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Started by NejinOniwa, February 29, 2008, 03:20:52 PM

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I'll make a character too.... I guess >.< It's been a long time. Have to

NAME: Lenoria
ORIGIN: Donno!
AGE: Sixteen

APPEARANCE: She looks a younger than she really is, at 4'10, 84 lbs.She has pale skin and pale elbow length hair, but her eyes are gleaming red, so she usually keeps them on the ground to not attract attention. (I have thing for albinos right now, srylol) She wears a red and white stripped sweater, and a red pinafore dress. (Basically like Miette's from the City of Lost Children... she's so cute... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLDKRczPK2A&feature=related)

PERSONALITY: A little bipolar... she's very quiet most of the time, but then sometimes she gets mad. It doesn't seem like it will set her off, it's the strangest things. She is very polite, but seems to zone off and stop paying attention to her surroundings. She doesn't smile very often, but emits a sense of delicate happiness when daydreaming.

BACKGROUND: People could always sense there was something wrong with Lenoria. In the town she grew up in, she was often ridiculed for her pale skin and red eyes. No one ever really hurt her. She instilled a firm sense of fear in most of the children and even the adults. Four years ago the townspeople decided she was the cause of the bad crops. They would have killed her if it hadn't been for a kind onii-san who happened to be traveling though. He took her with him, however they parted ways. She is currently a girl of all work in a tavern.


Strength- 18
Dexterity- 16
Intelligence- 18
Karma- 8
Mind- 15


Tavern Work: 20 (cooking, cleaning, singing, ass kickings etc.)
ESP: 25


She doens't own anything except her clothes ;__;


Here goes my first try at text-based-forum-RPG-ing:

Name: Crazy Ox
Class: Smokhsmuch-Indian Shaman
Origin: A small pueblo on the western edge of the fire daggers
AGE: Unknown (he forgot but claims to be 19 for about four years now)

Appearance: About 1.9 meters (imperial coversion to follow) tall, and weighs some 67 Kg. Has dark blonde, half-long hair.
Wears a Dashiki and baggy shorts and walks on sandals. eyes are grey-ish green but most of the time just blood-shot by the "meditating".

Personality: Fairly easy-going, mix between Hippie and gentleman. Random, comical personality on the surface, but he is a vindictive calculating machine if need be, and he is a lot cleverer than he let's people believe.

Background: Crazy Ox was born in the Smokshmuch tribe as the son of the tribes well respected shaman, Bear-Who-Fell-From-Rock and his wife, Hot Summers Eve. As a baby Crazy Ox was dropped on his head and this seemed to have affected his personality a bit.
In his younger years he was raised as a shaman son, learning all about natures cures and curses. On Crazy Ox'tenth birthday his entire tribe was slaughtered by a small band of nomad warriors and he was taken by the warriors'leader to be his son. In his teens he was schooled in the martial arts, focussing mainly on combat with the crossbow, swordfighting and assasination by knive.
Then on his eighteenth birthday he was given his "fathers" sword, wich he used to brutally murder the entire tribe...
Since that time he has been wandering from town to town making a living as a healer...

Strength- 10
Dexterity- 11
Intelligence- 13
Karma- 14
Mind- 12

Knowledge of nature- 10 (knows about plants, animals, and survival in different climates)
Swordsmanship- 15
Archery- 16
Stealth- 12

Slicktalk- 7 (talk to someone so unlogically and random, the person experiences a sort of trance where he'll be trying to figure out what Crazy Ox said, so Crazy ox can escape with his life)

-Warrior's belt: A large leather belt from wich you can hang 2 holsters and 5 small flasks and 2 scrolls
-Nomad's backpack: A backpack containing a blanket with a small rolled up tent strapped on top of it. Usually filled with food and his "Meditation herbs".
-Crossbow :A memory from the nomads, hung from the back of his backpack for quick acces
-Hunter's knife: a knife with two cutting edges, one smooth and one jagged. Held in his right holster.
-M'k-Balegh's Sword: a Katana-style sword, his 2nd father "gave" him on his 18th birthday... Holstered in his left holster.
-5 flasks: 2 are filled with a cure for poisons, 2 with a cure for flesh-wounds, and one is filled with a "secret potion" (liquor).

With the backpack he can't run of course....
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Shameless thread advertising -> INSTANT WIN FOR ME.

Anyway, a few things you guys want to think about in your chars:

First off, Smokey - There's not much cold around in the Land of Eternal Summer (aka Quarmote), not even the normal cold desert nights. 15 degrees celsius is as cold as it ever gets there, and that's freezing for them ^^ So drink as much as you wish, but don't expect to have much cold to fight.

Secondly, I don't know what a Dashiki is. Plz explain. ^-^;

Thirdly, good going with that tavern thing, Toki-san. It'll be the starting place of the journey. ^^

Fourthly, and most important:
I know it might sound repetitive and pedantic, but I just want things to be ordered and neat. So I give you the same advice as I gave VonDaab a few posts ago - split things up and order them better. "Assassination" for example should be split up into "Sneaking" or something and "Short Blades", and both would be skills, not abilities. "Tavern work" is a good skill, but please split it up in the things you've ordered beside it ^^
And ESP is most definitely an ability, and you might also want to define its effects and so on.

I know I sound pedantic and annoying, and I'm sorry, but I just like order when I RP.

So there...aw well. RP Starts very soon, but I'll get killed if i don't go and eat dinner now, so bai and edit away! ^^ ^v^


Your not pedantic, just organized and I'm just being n00bul4r... and I've linked dashiki to it's explanation, hope it helps (pic explains alot though)...
I dont tell you how to tell me what to do, so dont tell me how to do what you tell me to do... Bender the Great) :/
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Okay okay.

Added after 15 minutes:

The reason I mashed travern work into one thing is cuz theres so much that you have to be able to do and not enough skill points!! T__T I tried. It's too hard.

As for the ESP ability, she basically has the ability to gauge her surroundings, the feelings of others, that sort of thing. Most of the time the more violent side of it stays dormant. When it is awakened, basically her strength and agility is increased, she has the whole engulfed in the flames of her fury, sorrow, happiness thing. And thats about it. She's a pretty tame girl... I didn't make her to battle...


Toki: Well, I guess. ^^ I had to compile all the boat skills into one, so I guess I'll pass you that one.
And I'll make a note of that ESP thing...classified as Passive Imra / Active Binder Ra Boost user. Hell, I start understanding myself less and less these days...O_o

But anyway, we're all set then, folks. I'll be posting up my chara here first, and then LETS ROLL.

NAME: Eliano Pareña

ORIGIN: Born at sea. Half-Vassican, Half-Halderan, and has his base of operations in Din-Pailiar.
AGE: 33

APPEARANCE: Although he's not very old, years and years of facing the swift seawinds headfirst has given his face the stern, wizened look of sailors. His hair is a dark sand-colored mess and is normally covered by a blue bandana-like cloth, but a long, pale-white streak of hair grows from the right side of his head, covering a jagged scar from an old battle, and he generally has it hanging like a huge forelock over his right eye. His eyes are somewhat thin, but not as much as other Vassicans, and colored a deep, deep blue with specks of green.
He is taller than most Vassicans, since he's a Half; He stands at 184 cm tall - while most Vassicans measure around 175 - and his muscly, compact body weighs him in at 81 kg.
His dress code is generally little else but light-blue, baggy pants and a gray or white vest, but he's got a few nice coats in his captain's locker. As he says though, "It nevar gets cold enough to use them, si?"

PERSONALITY: Eliano is really a man who doesn't know the meaning of the word "yield" - for if you yield to the seas, you will fall to its wrath; if you yield to the winds, you will be lost and faraway; if you yield to men, you'll be robbed of your pride and pouch; and if you yield to women, you'll lose your freedom and mind. He's a hard man, but he's got a good heart inside. He's a good negotiator, but he's not one to give in too much on his terms. He takes most things in life with a bittersweet taste, saying "Well, things happen, si? As long as we don't give in to panic and fear, any storm can be ridden out," to anything from wars to hurricanes, and he's lived through the worst of both. He keeps his cool almost always, and unless you really piss him off you won't see it break - however, he can be really scary when he's angry.
He sleeps light at all times; a habit from being used to night shifts and sudden weather changes.

BACKGROUND: Eliano Pareña is a merchant in the hard business. Born the son of a Halderan female merchant and a Vassican dockmaster, he was practically born to be a Trading Sail, and he rose quickly in the ranks. At 22 he was the head navigator of the Vassican schooner "La Rossa del Mare", when they after a hard storm were attacked by a band of pirates and lost half of their crew - and although they fought the pirates off, they lost their captain as well. As the only one aboard the ship with both good leadership, experience, navigation skills as well as the only one left alive aboard who could speak more than "acceptable" Imrish, the young man was entrusted with captainship for the crew and boat. Ever since then he's been the captain of the proud ship...
(Note on languages: Imrish is the modern language of the world, spoken in most places over the continents, including Haldera and Peltair. Vassicans, however, speak a somewhat incomprehensible dialect of the ancient Nimaxari tongue, that has a distinct Mediterranean touch to it.)


Strength - 14
Dexterity - 17
Intelligence - 12
Karma - 4
Mind - 16


J: Sailor: 15
Swordsmanship: 18
Cooking: 4

Zaro User (10p): Eliano has a unique ability for using the jibsail-shaped "Zaro", or Sailsword. When pressed hard enough, he can use the Zaro's Binder Ra (or other external Ra sources) to unleash furious elemental attacks.
Imi Speaker (5p): By using Imra, Eliano is capable of speaking to animals, and to some extent, read others' minds. As his Conduit is not opened, though, he cannot use this ability without an external source of Ra.
Triance Contact Network (5p): As a well-known and well-traveled member of the Motim Triance, which is a secret union of major Trading Sails and land-bound merchants over all Quarmote, Eliano has many contacts throughout the economic business networks over the continent. He receives important and sometimes secret information fast, and can access secret documents, materials and objects that are unknown even to royal intelligence.

Star Chart - A chart for navigation via stellar measurements at sea and at land.
Compass - Well, duh.
Mienroth Needle - A special compass that, when stimulated with Mienra, pinpoints the direction of the mythical eternally fog-covered sea, Mienroth.
Crystal Star - A silver-blue crystal the size of a fist in the shape of a perfect sphere, and engraved with a mysterious Nimaxari rune. To Eliano it is little but a memento and a piece of jewelry, but unknown to him, it has a very rare special property - it acts as a Binding Channeler, capable of storing great amounts of Ra. It cannot be broken, at least not by anything less than a drop from the the main mast some twenty meters up - which is as far as Eliano has been able think of ways of putting it to test (yes, it survived that fall as well, and did a considerable hole in the dry dock's rock bed).
Short Sword - A smaller (40-cm), traditional dual-edged blade. Heavily decorated. Worn in a sheath on Eliano's hip at all times, just in case.
Binder Zaro, Xariirae Trashsashiam Segellie - Eliano's main weapon. Its full Nimaxari name means "Song of the Most Faraway Diamond", and it short name, Xagel means Voice Diamond. As a Binder Zaro, it can store large amounts of Ra and release them at the user's wish, if he is capable. While Eliano is unable to draw Ra through his Conduit and is entirely unaware of the existence of Ra and magic, he is capable of using it if he is pressed hard enough. Xagel is capable of storing and releasing all kinds of Ra, but under Eliano it mostly Binds Mienra, Eldra, Raira and Aephra, what little of it that can be found. It can also, to some extent, Bind released Ra, or simply speaking, absorb the Ra of spells directed at it.
Its blade is a rough 130 cm tall by 20 cm midblade by 30 cm guard, slightly above an average Zaro in size, and Eliano keeps it in a sheath on his back, or in a special storage locker in his cabin.
La Rossa del Mare Master Chain - an enormous keychain with the keys to all locks aboard La Rossa del Mare, and to its dry docks and warehouses on land.

Yes, I am overly detailed.
Yes, now it's too late for me to start writing the RP start posts.
Yes, I should really learn to keep my promises.
Yes, there will still be RP anyway, so stop mumbling. And an Outgame thread as a bonus.



Hmm. Maybe there could be a rule about job abilities? Since there are things like being able to sail a boat of alchmey or botany that require more than one simple skill. For future references perhaps. The rule is you have to have a  minimum of 15 pts in it or somehting...


Good call. I might consider that for the next rewrite. 's gonna take some /compile/, but meh, it's good.

Also, PLOTLINE COMPLETE'D. Now I just need to write it all up here and give us TEH FANCIES.




Bring it on...


Maybe I should add some Nukes or a Pet Evangelion... :D
Naah seriously though, Maybe I should teach Crazy Ox the ability to ressurect his fallen tribemebers temprarily in kombat...

And how will our chars level up/gain exp so we can improve them?
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You're viewing far forward, mai frend ^^
But if we make it out of the first act with the thread and interest alive, I'll hand you a way to level up then. Until then, your experience points will be IRL - meaningly, what you can do with your characters.


Sure... Let's get this partu started then... *Slaps head...ERRANDS, I need to run some errands, still*
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Unfortunately, you'll have to wait 'til I'm home from mai Capoeira trainin  >_>

but 'til then...