48 PM
My gosh, an RP! ^____^

Well, now you're speaking my language Nejin-san.
If there's one thing I love more than forum games it's RPs.

Anyway, just typing this here to reserve my spot. I shall return when I've made my Character's Bio.
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 01, 2008, 10:02:52 PM
Well, damnit.
I want to kill something...
Luckily though, I have 4 year old sketches(!) and also an old raster map, so I'll be putting that up first, together with some THOROUGH worldly explanations here. Prepare for LONG post.

First off, a somewhat deeper presentation of Quarmote.
(bigger version) (http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g239/NejinOniwa/Everwinter/EWM_Quarmote-1.jpg)

Quarmote is a puzzling region. It is roughly on the same latitude as Alaska, but somehow maintains a tropical heat all the year - historians and scientists are all baffled as to why this is; the rest of the people just don't know.
Relations between countries are varying. Peltair is the largest of the countries on the continent, and keeps a tremendous economy, since it is largely trade-centered as a nation; Both Haldera and Vassica have somewhat good or neutral stances towards them. Between the two kingdoms themselves, though, exists an old blood-feud that has been there since the foundings a thousand years ago. They are both wielders of powerful military forces - however, their structures are greatly different.
The Vassican military is vast - much greater in numbers than the Halderan - and is a classical warfare machine driven by taxpayers' money commanded by the King himself.
The Halderan military, on the other hand, is an interesting and complex apparatus. It is ruled over by the Steel Council, a unit of specially appointed counselors with the highest one acting as a link and mediator between the King and Council. Thus, the army is quite independent - it has in historical perspective been called a "State Militia".
The Halderan military is big, but not as great as the Vassican in numbers - however what they lack in manpower they make up for in expertise and scientific advancement. While cavalry is difficult to use well in the desert, there is a small unit - something the Vassicans do not have - and the special intelligence operatives of the Halderan army, the Expers, even use experimental weaponry such as acidic and explosive chemicals in combat.

Currently it is year 1333 A.F.K. (after founding of the kingdom). It is only one year ago since the Vassicans' failed invasion of western Haldera.
Haldera is currently ruled by "Boy King" Asuma the 13:th, barely 16 years old and a king since birth because of the Vassican assassination of his father Nikrus the First before his birth. The Steel Council is supervised by Blade Counselor Haral Luchnir - who also was the guardian of King Asuma until his eleventh birthday because of his position.
Vassica is, on the paper, ruled by King Val-Som-Fecitis - but at 55 years of age and many long years at the throne, he has left most power in the hands of his son, the 30-year Crown Prince Val-Dae-Mahyre.
Peltair's rule is largely built by the Mercantiles, a collective of the most influencing merchants in the nation, and the Electives, democratically appointed representatives of the people. The Elder of the Mercantiles is currently Radjamhan Vite, a wizened water-merchant from Izcrath, and the Electives are currently lead by Bahartdyc Tal'Aum, a priest of Haelfyre.

There exist two major religions in Quarmote: the Church of Luthar, the god of light; And the "Old Way", dedicated to the god of fire, Haelfyre.
The Lutharians are rather new to the region, but are a great force in other places; They are mostly active in the easternmost region, with Luthisport in Haldera as their regional center, and various churches around Haldera and eastern Peltair. The Old Ways are spread everywhere, but Temples dedicated to Haelfyre exist in a few places around the continent. Once the temples were great of size and glamour, but some have been lost from man's knowledge. The bigger ones left are Virdui in Vassica, the Sandisdale temple in Peltair, and the main temple in Haelsport, Haldera, residence of the High Priestess. There is also the ruins of a once great temple-city known as Ost in Peltair, between the capital of Izcrath and the Milesvide fort.

The various magical arts are unknown to the people of Quarmote. The only magic-like thing they have are the Knights of Luthar, who have some lesser paladin-like abilities; and people in the greater levels of priesthood, who sometimes possess some odd abilities.
If you design a mage or otherwise magical character, be sure to make him or her good at concealing it - otherwise they'll go BURN THE WITCH! or something. More on that later, though.

That's all for today's RP rant!
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: VonDaab on March 01, 2008, 10:30:53 PM
Edit: Okies, edited that skill/ability stuff. If you really say low Int is not good, well...

Alright, I'm so lazy that I'll put one of my minions to do all the work.

Name: Imp
Class/Race: Imp
Origin: Dimensional Gap between Blargoland and Pout.
Age: 1year 10months
Appearance: http://i229.photobucket.com/albums/ee258/VDaab/belrp1-3paint.png?t=1204425708
With some clothes: http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs30/f/2008/069/2/6/090308_by_Wizth.png
Height: 64cm Weight 11kg

Personality: Likes to mess with peoples minds. Mostly by acting super MOE and then shuveling them.
Still very lazy and likes to sleep alot.
Doesn't always listen to given orders. Stubborn.
Not that bright either(well being only 2 years old doesn't really make you any genius) therefore bit Naive and Curious of some things, mostly mechanical devices.
Not good in math and always thinks with a logic that is only in her opinion logical.
Likes chocolate. Dislikes cats.

Background: not much background to tell if she's only 2 years old, meh...
Well something in the lines that she got summoned to be a loyal servant of some bloke but instead she shuveled the dood and ran away.
After that she has been traveling around the world, making peoples lives more annoying.

STR: 10
DEX: 13
INT: 10
KRM: 20 (she IS the trouble maker, not the one that gets it)
MND: 12

Shuvelmanship: 10 (Shuvel tiem!)
Flying: 10

Teleport: 5 (She thinks in portals)
Charm: 5p (does it need an explanation?)
The power of MOE: 20p (hurts the target, bonus points if male target)

Gold bracelet (works as a minor attack blocking device aswell keeps bad spirits away(though doesn't seem to work on imps))
Shuvel (stainless steel made by Heckmann, extra sturdy shaft for the powerful swings)
A silver key (reason or effect of it unknown)
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 02, 2008, 06:05:00 AM

Hur. Well, I'd probably give her some better disguise abilities, but other than that she's good...mostly. But how would you say Teleport is a Skill? Seems more like an ability to me - a quite powerful one as well. Also: the MOE abilities are unnecessary to split up - they can just be held in one ability and then used with different power. Fireball and ZOMGTEHREIHUEG-Fireball, though vastly different in power, are in fact just a difference of how much magical petrol you add to it. ^^ Thus, my suggestion would be something like this:
Shuvelmanship: 10 (Shuvel tiem!)
Flying: 10

MOE: 20p
Teleport: 15p

PROTIP: Don't have her flying around in open sight, in order to avoid scenarios of BURN THE WITCH! shoved at you.
Also, if you can properly roleplay a character with INT 4, then you'll receive a damn medal. Officially.
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Techno the fox on March 03, 2008, 12:45:17 AM
NAME: Techno
ORIGIN: Traverse Town
AGE: 19

APPEARANCE: Techno stands at about 5'6" and weigs 125 Lbs.
He has purple hair and wears a flowing dark blue outfit with a cape.

PERSONALITY: A kind and adventurous person, Techno likes going on quests and errands. He can be quite talkative sometimes,  he'll always try to reason before fighting with somebody.

BACKGROUND: Techno comes from a technologicly advanced continent, that is also heavy on magic. Nearly everyone there knows of and/or uses magic to some extent. Techno himself is a slightly skilled Mage/Wizard. He is well aware of how the Quarmotians feel about things like this, and is skiled at hiding the fact that he uses such arts.
He is also quite good at crafting machinery of all sorts.  

Strength 10
Dexterity 11
Intelligence 17
Karma 15
Mind 17

Craftsmanship 15
Magic 15

EQUIPMENT: He carries a sort of back pack with all kinds of things in it, random mechanical devices that have almost no use in battle, food, and general survival items.

He can use his magic without a wand, but it often comes out distorted and not as powerful, so he carries a wand on him that he uses to focus and amplify his spells. Visually it looks like Kamek/Magikoopa's wand from Paper Mario and Mario and Luig Superstar Saga.

Extra: He only uses his wand, and spells when outsides the major cities of Quarmote when no one is around.

Just a question, do monsters/mythical creatures exist here?

Also Gussy-san, if you're reading this I hereby invite you to join. You're a good RPer I've seen your "Donkotsu Tales" rp.
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 03, 2008, 06:45:50 PM
Hm...I suggest you to balance over and/or specify your magical skills, as to elementals and whatnot, but meh. ^^

Just a question, do monsters/mythical creatures exist here?

Good thing you asked! The fauna of this world, EWAR, is very interesting indeed - both "classic" things as dragons and such, as well as my own creations, exist within the world. However, today's rant will be on:

Ra: Usage among Sub- and Sentients

The force that drives the world forward is known as Ra. It connects the astral souls of the living to this world, and is what nature feeds on.
In the beginning, Ra was one - unstable and vibrant, it was harsh to handle. Life had hardships sustaining itself from this violent force.
Eventually, Ra began to unravel. As trees and plants learned to feed off only a small, special thread of Ra, its flow eventually separated from the rest. And the souls of the living began spinning their own threads from their own flow, it too separated. Soon there were eleven flows of Ra separate from that which were in the beginning - and the flow of original Ra was stable enough to go on without splitting any more. The thirteen different kinds of Ra were known of as such - "By the Black of the First Day's Dark; the White Thread was Left Behind; with Ten Shades of Gray in a Cloud; spawned off the Red Fyre of Origin."
The flows of Ra were named after the elements they empowered. Thus the "Ten Shades of Gray in a Cloud" were Luthra of the light, Vaeshra of the weather, Nimra of the cold, Yalra of the leaves, Domra of the earth, Mienra of the water, Eldra of the fire, Imra of the wings, Aephra of the winds, and Raira of the lightning. The "Black of First Day's Dark" would be Morkra of the darkness, and respectively the "White Thread Left Behind" would be Ra Qinyin, the Power of Creation, the remainder of the original Ra, Ra Phyrei, which in turn is the "Red Fyre of Origin".
(Note on Ra-type names: These are the direct translations of the words' meanings, and thus have somewhat misleading descriptions. For example, Yalra would more properly fit in as the Ra of the plants - while the meaning is obvious, the wording makes it complicated - and most importantly Imra, which actually is the aforementioned Ra type used on the astral plane, having little at all to do with "wings".)

Magic would be the usage of Ra by sentient or subsentient beings to promote their own living and cause.
Among living organisms there exists four distinct categories. These are:
Breathers: Beings to which a certain type of Ra is essential for their existence. Examples would be plants, who are, aside of water, absolutely dependent on Yalra to sustain their life.
Binders: Beings that can, if they possess more Ra than they need to sustain themselves, bind Ra within their astral soul and from there channel it into their body, to empower their growth and own structure, and/or use it to their own wish (as magic).
Channelers: Beings whose astral souls have a Conduit capable of drawing Ra from the astral plane and using it both to sustain their life, and to their own wish (as magic).
Sources: Beings whose astral souls have a Conduit capable of tapping Ra directly from the Flow and in some cases produce a Flow of their own, channeling Ra from the Flow to the astral plane, as well as using it to sustain themselves and to their own wish (as magic).

There are also various hybrids, such as Channelers who can Bind Ra, Breathers who produce their own Ra, and so on, but the above four are the classes all beings originate from.

Now: Breathers are incapable of using Ra in other ways than to sustain themselves. Thus they are the only ones who cannot possibly use magic.
The Binders are varying. While they all benefit from extra Ra, only some can use it directly to their own wishes, as magic. Others merely become bigger in size, or gain peculiar abilities from strange mutations. This is by far the most ordinary case - and thus, what you refer to as "Monsters" are normally Binders with powerful Ra reserves.
A few beings intelligent enough to rise above sub-sentient levels are Binders, but the majority of sentients - including all Humans - are Channelers. There also exist a few sub-sentients who are capable of drawing Ra from the astral plane. Thus, creatures referred to as "Mythical Creatures" and "Magical Beasts" are normally Channelers.
But just as all Binders do not gain Ra reserves during their lives, not all Channelers use their Conduits to draw Ra for their own wishes. This is because of the fact that the Conduit, upon forming, is sealed; The end gate connecting to the Astral plane is simply not open. A Channeler whose Conduit is not open is essentially a Binder or even Breather, since they have to rely on intakes from the existent plane to supply them with Ra. Various Channeler types require different methods to open this gate - for example, with humans, certain emotional factors need to be reached for the gate to open. This mechanism is to protect sentients not strong enough for Ra usage, from doing so - while convenient, drawing Ra off the astral plane stresses the construct of the astral soul, and faulty usage is capable of causing heavy, even fatal, damage to the soul itself.

Source beings are extremely rare. Throughout history, only a total of 11 source beings have had their existences confirmed - of which 10 are known for certain to be left to this day. However, those that exist are as close to immortal as one can come - since they can tap off the Flow, they have access to Ra Qinyin - one of three Ra types not existent in the astral plane. The other two are, of course, Ra Phyrei - since it does not exist in its complete original form anymore - and also, Aephra.
The reason for Aephra's absence from the astral plane, however, takes a bit of explanation.
As mentioned above, throughout history a total of 11 Source beings have had their existences confirmed. The Source beings in question are the ones referred to by sentients as the Gods. While what humans believe about them normally is false, they DO have one very important  task - and that is the one of distribution of Ra. For they are the only ones capable of supplying both the existent plane AND the astral plane with large amounts of processed Ra. The term "processed" in this case means, not directly off the Flow - and thus, possible for living beings to handle and make use of.
Each Source being is tasked with the procession of one Ra type - the task of separating it from the Flow and making it into a form usable for living organisms - thus, eleven Sources means eleven processed Ra types available to normal beings. As the threads of Ra from the Flow are vastly different from each other, each procession is different - and thus, one Source cannot, even if capable physically (as in his astral soul can take constant processing and drawing of two different Ra types off the flow, which is HIGHLY unlikely even for a Source), take over for another Source if one was to be missing from their task. And the Sources, as the sentients they are, all have their own interests - and clashes occur constantly. And with the Source of Aephra, Ezaku, the God of Winds, missing for unknown reasons since little more than a millennia, very little processed Aephra exists on the existent plane, and none at all on the astral plane, as of today.

Bloody hael, I'm good at ranting. Ah well, but that's all for today! MORE PEOPLES! Come on everyone, you know you want it!
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Gussy Keniji on March 07, 2008, 05:21:58 PM
Hm, haven't RP'd in quite a while...gonna give this a go though cuz it seems interestin'

NAME: Inuchi Othros
CLASS/RACE: Hell Inumimi (basically a Dog demon)
AGE: 19 (could be alot older than she appears...no ones to say though...)

APPEARANCE: Stands nearly 5'4" and weighs 115 lbs. Hair is silver-ish in color with pointed dog ears to match, though said ears are often concealed by her Crimson Jester Hat. Eyes are a maroon color. She wears a long Red Kimono w/ bone designs on plastered on it. Has a fluffy dog tail thar matches her hair color. Wears a Dog collar around her neck for some odd reason...

PERSONALITY: An Inumimi who just wants to be a normal Inumimi in a non-Inumimi world...In short, she has difficulty fitting in w/ others being she used to the mannerisms of Makai (i.e: Culture Shock'd). Inuchi harbours a dog like disposition, and seems to 'woof' whenever she finishes a sentence (saying 'Arf'). She actually enjoys eating 'Doggy Treats'. Inuchi enjoys gaurding/protecting things or people, for she feels she has a purpose doing such things. Likes being scratched behind the ears but hates bad smells and loud noises.

BACKGROUND: Inuchi was at first the gaurd dog to the Gate that entered the 'Land of Hades' so she was in charge of keeping out mortals who would come try to enter Makai before they were supposed to. However this (rather easy) job was revoked from her when she was accused of letting a Door to Door salesman into Makai (Yes...they go THAT far), After which her brother Cerberos took over as the new gaurdian, Inuchi was then booted outta Hell and sealed on an island where she was to spend the rest of her days in exile. Sometime later the seal was broken when Makai ran out of finances to keep it going (turns out the Salesman that appeared in Makai earlier, bleed them dry), and thus she escaped and is currently a nomad looking for an entrance back into Makai so she can explain herself.

Strength- 11
Dexterity- 10
Intelligence- 9
Karma- 10
Mind- 13

Digging: 5p
Sense of Smell: 5p

Doggy Digger: Dig a hole to escape danger or move around (5p)
Beast Scent: Sniff out your foe with that powerful schnoz of yours! (5p)
Poochy Powuh Pummel: Beat the foe into submission with that hammer of yours! (10p)
Fenrir Blaze: Gives new meaning to the phrase 'Dog Breathe' (20p)

-Red Kimono: A large Kimono, w/ cute bone designs covering it, sleeves cover up the wears hands quite often. Inuchi loves these types of clothes
-Jester's Hat: A silly looking hat worn by a Jester, Inuchi loves these types of hats
-Ear ring: A special ear ring that is worn on her left ear, given to her when she was a pup, has never taken it out since
-Pooch Hammer: A hammer w/ a dog like design in the center, Inuchi uses this to hit bad folks, or perverts. It's a mystery where she hides this, but truth be told...it's there...
-Dog Collar: Infernal collar made for dog-girls, seems to emitt a strange aura during a full moon
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 07, 2008, 08:40:55 PM
The fascinating thing is, I can actually make all these things go together even when inserted into the universe I designed EWAR to be. Bloody hael, I'm versatile. ^^;
Just for an example, Inuchi would, if applied "correctly" to the EWAR universe (correctly as in, not in this RP but in the books) be...lessee...something like a Simiris-released Astral Body of a Hybrid-type Dryad. As from what realm I don't know...although of the realm rulers I'd say dog-beasts are most likely to be held by Cumuleph - also, few others have a "hell" worth mentioning. Don't remember the name of his realm though. Bloody hell, I have way too much source material for this thing...

Anyway, no rant for today since I'm IN DESPAIR since shit doesn't work.
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Techno the fox on March 11, 2008, 01:11:54 PM
Nejin, when is the RP going to start? How about your character's Description?

Might as well go ahead and start it up, unless smokey comes back or someone else comes in I think this is all we're going to get.
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 11, 2008, 01:17:54 PM
Hmm, mm~

A little bit lacking with 3 players and 1 DM, but I guess that's what you get these days.
And you're right, so I'll just follow the same procedure as last time; Start it off and leave all slots open for entrants and so on.
Also, to the confirmed players; CAMPAIGNING TIEM! We need moar peplz, drag whomever you can to here, you hear me!?

And anyone reading this thread, pwease, consider applying. It'll be moar fun with moar! And there can never be enough! Or something! Srsly! O-O

So, ehm, um...

But I have to go eat dinner now, and also I'll be needing some /COMPILE/ time to warm things up. So expect the first can opener to come in an hour or two, and the Outgame thread with that. Until then, MASSIVE APPLICATIONS PLZ COM!

*swooshes off*
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 12, 2008, 12:39:05 PM
BUMPing things up before the start...

T-2 hours 'til start. Again. But I has saxophone, so it cannot be help'd...
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Toki on March 12, 2008, 12:55:43 PM
I'll make a character too.... I guess >.< It's been a long time. Have to

NAME: Lenoria
ORIGIN: Donno!
AGE: Sixteen

APPEARANCE: She looks a younger than she really is, at 4'10, 84 lbs.She has pale skin and pale elbow length hair, but her eyes are gleaming red, so she usually keeps them on the ground to not attract attention. (I have thing for albinos right now, srylol) She wears a red and white stripped sweater, and a red pinafore dress. (Basically like Miette's from the City of Lost Children... she's so cute... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLDKRczPK2A&feature=related)

PERSONALITY: A little bipolar... she's very quiet most of the time, but then sometimes she gets mad. It doesn't seem like it will set her off, it's the strangest things. She is very polite, but seems to zone off and stop paying attention to her surroundings. She doesn't smile very often, but emits a sense of delicate happiness when daydreaming.

BACKGROUND: People could always sense there was something wrong with Lenoria. In the town she grew up in, she was often ridiculed for her pale skin and red eyes. No one ever really hurt her. She instilled a firm sense of fear in most of the children and even the adults. Four years ago the townspeople decided she was the cause of the bad crops. They would have killed her if it hadn't been for a kind onii-san who happened to be traveling though. He took her with him, however they parted ways. She is currently a girl of all work in a tavern.


Strength- 18
Dexterity- 16
Intelligence- 18
Karma- 8
Mind- 15


Tavern Work: 20 (cooking, cleaning, singing, ass kickings etc.)
ESP: 25


She doens't own anything except her clothes ;__;
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Smokey on March 12, 2008, 02:16:01 PM
Here goes my first try at text-based-forum-RPG-ing:

Name: Crazy Ox
Class: Smokhsmuch-Indian Shaman
Origin: A small pueblo on the western edge of the fire daggers
AGE: Unknown (he forgot but claims to be 19 for about four years now)

Appearance: About 1.9 meters (imperial coversion to follow) tall, and weighs some 67 Kg. Has dark blonde, half-long hair.
Wears a Dashiki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dashiki) and baggy shorts and walks on sandals. eyes are grey-ish green but most of the time just blood-shot by the "meditating".

Personality: Fairly easy-going, mix between Hippie and gentleman. Random, comical personality on the surface, but he is a vindictive calculating machine if need be, and he is a lot cleverer than he let's people believe.

Background: Crazy Ox was born in the Smokshmuch tribe as the son of the tribes well respected shaman, Bear-Who-Fell-From-Rock and his wife, Hot Summers Eve. As a baby Crazy Ox was dropped on his head and this seemed to have affected his personality a bit.
In his younger years he was raised as a shaman son, learning all about natures cures and curses. On Crazy Ox'tenth birthday his entire tribe was slaughtered by a small band of nomad warriors and he was taken by the warriors'leader to be his son. In his teens he was schooled in the martial arts, focussing mainly on combat with the crossbow, swordfighting and assasination by knive.
Then on his eighteenth birthday he was given his "fathers" sword, wich he used to brutally murder the entire tribe...
Since that time he has been wandering from town to town making a living as a healer...

Strength- 10
Dexterity- 11
Intelligence- 13
Karma- 14
Mind- 12

Knowledge of nature- 10 (knows about plants, animals, and survival in different climates)
Swordsmanship- 15
Archery- 16
Stealth- 12

Slicktalk- 7 (talk to someone so unlogically and random, the person experiences a sort of trance where he'll be trying to figure out what Crazy Ox said, so Crazy ox can escape with his life)

-Warrior's belt: A large leather belt from wich you can hang 2 holsters and 5 small flasks and 2 scrolls
-Nomad's backpack: A backpack containing a blanket with a small rolled up tent strapped on top of it. Usually filled with food and his "Meditation herbs".
-Crossbow :A memory from the nomads, hung from the back of his backpack for quick acces
-Hunter's knife: a knife with two cutting edges, one smooth and one jagged. Held in his right holster.
-M'k-Balegh's Sword: a Katana-style sword, his 2nd father "gave" him on his 18th birthday... Holstered in his left holster.
-5 flasks: 2 are filled with a cure for poisons, 2 with a cure for flesh-wounds, and one is filled with a "secret potion" (liquor).

With the backpack he can't run of course....
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 12, 2008, 03:01:23 PM
Shameless thread advertising -> INSTANT WIN FOR ME.

Anyway, a few things you guys want to think about in your chars:

First off, Smokey - There's not much cold around in the Land of Eternal Summer (aka Quarmote), not even the normal cold desert nights. 15 degrees celsius is as cold as it ever gets there, and that's freezing for them ^^ So drink as much as you wish, but don't expect to have much cold to fight.

Secondly, I don't know what a Dashiki is. Plz explain. ^-^;

Thirdly, good going with that tavern thing, Toki-san. It'll be the starting place of the journey. ^^

Fourthly, and most important:
I know it might sound repetitive and pedantic, but I just want things to be ordered and neat. So I give you the same advice as I gave VonDaab a few posts ago - split things up and order them better. "Assassination" for example should be split up into "Sneaking" or something and "Short Blades", and both would be skills, not abilities. "Tavern work" is a good skill, but please split it up in the things you've ordered beside it ^^
And ESP is most definitely an ability, and you might also want to define its effects and so on.

I know I sound pedantic and annoying, and I'm sorry, but I just like order when I RP.

So there...aw well. RP Starts very soon, but I'll get killed if i don't go and eat dinner now, so bai and edit away! ^^ ^v^
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Smokey on March 12, 2008, 03:13:49 PM
Your not pedantic, just organized and I'm just being n00bul4r... and I've linked dashiki to it's explanation, hope it helps (pic explains alot though)...
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Toki on March 12, 2008, 07:58:19 PM
Okay okay.

Added after 15 minutes:

The reason I mashed travern work into one thing is cuz theres so much that you have to be able to do and not enough skill points!! T__T I tried. It's too hard.

As for the ESP ability, she basically has the ability to gauge her surroundings, the feelings of others, that sort of thing. Most of the time the more violent side of it stays dormant. When it is awakened, basically her strength and agility is increased, she has the whole engulfed in the flames of her fury, sorrow, happiness thing. And thats about it. She's a pretty tame girl... I didn't make her to battle...
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 12, 2008, 09:18:56 PM
Toki: Well, I guess. ^^ I had to compile all the boat skills into one, so I guess I'll pass you that one.
And I'll make a note of that ESP thing...classified as Passive Imra / Active Binder Ra Boost user. Hell, I start understanding myself less and less these days...O_o

But anyway, we're all set then, folks. I'll be posting up my chara here first, and then LETS ROLL.

NAME: Eliano Pareña

ORIGIN: Born at sea. Half-Vassican, Half-Halderan, and has his base of operations in Din-Pailiar.
AGE: 33

APPEARANCE: Although he's not very old, years and years of facing the swift seawinds headfirst has given his face the stern, wizened look of sailors. His hair is a dark sand-colored mess and is normally covered by a blue bandana-like cloth, but a long, pale-white streak of hair grows from the right side of his head, covering a jagged scar from an old battle, and he generally has it hanging like a huge forelock over his right eye. His eyes are somewhat thin, but not as much as other Vassicans, and colored a deep, deep blue with specks of green.
He is taller than most Vassicans, since he's a Half; He stands at 184 cm tall - while most Vassicans measure around 175 - and his muscly, compact body weighs him in at 81 kg.
His dress code is generally little else but light-blue, baggy pants and a gray or white vest, but he's got a few nice coats in his captain's locker. As he says though, "It nevar gets cold enough to use them, si?"

PERSONALITY: Eliano is really a man who doesn't know the meaning of the word "yield" - for if you yield to the seas, you will fall to its wrath; if you yield to the winds, you will be lost and faraway; if you yield to men, you'll be robbed of your pride and pouch; and if you yield to women, you'll lose your freedom and mind. He's a hard man, but he's got a good heart inside. He's a good negotiator, but he's not one to give in too much on his terms. He takes most things in life with a bittersweet taste, saying "Well, things happen, si? As long as we don't give in to panic and fear, any storm can be ridden out," to anything from wars to hurricanes, and he's lived through the worst of both. He keeps his cool almost always, and unless you really piss him off you won't see it break - however, he can be really scary when he's angry.
He sleeps light at all times; a habit from being used to night shifts and sudden weather changes.

BACKGROUND: Eliano Pareña is a merchant in the hard business. Born the son of a Halderan female merchant and a Vassican dockmaster, he was practically born to be a Trading Sail, and he rose quickly in the ranks. At 22 he was the head navigator of the Vassican schooner "La Rossa del Mare", when they after a hard storm were attacked by a band of pirates and lost half of their crew - and although they fought the pirates off, they lost their captain as well. As the only one aboard the ship with both good leadership, experience, navigation skills as well as the only one left alive aboard who could speak more than "acceptable" Imrish, the young man was entrusted with captainship for the crew and boat. Ever since then he's been the captain of the proud ship...
(Note on languages: Imrish is the modern language of the world, spoken in most places over the continents, including Haldera and Peltair. Vassicans, however, speak a somewhat incomprehensible dialect of the ancient Nimaxari tongue, that has a distinct Mediterranean touch to it.)


Strength - 14
Dexterity - 17
Intelligence - 12
Karma - 4
Mind - 16


J: Sailor: 15
Swordsmanship: 18
Cooking: 4

Zaro User (10p): Eliano has a unique ability for using the jibsail-shaped "Zaro", or Sailsword. When pressed hard enough, he can use the Zaro's Binder Ra (or other external Ra sources) to unleash furious elemental attacks.
Imi Speaker (5p): By using Imra, Eliano is capable of speaking to animals, and to some extent, read others' minds. As his Conduit is not opened, though, he cannot use this ability without an external source of Ra.
Triance Contact Network (5p): As a well-known and well-traveled member of the Motim Triance, which is a secret union of major Trading Sails and land-bound merchants over all Quarmote, Eliano has many contacts throughout the economic business networks over the continent. He receives important and sometimes secret information fast, and can access secret documents, materials and objects that are unknown even to royal intelligence.

Star Chart - A chart for navigation via stellar measurements at sea and at land.
Compass - Well, duh.
Mienroth Needle - A special compass that, when stimulated with Mienra, pinpoints the direction of the mythical eternally fog-covered sea, Mienroth.
Crystal Star - A silver-blue crystal the size of a fist in the shape of a perfect sphere, and engraved with a mysterious Nimaxari rune. To Eliano it is little but a memento and a piece of jewelry, but unknown to him, it has a very rare special property - it acts as a Binding Channeler, capable of storing great amounts of Ra. It cannot be broken, at least not by anything less than a drop from the the main mast some twenty meters up - which is as far as Eliano has been able think of ways of putting it to test (yes, it survived that fall as well, and did a considerable hole in the dry dock's rock bed).
Short Sword - A smaller (40-cm), traditional dual-edged blade. Heavily decorated. Worn in a sheath on Eliano's hip at all times, just in case.
Binder Zaro, Xariirae Trashsashiam Segellie - Eliano's main weapon. Its full Nimaxari name means "Song of the Most Faraway Diamond", and it short name, Xagel means Voice Diamond. As a Binder Zaro, it can store large amounts of Ra and release them at the user's wish, if he is capable. While Eliano is unable to draw Ra through his Conduit and is entirely unaware of the existence of Ra and magic, he is capable of using it if he is pressed hard enough. Xagel is capable of storing and releasing all kinds of Ra, but under Eliano it mostly Binds Mienra, Eldra, Raira and Aephra, what little of it that can be found. It can also, to some extent, Bind released Ra, or simply speaking, absorb the Ra of spells directed at it.
Its blade is a rough 130 cm tall by 20 cm midblade by 30 cm guard, slightly above an average Zaro in size, and Eliano keeps it in a sheath on his back, or in a special storage locker in his cabin.
La Rossa del Mare Master Chain - an enormous keychain with the keys to all locks aboard La Rossa del Mare, and to its dry docks and warehouses on land.

Yes, I am overly detailed.
Yes, now it's too late for me to start writing the RP start posts.
Yes, I should really learn to keep my promises.
Yes, there will still be RP anyway, so stop mumbling. And an Outgame thread as a bonus.

Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Toki on March 13, 2008, 09:06:52 AM
Hmm. Maybe there could be a rule about job abilities? Since there are things like being able to sail a boat of alchmey or botany that require more than one simple skill. For future references perhaps. The rule is you have to have a  minimum of 15 pts in it or somehting...
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 13, 2008, 11:17:28 AM
Good call. I might consider that for the next rewrite. 's gonna take some /compile/, but meh, it's good.

Also, PLOTLINE COMPLETE'D. Now I just need to write it all up here and give us TEH FANCIES.
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Toki on March 13, 2008, 11:19:15 AM
Awesome! ^o^ I'm a little excited :3
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
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Bring it on...


Maybe I should add some Nukes or a Pet Evangelion... :D
Naah seriously though, Maybe I should teach Crazy Ox the ability to ressurect his fallen tribemebers temprarily in kombat...

And how will our chars level up/gain exp so we can improve them?
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 13, 2008, 12:36:38 PM
You're viewing far forward, mai frend ^^
But if we make it out of the first act with the thread and interest alive, I'll hand you a way to level up then. Until then, your experience points will be IRL - meaningly, what you can do with your characters.
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
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Sure... Let's get this partu started then... *Slaps head...ERRANDS, I need to run some errands, still*
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Toki on March 13, 2008, 12:41:55 PM
Excito! ^o^
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 13, 2008, 12:55:38 PM
Unfortunately, you'll have to wait 'til I'm home from mai Capoeira trainin  >_>

but 'til then...
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Toki on March 13, 2008, 01:17:20 PM
Okay :3 * sit sit *
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Smokey on March 13, 2008, 01:18:31 PM
OW, d00d... respect... you do capoeira ;010...
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
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Now, now. ^-^




Ever since the very beginning, man was a wanderer. And that did not change with the coming of civilization - however, it did give a wanderer two good things. A good road to walk, and a good bed and a drink at its end. And ever since the opening of the first little village inn, there have always been numerous places for all sorts of people to stop by for a rest, a meal, and a heart-warming glass of the local alcoholic beverage to drink. New such are built all the time, and every day a few follows the circle of birth and destruction of the economic market and are closed, taken over, converted into something entirely else or, in some cases, simply put to the torch and burnt down by people who didn't think it belonged there - wherever now that might have been. Few stand for longer than some century or two; But out there, there are some of those places that have remained ever since the very beginning, and are as old or even older than the village or city where they stand. They can be everything from the finest restaurants to the worst shack you've ever seen, and the personnel can be anything from swarms of the most beautiful ladies swept from the poor and commoners or even nobles' daughters who have fallen on rough times, to a single grumpy bartender with more beard than face, but there are two things that you can always get on these old and respectable inns.
They are:
The most accurate information about happenings for low and high in the area;
And secondly, the the best drinks you can find in a distance of hundreds of miles.

The little road linking Vassica's North with its East, between Hayince and Estinar, crosses through two things worthy of notice.
The first is the temple-town of Virdui, containing Vassica's greatest Temple of Haelfyre. It is the target for most pilgrims from both West Peltair and Vassica, and a well-known place, if small.
The second would be the tiny oasis village of Ternem, located halfway between Virdui and Estinar, which is both a necessary pit-stop for travelers over the mighty sand dunes of the Motim Desert, but also one of the best places within the Vassican border to get yourself a good drink. Ternem's inn, the Stranded Sandy, is many hundred years old, and is famous for its unique Cactus Grapes and the beverages made out of it.
The master brewer and owner of the inn is Valyr-Som Visnar, an old buff of few words and a great, black mustache. He doesn't speak Imrish, but he doesn't care much since he leaves most of the talking to his personnel, consisting of a very talkative, handsome, tall, long-haired bartender of unknown origin by the name Nashley; and five maids in huge loads of frills, known as Marnma, Serle, Virleyi, Pal and Lenoria - the last of whom is quite an oddball.

It is just 3 hours past Zenith, and the roads are still well-filled, but nonetheless it is almost completely dark outside, with no light but the stars and the moon to shine up the pale desert. While Vassicans and the other peoples of Quarmote have lived with the shifting seasons of darkness and light for their whole lives, others are not, such as the mysterious Techno, who has been staying at the inn for a few days now, and are thus unnerved quite much by the almost total lack of daylight during Quarmote's version of winter.
Sitting at a table in a corner is the silver-haired Inuchi, whom nobody really knows up and down about. She arrived just this morning, bought a room and slept like a log, rocking the whole building with her massive snores. She just woke up, and her daily rhythm is right now totally screwed up.

By the bar disk sits the nomad shaman Crazy Ox, who for the moment lives in the vicinity and has recognized this place as a good supply for refreshments. He is a regular visitor, and chats merrily with the equally talkative - albeit not as drunk - bartender.
A few other people are around and running, sitting and drinking in the room, and except for one they're all quite merry...for a few chairs away from Crazy Ox, sits the depressed figure of Eliano Pareña, who is currently trying to drink away the painful memory of losing his beloved ship...

The stage has been set, and the curtain is drawn. Let our story begin.
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Smokey on March 14, 2008, 12:31:14 PM
Right..... Let's drink to that! Cheers! *Almost falls of his barstool*
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Toki on March 14, 2008, 12:41:08 PM
(... I can't start. I never can. I'm a failure at starting)
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Smokey on March 14, 2008, 12:44:56 PM
Why do you think I'm still getting hammered *hic, burp*
I'm waiting for the rest so I can figure out what I should do and how... (don't forget, im a n00b)
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
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(wow. ^^ Well, if you insist, try reading some of the posts from the old RP. that should give you a clue on how to proceed. can't post anything now though, too busy with PARTY HARD)
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Smokey on March 14, 2008, 07:36:19 PM
Party hard cause brain-..... thingy... *twitch, twitch*
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(Okay, people. Please stop clogging up the ingame thread with things that don't belong there, ok? It makes it messy. Also, the Outgame thread (http://ostan-collections.net/topic-782.html) is now opened, so all discussion, questions and new Characters go there. Now let's get to it!)

Eliano felt fuzzy. He knew he wasn't good with alcohol, and yet he'd just pounced down by the bar disk, flung up his pouch and heaved away at the booze. Bloody stupid he was. On the other hand, what else was there to do? He'd slept through the entire day, and most likely, with the hangover he'd get from this, he'd do the same tomorrow.
He drew another heavy gulp of his wine, and felt it burn its way through his throat. He slung a heavy look at the guy beside him. He seemed to be doing fine, despite having drunken a lot more than himself, and yet this damn Cactus wine was pretty damn much stronger than the normal variant. He felt dizzy and depressed. He decided to tell someone. As nobody else was around, he decided for the guy right next to him this time too.
"You...you 'nowwha?" he said to the guy. It didn't sound quite right, and it came out in Imrish, but he didn't care much.
"Aye...ve got a reeeal nice boat...yunnow." He swayed a bit, and a hiccup found its way up through his throat. "But shomwan...shomwan SHTOLD it fwom me." The memory floated up, and he felt the anguish as it'd been just yesterday. Heck, it HAD happened yesterday! Or almost, at least. But hael, what did a few days matter anyway?
"Zey shtold it fwom me! It wash juscht thear in za dowk...and zen it juscht...*hic*...zaild away befow mah eyez! Theze eyez, you she?" He said reassuringly (or at least, he tried to), pointing at his eyes.
He gulped down the rest of the contents of his mug in one go, and slammed it down on the disk. "And ayv had zat ship...FOW MAH HOLE LIFE! Awmost! AND ZEY SHTOLD IT!"
He was flailing about with his arms, and yelling quite loudly, so the entire room had their attention on him by now - and he finished it off by flailing so much, his stool tipped. With a surprised look on his face as he fell, he hit his head on the hard floor and went out cold.
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Post by: Smokey on March 15, 2008, 03:06:40 PM
Crazy Ox heard the entire story and knew that this might be a nice way of earning some money. He took Eliano with him to his room, and threw a bucket of cold water over his face....
When Eliano woke up, Crazy Ox introduced himself and explained how he was willing to help him find his boat back: Soo, you probably want your boat back, right? Well I can help. I have knowledge of the land and I know a bit of the water wich may help you on your "hunt". I can also fight for you if we find your boat, since I have a bit of skill with swords... We can probably agree on a payment of some kind. So what say you, sailor-man?
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Post by: Toki on March 15, 2008, 11:24:58 PM
With a tug on her hair and a twitch of her nose, Lenoria complacently started to wipe down the counter tops which the two strange men had not long previously inhabited. She blinked in slight bewilderment at the amount of alchohol covering the counter, and wondered if the man had spilled more than he swallowed. Generally it was policy not to get involved with the skirmishes of customers unless they endangered any profit. So Lenoria was a might suprised that just as the flap of the man's pant leg was out of sight, the bar keep kept looking after them, a ponder across his brow. He rubbed his chin and gave Lenoria a look before motioning her towords him.
After discarding the wash rag she answered his call with a tilt of her head. His directions were as follows: Follow those men, and be sure they weren't up to anything 'funny'.
Hardly feeling she was the one for the job, she tapped up the stairs and waited awkwardly before the door. Unsure of what to do next, she decided to listen.
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Post by: Techno the fox on March 16, 2008, 12:42:40 PM
Meanwhile on the far end of the bar, the mysterious Techno sits at a table, messing around with a small mechanical device of unknown origin.
He looks up just in time to see Lenoria walking into the back room, following Crazy Ox and Eliano. Having overheard Eliano's story several miniutes ago, Techno slowly sits up from his table and follows Lenoria upstairs.

He stops for a second as he passes her, seemingly captivated by how beautiful she is.

He snaps out of it a few seconds later, "Oh, uhh Excuse me."
He says, as he continues to walk down the hall, until he gets to his destination.

As he opens the door and enters the room, Crazy Ox and Eliano look up at him.

"So I hear you lost your boat. Well, I don't mean to intrude in personal affairs, but I could offer a bit of assistance...If you're interested that is."

OOC: And so it starts!
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Post by: NejinOniwa on March 16, 2008, 01:10:30 PM
(OOC: Hah! Charming Techno! Why lookie here. -w- Anyway, I'll fire things up a bit to propel things some.)

Eliano was smashed awake as he got a bucketload of cold water in his face. Well, it wasn't all that cold since he was in the middle of the desert, but some chill was in there anyway. Also, being used to sudden storms and waters from waves suddenly going into the captain's cabin and having to wake up fast to go on living, he had the reflex of waking up in water marrowed to the bone.
That said, he wasn't much more sober, just very confused.
Two guys - that they were male was basically the only thing he could see, since he was still batass drunk and saw more rainbows than colors - were standing over him, and he was laying down.
He was slumped against something wooden, on an even more wooden floor. He thought he could see something, or someone, standing in the doorway, but he wasn't sure. And the two guys probably were talking to him, but he didn't hear shit.
As thus, he said, "Whuzzah? Can' hear ye, bolledsh!", in an attempt to make himself understood. Then, as he heard his own voice was muffled as well, he realized something was a bit wrong here. He nudged his head right and left, and forced a yawn, and felt a bubble burst, and some water running out of his ears.
"Thur we go, shesh," he said, sound-testing. It sounded pretty fine. He shook his head a bit, trying to get rid of the drunkenness, which now that his common sense had started to return bit by bit, was making him feel pretty stupid.
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Smokey on March 16, 2008, 01:50:09 PM
Crazy Ox had noticed Techno entering his room, and while he looked around, also noticed Lenoria.
"Well there's not much privacy to be found in my room, I see. I can understand that the maid had followed me, but that a guest would follow me..."
He said in a suprised voice. As he saw that Eliano was still confused and the other two were just curious, he started to pull himself together and continue in a more serious voice:
"This is getting interesting. Explain yourselves." While his hand slowly went to his knife, just in case...
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Toki on March 16, 2008, 02:01:23 PM
Peeking somewhat shyly around the corner of the door, Lenoria looked around the room at the three men, assessing each of them breifly. Though it does seem a bit strange that the two seem so gung ho to help the man, there doesn't seem to be anything too out of place about the situation. As one of the strange men addressed everyone she blinked in suprise. Realizing that the most strange thing might be her, as it usually is, she steped full into the light of the door, twisting a ruffle on her apron. Not being able to meet the gaze of any of the three men, she looked at their feet, which were much less intimidating, before speaking. "H-hello... I was only wondering if I could be of any assistance. I noticed your freind is a little under the ale." As she spoke her eyes darted momentarily to each of their faces.
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
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Eliano gave out a shout. "Hey! Dat wasn't ale, 'twas bloody Cactus wine! How bloody strong iz dat zing, weh!?" Most of his drunken slur had gone away now, but it was still a bit hard to control his tongue properly.
He attempted to stand up, but as he was focusing on muttering instead of his movements, "Bloody zing downed me in a single mug- WOAH!" was all he could say before he accidentally swept his legs across Ox, tripping him and making himself lose the little balance he had, thus bringing them both down in a twisted heap of limbs.
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
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"Oh! Blast! Crazy Ox shouted as he was knocked off his feet by Eliano...
He got back up his feet and looked at Lenoria "Well if you have anything to get this man sobered up again. That would be nice", he asked her in a calm manner, since he noticed how shy Lenoria is.
"And you, sir. What brings you to two men in a single room? Is it that you are a thug, trying to rob us. Or are you really planning on helping a drunk sailor and a wanderer you don't know?...
Crazy Ox's hand was still gripping the knife under his garment, since there was still quite a bigger crowd in the room as he had expected...
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Confused and floored again, Eliano grumped, and muttered, "Do I know you?" at the floor, since he had nobody in front of him and couldn't really get his movements right to turn around.
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Lenoria squeaked in suprise as the two tumbled to the floor. Looking at Crazy Ox she nodded and stepped further into the room. She did her best to help Eliano into a near by chair, and did quite well considering how much smaller than he she is. Next to the chair there is a table with various things such as empty cups and writting utensils. Lenoria takes a vial out of her pocket, and mixes it with water from a small pump. She tried to seem as out of the way as she could as the men conversed. After poring the remedy in a cup she returns to Eliano and kneels next to him, nervously offering him the cup.  "You're already recovering nicely. This should take away the last of the effects of the wine and give you back your wits..." She placed the cup in his hand and sat next to him to watch if he would drink it.
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
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Grumping in embarrassment of being helped to sit by a woman, Eliano, after swearing to himself he'd never get himself drunk ever again, shoots a sour look at the maid.
"This better not be tasting like the deckscrub I give to my fellows when they're drunk on board," he muttered, and then grabbed the cup as if it was a mug of ale, and downed it all in one gulp. Clawing at his throat and panting, he stuck his tongue out in distaste.
"Bloody scrap tastes like rotten damn shipwreck corpses on a piece of murkwood!"" he yelled out in sheer aggression, and for the first time in over an hour, not slurring a bit. He scowled at the maid for a while, and then snorted sharply, turning his head away when he started feeling bad for scowling at a beauty, scowling at the two other fellows. Gah, damnit. Could've been worse. Could've been my first mate's stuff.
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Crazy Ox patiently tries to bring the conversation back to where he started, since he hasn't had any worthwhile "jobs" in a while, he was running out of cash and eager to do something again.
He turned to Eliano and restated his question: "well now, you seem to have lost your boat, might you be needing any help finding it?".
And after throwing a cautios eye at Techno, he continued: "I'll help you find your boat if you can make it worthwhile. And I think our inquisitive friend here is also willing to go..."
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Inuchi sat at her table still half asleep in all honesty. Though her sleep was the usual long and deep slumber she had when she was back home, it was the fact that it was still rather dark outside that threw her off (in terms of her biological clock) "Arf...why is it dark outside when it's clearly morning...this is a really strange realm this is..." she complains as she leans back and yawns loudly.  

Inuchi then recoils as her sensitive canine-like nose took in the scent of alcohol, she never really was one to like the beverage really, and being this isn't really her kind of smell to wake up to, she decides to go back to her room until she felt the need to move on.

As she bound up the stairs (keeping sure not to trip over her overly-large kimono) she noticed a bit of a get-together with some of the other people she had saw in the bar below. Being the nosy lil' dog she is, she decides to peek inside to see what's going on, her tail swishing about in curiosity.
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Eliano scowled at the youngling. He did seem like one of the less educated folks from inside the country, and his hair was a lot like them desert nomads'. But now that I think about it, this pack of ragtags might be able to help me out of this...and being a ragtag bunch they might even do it for a real ripoff of a price....if I play my cards right.[/color]
"Oh damnit, extort me all you wish, you damn sad sods," he said with a sigh and a somewhat resigned tone, and sunk down in his chair. He'd never been a very good actor, but he'd learned some tricks from his mates; also, he wasn't even acting, just giving up to the play with a plan in the back of is head - following the flow.
A swishing sound came to his ears, and when he looked up to follow it, he saw another girl, in a hat, standing in the doorway and looking anxiously around the room. "And you might as well come in, you there. If I'm going to tell a story I'll want an audience, and this one's pretty good. I'll be havin' te ask ye to stop the dam' swishin', though, since it's a bit noisy. Well? What'che waitin' for?"
He slapped his knee and shifted his eyes to the others, eyeing them carefully, one by one. "So. You lads serious about the boat business? It's not anything for little kids, you know."
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"Oh, Great! Let's have everyone over in my room, uninvited!" Crazy Ox exclaimed, somewhat irritated.
Crazy Ox then adressed Eliano: "Well, I for one am willing to go with you. A nomad isn't made for lingering around towns." And he added with a smile:  Plus, the vegetation in towns don't taste as good as they do out there"
He then grabbed another chair and sat in it backwards, leaning over the backrest and studying Eliano.
There is, though, a matter of payment. Since even I need to buy things."
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-Three and a half hours past mid-day...
Beliza puts her pocketwatch back in her waistpouch.

-This village has nothing interesting to offer, so I might get a room and some food at that
Inn and hit the road next morning...

As Beliza entered the the Inn, she got slighly knocked back by the strong odor of beverages.
-What the..? as she looked around for the reason of the awful smell.
-Smells like someone took a bath in his beer instead of drinking it!

Trying to ignore the smell, she walks to the bar counter, now avoiding to not get trampled by people.
The tavern is starting to get very crowdy, still she found one vacant place at the bar counter.

She climbed on the stool and tugged the busy bartender by his sleeve.

-Sorry, can you wait for a moment I got very urgen things now...
The bartender rushed away but it didn't take long till he was back again.

-Yes, sorry for the delay, some customer decided to pour all his beer on the table and
the floor and I had to get some of the stronger cleaning chemicals from the storage.

-Err, are you lost kid? Shouldn't you be with your parents?
The bartender says with a bit dumbfounded look.

Slight annoyance can be seen on Belizas face.
-Discussion of my age is not relevant to my desires.

The bartender looks now confused.

-If you could get me a room and a meal. That would fulfill my desires.

-Well, if you says so. There seems to be a free table over there, you can sit there and I'll
get one of the maids to bring your food and the key to your room, oh, and for how long are you going to stay?

-I will be leaving tomorrow morning, so add one breakfast to the list.

-Good good.

Beliza hops down from the overgrown stool and navigates to the table, again through the sea of slighly drunked people.

-What a place I stumbled upon, geez...
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(OOC: That "My Desires" talk is somewhat unnerving, but also reminds me of Someone I Know. Lulz will be had, and me liek. Proceed. >:3
Also prepare to get yourself boarded, landlubber!)

A suspicious look was shot at Ox. Vegetation? Taste? Do you mean you actually eat random stuff that grows around in the cities? Are you bloody sane?[/color]

In a sudden urge of drama - or something like that - Eliano stood up rather suddenly. The fact that he didn't sway at all proved to him that whatever had been in that maid's vile drink it'd worked bloody damn well, to say the least.
"But now that I think about it, there are three things that need to be done before I can tell you this story. First, I need to get some stuff from my room. Second, I need a big, juicy meal - which I believe we all do. And third, I need to get out of this cramped compartment if we're to be so many - so down to the bar we go, folks!"

At that, he promptly walked out of the room, rushed off fast enough for  none to follow to his room and opened the door silently, closing the door behind him.
It was good he didn't have much stuff with him - only a small bag, the blue Crystal Star and his bulky Zaro were spread across the room, and he quickly fetched them. A moment before he opened the door to exit he realized he was forgetting something important; Thus he reached under the bed, and dragged up a long leather belt on which the Master Chain was mounted, and wrapped it around his waist, fastening his pants around it with a few strings.

Shooting a look at the mirror he realized he looked awful. He brushed off his vest briefly, and stuck his satin pants better up over the belt. Then he briefly removed his headpiece, and shook out his messy hair. It'd grown nearly to shoulder length now, and was as wild and untidy as ever before. He ran his fingers through it, found and separated the white strand from the rest, then wrapped his headpiece around the rest of his hair, letting the white strand hang in front of his eye, and reaching down to his bare chest. He nodded curtly, satisfied, and went out in the corridor again, walking down towards the place where he abruptly had left the others, humming on a little happy tune as he enjoyed himself at their expense.

Added after 1 minutes:

(OOC: TL;DR - he did it for the LULZ. Who ever saw a sailor with normal humor? >w< )
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Lenoria looked at the assembled bunch and shook her head some. After bowing to each patron in turn she gave a small smile and stepped through the door. "I suppose... I should go prepare for you all." Lenoria obviously had trouble speaking, being a little flustered by the entire ordeal. Another quick bow and she shot down the stairs. She pushed two tables together and went back into the kitchen to inform the cooks that a large order would be placed shortly.
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OOC: Oh Barnicles, they've been continuing without me.

"Oh, rest assure I pose no threat, and certainly have no intentions on robbing you. I just happened to overhear your predicament and wished to help. I have spent around a week or two in this little town, and am getting kind of bored just sitting around here. Trust me, if you allow me to come with you on your journey I will be a Big help."

Techno pauses for a few seconds, turns his head to the left, then to the right to make sure not too many people were around.

"I can't say much here, but let's just say I have...powers...
Also, I'm very good with technology and can build things that could be a help as well."

Having said that, he takes a few steps to the left and sits down in a chair that just so happened to be there, awaiting Crazy Ox's reply.

"Well I have eveything I need here in my bag, but a good meal would be nice right about now."

He says, rumaging around in his bag.
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Fine, then. Let's go and see what the sailor wants to tell us.", Crazy Ox said as he got up and went for the door.
As he reached the door he muttered something inaudible: "Pah. calling me a fool for being able to find food in a simple plant. He'll be needing such skills, and he'd better be more polite when he does."
"Come! Let's eat some..." He said to Techno as he was beckoning him to join him downstairs...
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Inuchi watched as th others began to make their move, it appeared that they were going on an outing of some sort with the sailor, at least that's what it looked like.

Well in the likes of things, she really had nothing else better to do than to wander around and that within it self was really boring, at least if you did it alone.

Maybe these guys would take her along with them to...where ever it is they were going "Hey, uh...do you guys mind if I tag along too, Arf?" she asked to the shaman
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"Well you can go with us downstairs and see what we are all about, everyone has..." Crazy Ox said in a calm, but annoyed way...
But his stomach reminded him of the other thing waiting for them downstairs, food.
"But first we'll have something to eat. I guess you're getting hungry as well? We'll eat first and then we will hear the full story. If the sailor manages to stay sober, that is..." he added with a big smile.
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Eliano caught up with the others just in time to hear that. "Oye! Look who's talking here, I thought you were the one to drench yourself in strongwine everyday, not me. And aside from that little incident I've stayed sober for the last five years, and the only reason for it being that short is that some folks bound me up while I was sleeping, cracked bottles of rum over me head and threw me in the water. I float pretty well, though," he added as he walked down the stairway to the bar room.

It was crowded in the whole hall - every barstool and every table was taken. Eliano's eyebrow twitched, and he ran his gaze over the room a bit more carefully. There! An empty table was spotted, and he immediately marched forward, plowing through the sea of people like a bull, and having the others following. Not really watching what he was doing, he grabbed the back of the chair and yanked it backwards. It was stuck. He gave it another yank, but it didn't move.
Frowning, he pulled it backwards; this caused it to tilt over, and also gave Eliano something resembling a very short girl to tumble into him. It was only the mass of people and other chairs pressing things together that kept him from tripping.
When he'd gotten back his balance, he nervously gazed downward. Indeed, something resembling a very short girl was looking at him with a quite angry, and surprised, look, lying upside-down on the floor in a rather embarrassing position. Mentally slapping himself, Eliano stretched down a hand to the girl, offering her help up. "Um...I'm sorry, there, lass...you alright? I'm sorry, but I just didn't see you down there so I thought the chair was stuck, and...well..."
His sentence trailed away as he realized - too late - that if he'd had a single chance of apologizing properly for this extremely bad move, mentioning her height had entirely crushed those chances. People like her usually were quite sensitive about that.
Deciding to do something about it before things exploded, he slapped himself - for real, this time - and then grabbed the girl, and promptly re-seated her on the chair. Then he gave her a quick bow, and as he was seating himself at the large table, he said, "Bloody haels! Sorry, lass, didn't mean to tumble ye. You mind if we join your table?"
As he'd sat down before she even had been given a chance to react, he considered the matter settled for the moment, and signed to the others to join them.
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Crazy Ox seated himself across the table from Eliano. He didn't speak, instead he was studying the little "girl", because he thought something "was a bit off" about this person.
As he studied her, he at intervals eyeballed the others around him, keeping track of what they were doing.
After a moment, a maid passed and he stopped her, telling her to bring him a beer and see if the rest wanted something too.
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Beliza tugged the maid by her skirt and asked when her food will arrive.

The maid told her to wait a bit longer.

-Meh, couldn't expect good service from this place.

She then began digging in her bag, pulling out some maps and a notebook.

One of the maps was so big unfolded that she could use it kind of like a wall.
As she had already noticed Crazy Ox's "stydying", and was getting pretty annoyed about it.

She took out her pocketwatch from her waistpouch, brought it close to the ear,
listening to its beat for a moment then placed it on the table in a very careful manner.

-Balance sounds ok, she mumbled to herself.
She then began making notes in her small notebook, thinking that she could kill time with that until her food arrived.
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(OOC: Right! From now on, it is the Main Story Mode. Prologue is over. ^-^
Anyway, I'll be splitting up Eliano's story, to allow your characters some reaction in-between. It gets more alive that way. Also I can slack more. -w-
PS: I know I suck at trying to type Eliano's speech in accent, as it is - I'll try, but likely I'll fail miserably half of the time and just forget about it the rest. Please bear with me.
PPS: Myoink. I had to get fuzzy on the sailing terms, but whatever. Also, important: 1 Step is 10 km. The metric system is used as measurement base; but instead of 1 m, 1 km, 1 metric mile, the units are 1 meter, 1 way, 1 step. 5 ways are generally referred to as way-step. There is also the leg-step (not very common) which is 10 steps, and mostly used at sea.)

Everyone was seated around the table, and the bar was emptying as well. Most would either be proceeding their journeys, or in the case of the few locals, hitting their own beds in order to catch tomorrow's small amount of sunlight at their best. Just perfect, then,[/color] Eliano thought for himself. He was actually getting somewhat into the mood, despite the situation. Flinching somewhat as the faces of his first mate and navigator flashed by before his eyes, he shook his head swiftly, and then clapped his hands. "Well then, everyone, tonight we be swinging the lamp. Lizzn carefully, because this tale iz truth right down to the bones. Children and others prone to phear cover yer ears, for the bones of truth are easily fearsome." As he said this he directed a quick glance at the diminutive one who he'd toppled before. It'd been longer and more full of glee if he didn't just remember that he'd trampled her, and thus not in a position to piss her off even more - instead, he snapped his eyes back onto the table, and went on.
"Iyt was, a dark and cloudy night. The moon waz nothing but an empty sphere, and only its shadow was to be seen when we spotted it beyond the clouds. I and me crew had been sailing for a few days rounding the streams round the Hilt after a shipment of goods to Claw's Bay. Haelsport - aye, a Halderan port, but a port as none other - we'd left loaded with cargo, and some of the men were bound for their homes and a time on the shore to spend with their spouse and offspring. We were headed for Din-Pailiar - a journey of 130 steps - and the first leg, southeast out of Claw's Bay, had gone smoothly; with a frisky breeze blowing south we took the first leg to the Nath line in less than two days.
"Late there, in the night shift when the wind was just enough to keep filling the sails, we made a swift jibe over from a starboard tack broad reach to port tack beam reach, heading straight westward. We made good speed once the wind picked up - my navigator had in Haelsport bought a fancy mechanical device to measure speed, and according to it we went well over 10 knots at all times, which seemed quite believable.
"But just past zenith on the third day, something...very odd happened. I cannot say exactly what it was, because I can't figure out how to depict it - but everything became silent. We could hear ourselves speak, oh yes, but the howl of the wind and the splash of the waves were all gone. Also, we could clearly see we were going forward, but the device said we were still as a stranded. It all was more odd than that, but that's all I can really put my finger on. Anyhow. It all lasted about twenty minutes. Somewhere in the middle of all that, I saw - and others on the crew as well - something, down in the water. It swam too fast to be seen properly, but it didn't look whale or fish. It all seemed very odd.
"None of us knew what to make of it, then - we all were pretty unnerved by it all, with the silence and all. But we wouldn't want to waste time, nor wanted we see cursed seas yet again, so we made haste to get away from the place as fast as we could.
"We arrived at Din-Pailiar at dusk of the fourth day. That," Eliano said dramatically, "was one week ago today." He grabbed a mug nearby and drew a few gulps. Then he placed his hands at the table and shot a look around to all of those seated by the table, carefully eyeing them all.
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"Hmmmm, interesting... A creature, living under the sea. Too bad you didn't get a good look at it, but do you suppose that that creature has something to do with your ship being gone? Crazy Ox asked, while trying to remember all the creatures of the sea that he knows of...
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Eliano shot a look at Ox. "I say that's probably the case. While ship theft isn't nonexistent, it's very rare in all our lands - and the cases that happen are mostly out at sea. And that thing was just bloody wicked strange, and the next day - well," he said, and cleared his throat before continuing.
"I had been resting in the warehouse office during the night, after some heavy paperwork for managing the business. I woke up at six past midnight, in the shift hour, and heard odd noises coming from outside. Not quite alert, I dragged myself outside - expecting to come upon some troublemaking lads - but instead, I see my ship, towed loose. Her sails are unfurling all by themselves, and there is nobody on deck - yet I can see the wheel turning, the tacks working and the ropes whirling - as if some invisible legion had boarded her. I was numbstruck at first, but even had I been there before anything happened at all I would have been too late. The wind wasn't even blowing, but still the sails were full. And most of all, there was that odd silence again - no wind, no waves, not even the sound of birds or anything else - only the beat of the sails, my footsteps on the ground, and the creaking of the mast.
But the most horrifying thing of it all...my crew. Last thing I saw before she got out of good sight was my first mate sleepily walking up on deck, then coming to and realizing what was happening, and screaming for help. And all I could do was stand at the dock and think, "This can't be happening". Now if you're still willing to follow me through with this ghost story, I can't but feel sorry for you all and myself for our cursed fates." He placed his hands on the table and gazed around at the crowd gathered at the table with a level look, and then rose.
"But I'm not leaving my ship alone. That girl is my home, my love and my life - and I'm going to get her back. Nobody takes her from me; no, not even nobody is allowed to snatch her from my arms like that. And be it by myself or with others, I WILL RETURN HER." The words echoed through the hall, and Eliano sat down slowly.
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"I will" said Crazy Ox with a determined voice "I cannot let these spirits go free, they must be banished." and he slammed his fist on the table.
He stopped because he realized he was making a racket and people were looking.
Crazy Ox looked at the rest and bacame quiet, listening and thinking.
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Inuchi stood closeby observing the others her ears underneath the silly looking hat she donned keeping close tabs on what the others were discussing. She flinched a bit when the sailor shouted but she did manage to get what he was getting at, his ship stolen by a ghost or some other invisible entity, and from his tone...he obviously was very close to the vessal in question.

'Sounds like he had an encounter with a spirit or some other worldly appirition...' she thought to herself before the loud sound of the shamans fist startled her a bit, her tail and ears standing straight up in alarm. It was clear now, he was on a journey to get back something he loved, and she could feel for that...she too was on a bit of an excursion to get back (or at least get back into) something she loved. "I-I'll help too, Arf!" Inuchi spoke up as she walked closer to the table "I dunno what good I could do, but I'll help you however I can, nothin hurts more when you lose somethin you really like..."
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Beliza was listening to the discussion while eating.

"Supernatural creatures, eh?
So, how are you going to kill these "ghosts"? With courage and good will?
Do you even know where that ship was taken?"

"I implore you to research this incident before rushing into the waves, there must be people that are knowledgeable about similar occasions."

"Of course I assume that this would've been the first thing you'd do for the quest of retrieving your ship."
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"bagh! You sound like my grandfather, he always said that spirits are nothing like the prey we usually hunted."
Crazy Ox said with an annoyed voice. But then he seemed to remember something and his face turned a bit paler.
"He was usually right, though and spirits are indeed not things I'd want to mess with again. Yes we'd better learn more about these spirits before we attack them, not all of them are benevolent or harmless."
Crazy Ox said while stroking his left arm...
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Eliano tapped his fingers at the table, somewhat irritated. "Quiet! Stop rambling, all of you."

He bit his thumb, cracking his jaw a bit, and then reached down into his bag. After rummaging a bit, he swore, and pulled the roll of weathered parchment that was the Star Chart. He turned it over, revealing its back side - an ordinary sea chart and map - and rolled it out on the table.
"This is Quarmote." He put his finger at the Hilt, and traced it upwards until he stopped a bit above the spot that was Estinar. "This is where we are now. I arrived here in the late night two days ago, and have been here ever since; but before that, I set up some arrangements. There are four things that I will undoubtedly need to get my girl back. Those would be knowledge of that creature, whatever it was...intelligence on the ship's location...and lastly, a ship and a crew."
He cast a look around the table, and then closed his eyes. "I have set up a way to acquire a ship, and possibly some information on that creature, and it seems the winds and waves have brought me something like a crew as well. That leaves us with the ship's location to find out on our own - and I'm not entirely clueless in that department either.
But first things first," he said and once again placed his hands on a point at the map, tracing lines as he spoke. "We must first take ourselves to my dock and warehouse, and get ourselves some material supplies. It is located in Din-Pailiar, here. We are here, four steps away from Estinar - and from Estinar to Din-Pailiar the straight road is some twenty steps more. Most likely we will be able to obtain horse or some other means of quicker transportation in Estinar - but until then we'll have to go by foot. If we're quick we'll arrive in Estinar before eve shift tomorrow, and from there it should take some week to get to Casa Boña. There I will meet my contact. From there on we'll see what to do, depending on what info we get. If you are to follow me in this, you might as well know where we're going, si? Now, you got any questions?" He leaned over the table and snatched a shaved cactabre, gobbling it down with little chewing; then he gazed around the table.
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Sitting at the other end of the table, Techno was closely listening to everything the others said, thinking a bit about how they would get this done.

"Well, it's set then. We're going to do this. So, around what time shall we be setting off for Estinar?"

OOC: Sorry for the short post, I'm still getting warmed up to RPing here. But I'm in, and It doesn't take me long to become one of the most frequent posters.

Anyway, let the RP commence.

PS: Ghost Nigga stole my ship!
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"I say we get some sleep and head out nice and early"
Said Crazy Ox with an eager voice, but then he realized he was getting hungry and continued:
"But first we should get something to eat, I can't sleep on an empty stomach."
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: NejinOniwa on April 29, 2008, 04:54:33 PM
Eliano grinned at the shaman, who for once said something coherent. "That' just what I was thinking, lad. Where's that maid now, eh!?" he hollered at the bar, rasping his voice a bit.
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Gussy Keniji on May 01, 2008, 12:42:44 AM
Inuchi nodded in agreement with the others "Yeah, somthing to eat would be nice..." she paused for a moment as she began to think about what she would buy to eat "I wonder if they sell dog food here..."
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Toki on May 03, 2008, 08:14:42 PM
P..please! I don't want to serve them, they already think I'm weird-- There is a crash, an incoherent hollar and Lenoria is unceremoniously shoved out of the kitchen. With a little sigh Lenoria absently rubs her cheek while she walks over to the table with all the strange people at it. She stumbles over her voice a little before asking everyone if they would like something to eat. She obviously has to try very hard not to look at the ground, but there must be something very interesting there because she can't stop glancing at it. I am very sorry for the service tonight... her pale face has a pink tinge.
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: NejinOniwa on May 03, 2008, 10:19:02 PM
Eliano bit his thumb and gazed at the maid. "'Bout damn time you showed up, lass! Hand me steamin' kettle of tea and a plate o' Desert Hegren Sheeve, off the stove. Also..." he leaned a bit towards her, "Whoever put you into those clothes needs some serious whipping. They don't fit you."

The barkeep, who had been listening casually, jumped a bit at this, and stopped polishing glasses for a moment. "Hey, customer! Don't criticize the master's tastes, or you'll get thrown out!"
Eliano put his elbows on the table. "Heeeh. You trying to defend the geezer? Or perhaps...you're some sort of fetishist too, eh?"

The barkeep went red, and curtly spun around to face the barrels behind him.

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Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Smokey on May 03, 2008, 10:46:44 PM
"I'll have the hegren wing with some sand potatoes, please" Crazy Ox said, trying to calm things down a bit and make the poor maid feel less out of place.
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Toki on May 04, 2008, 12:44:12 AM
Lenoria only nodded and no longer made any attempt to lift her eyes from the ground. Her hands shook slightly as she wrote down the two orders. With great effort she raised her eyes to whoever was sitting next to Crazy Ox, and politely mumbled a question in their direction of what they would be pleased to drink or eat.
Title: H-NA Productions' RP 2 - ERROR:422 (Ingame)
Post by: Techno the fox on September 06, 2008, 12:31:12 PM
(OOC: I just remembered..OH SH**, THE RP!)

"Don't worry about it, I'm in no hurry." Techno said, glancing over at the girl standing before him.

"Hmm. Well, I'd like some pork ribs, with potatoes on the side. As for my drink, I'll take a light ale."

Having placed his order, he leans back a bit in his seat, waiting for the others to do the same.