Phantasmagoria of the Wandering City [RP lol]

Started by Gussy Keniji, September 21, 2008, 10:38:05 PM

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Gussy Keniji

Heeeeey, what am I doin here?

Ah, oh well since I'm here I just thought I'd toss you RP folks a lil somethin. I got the idea of this from playing Mother 3, reading various articles in the MoHS wiki and combining it with a story idea I've written in the past.

Anywho onto the techical mumbo jumbo. STRAP IN WE'RE GONNA OPEN SOME FRICKIN' WINDOWZ!!

A Supernatural type of deal but it's set in a modern like city by the name of Honwa. In this RP characters can have an ability known as PSI. PSI (at least in this RP) is referred to as the 'ability to bend the rules of reality' in short giving those who have it the ability to perform superhuman feats. PSI can be taught to those who have the mind expanse for it. However this isn't saying that ANYone can learn. There are alot of people who cannot use PSI what so ever. There are 2 types of PSI

-Basic PSI: It's something all PSI Users posses, usually ranging from Psychic shields to Remote Viewing. In order to call yourself a PSI user one has to learn how to use Basic PSI 1st before they even attempt to touch their Core PSI, this is due to the fact that Core PSI is only 'awakened' when a person realizes he/she is capable of using PSI to it's full extent.

Core PSI: A PSI users 'Unique Ability'. Core PSI can come in many forms, be it latent like having regeneration powers or an external display such as summoning astral projections. As explained above Core PSI can only be awakened if a person realizes (and accepts) that they are a PSI User.

-Locations of Noteable Interest-

Honwa City: A quiety and tranquil city that looks to be normal on the outside. However Honwa has had it fair share of paranormal phenomenon such as; Aliens, Demons, dimesnional anamolies, and time paradoxes to name a few. The reason for all of this activity may be due to the fact that Honwa itself is built on top of a 'Supernatrual Magnet' which, in theory, is what attracts many of the strange events to the city.

W.O.R.L.D HQ: The base of operations for W.O.R.L.D, not is known about this area being no one has ever entered it on their own free will. The W.O.R.L.D HQ can be seen off in the mountains located to the north of Honwa's outskirts.

Jigoku: A Hell-ish dimension in which demons live. Occasionally a few will breach through and appear in the living world. Although most can be characterized as being malicious, a few are actually benevolent and (attempt to) live normal lives amoung the humans. There are numerous entrances to Jigoku most are accesible through deep caverns or utulizing an Omega level Teleport PSI.

Proxy Zone: A mysterious alternate dimension that seems to be intertwined with Honwa. On rare occasionans Honwa will slip into the Proxy Zone due to a 'lag' in the space/time continuum. When inside the Proxy Zone, Honwa will experience 'weird' weather characterized by either freak thunderstorms or a simple overcast sky of a maroon color. Also, if anyone from the outside world were to visit Honwa while it is inside the Proxy Zone then they will be met with forest in place of the citys location, Honwa's locations on any map will also disappear from existance but will reappear upon it's return to this universe. W.O.R.L.D fears that Honwa may one day become stranded within the Proxy Zone.

Character Sheet, yo!

Name: Self explanatory
Age: How old is your character.
Race: Is your character human, alien, demon, Chimera?
Gender: Male, Female...Neither
Appearance: What he or she looks like
Personality: How your character will act around others
History: Backstory
Core PSI: Your characters Core PSI, meaning their unique ability.
Known PSI: Any basic PSI your character knows. Can they project shields, or do they rely on their Core PSI alone?
Occupation: What your character does for a living

And for right now hat's it...I'll check back sometime to see what everyone has to say.

I know this isn't really the most organized of information but I blame myself, for not being fully awake while typing this...