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Weird dreams?

Started by Icelilly, July 02, 2007, 02:31:36 PM

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had another ocean dream recently. whenever i dream of oceans it involves being sucked under and drowning. wonder if that means something.
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Ughhhh, I hate those sorts of dreams. I'm not drowning in most of my trapped underwater dreams, but kind of stuck and unable to make any progress toward the surface. Very frustrating.

I had a dream a few nights ago that me and a bunch of my friends from school were living in the woods in some kind of computer science commune, I remember a bunch of us being packed into a shitty little house, one of them sat on my old laptop (K8) and broke its screen, which I was pissed about.

I also dreamt that me and a bunch of friends got into a big gaming competition despite being really shitty at the game in question? (I don't know what game it was.)


computer commune where everyone's in the same house sounds like a bad idea, tbh. :0
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Indeed -w-;

I had one last night, where I had breasts (Not my fake ones, either, but a natural pair)...and strangely enough, nobody else seemed to notice, except for my sister, whom seemed confused over how nobody else seems to notice (I mean, it's not like they're that big, but they're at least big enough to be immediately noticeable under the shirt I was wearing).

EDIT: Had one last night, in which I was riding on a train somewhere, with the rest of my family...and I had my fake boobs in place, which I somehow kept hidden with how I was sitting. At some point, I get up and go sit by myself at the back of the train car, and find a toy replica of one of the keys from Power Rangers: Super Megaforce Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (Which looks like a tiny action figure that flips open to reveal a key). Eventually, once the train arrives at my stop, I notice how my clothing had changed; I seemed to be wearing the same outfit Gokaiger Pink wore out of battle (It was like a loose-fitting light pink dress with a coat), and also my boobs had become real. I woke up shortly after that



-my dreams, last night
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Last night, I dreamed that I went to this big old house, sat down in a random seat at a table, and suddenly all these official-looking people filed in and started taking their seats.  I asked the woman who sat next to me about what was going on, and she said that it was a UN conference about the various problems in the world, and that everyone had to give a talk about the particular cause they were representing.  I, obviously, wasn't meant to be there, but the woman said that everyone had to speak.  So I decided to give an impassioned speech about support for autistic people, how diagnosis is skewed towards white males, and support/treatment is usually given by some shitty organisation like AutismSpeaks that's more interested in making autistic people act "normal" than helping them cope with their lives.  It went down rather well.
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Had one last night, in which I was at some mall, going around. For some reason, at one point, I was topless, but hiding my chest until I could find a shirt to put on. Eventually, after covering myself up and resuming shopping, I ran into a former coworker whom I really do not like, whom began to harass me (I don't remember anything he said, but that guy always made me uncomfortable IRL). I woke up before anything else happened, though


A couple nights ago I had a dream I cut work to go to this fair/traveling exhibit type thing with Stew. It was in a big, old-looking building (ever go to a fair and look at 4H exhibits in big old shacks? Kind of like that), and there were rows upon rows dedicated to what appeared to be an old supercomputer. Also a lot of assorted DEC equipment. There were also historical farming and lifestyle demonstrations (still inside). One involved an old settlement that used to have a tradition of putting a baby on a very smooth rock and spinning them around - the rock was (imaginatively) called 'Turning Baby Rock' or something like that. There was also a wave machine being used for surfing demonstrations. Stew and I got into the water with boogie-boards and I asked if this was safe and Stew said probably not. But we rode into the waves anyway.

It was a really weird dream.


I've had a few I can recall as of late.

I had a couple that I could recall from during my trip a few weeks back, which I recorded down in my trip journal. The first of which was the morning of 3/30 (Before I flew out). In this one, I was getting ready for my trip, and Adult Swim was playing an English dub of the first episode of Rockman.EXE Stream (The 3rd season of MegaMan: NT Warrior; which was never dubbed), while dad was making breakfast. For whatever reason, mom apparently forgot I was leaving on my trip, so she was about to complain about me being up so early, until I mentioned dad was making breakfast, which suddenly made it ok.

The second one was the morning of 3/31 (First day of con). I don't remember any specifics, but the subject of Kevin Mitnick came up, and I thought "oh hey, Bella gave me a copy of his autobiography a few years back. I'll read that when I get up"...and then I woke up and was like "oh, yeah; it's thousands of miles away ^^; "

Jumping to present day, I had two last night. In the first one, I was passing through a town I didn't recognize, on my way to visit Kari. However, what makes this weird was that I was traveling with an older man that was implied to be my butler, and I was also a 10-year-old girl; I don't know if this means Kari was also 10, or if I was her niece or something. Also, I was carrying my flashlight for reasons unknown, and was told by my butler that I needed to "remove the batteries and fill it with water" so I could take it past airport security...which made perfect sense in my dream.

The other one I had last night involved a strange guy giving me random board game pieces for answering trivia questions. There was also something going on in my backyard, but I can't recall what.


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I had one last night (5/12); I don't remember any details aside from the following:

- I had some assorted plushies on my bed, including a few new ones. From what I remember, I had both the glasses Miku and Inkiling Girl I bought during the con, with new additions including bootleg Rem and, perhaps strangest of all, Red Bard (The hostess of the Bootlegged Merchandise panel) with a similar look on her face as Rem.

- I was also listening to perhaps the most generic-sounding '80s hair metal my mind could ever create; all I can recall is the chorus that goes "I want you, want you in the dark", with vocals similar to Poison (Ick; can't stand that band).

- My parents were home, yet I was wearing my tanktop and short shorts, and had my boobs in place (Or, perhaps they were a natural pair; I didn't check that far)

EDIT: I had another one last night (5/17). In it, I was following Steve through some fancy hotel, as we were going to meet up with Kari somewhere, as I kept seeing former co-workers from the hospital. I also tried to buy a decently-sized breakfast sandwich I saw in a cafeteria we passed through, but didn't have any cash on me, so I had to leave it behind.

EDIT 2: I had one last night (6/1/2017). In it, I was in cosplay as Rikka [Chunibyo], as I was exploring this Victorian-atyle house...when suddenly I find myself in a room, fighting monsters to rescue Stew, while spewing catchphrases ranging from the related (Calling my parasol "the Schwartz Shield") to the ones not even remotely related to my character (Like punching a Mimic while shouting "I AM A MAN", like Linkara). The hardest part was trying to defeat this generic vampire, whom reacted like a stress ball to all attacks, until I finally managed to defeat him by merely punching harder.

I then proceed to collapse on the ground from exhaustion, as Stew picks me up and helps me out of the room. I distinctly remember saying something to him shortly after this, that felt like blatant sequel-baiting, before waking up.


That last one would've been a lot more badass if I was fighting along side you. :P


True ^^;

I had two that I can remember from last night. In the first one, a wasp got lodged inside my ear and, as you'd guess, was pretty fucking painful. That's honestly all I can remember of it.

As for the second one, I was at a convention (Presumably AB 2018), and I had PentiumMMX the Laptop, or at least a laptop that looked similar to it, with me...and for whatever reason, I had Red Bard (The hostess of the Bootlegged Merch panel) autograph it for me. Kinda odd, but alright ^^;

Goujer (she/her)

A few nights ago I was going to sleep on my back (which I don't normally do) when I actually felt the sleep paralysis kick in and I started falling asleep, I was conscious though so I thought it would be cool to try and summon a waifu to the dream like blackness I was in. Nothing showed up but i did hear a woman saying something in what I at first thought was Japanese but actually wasn't anything I could recognize. I then had the GENIUS idea that I should scoot up more in the bed and I then woke myself up.

I have since attempted to do this multiple times in my typical sleep positions but I am never successful, however I managed to do it two more times, both while lying on my back, the only issue is I can't try to move until I am really sure that I am in a dream or else I wake up. I'm hoping I can be lucid while doing this but more often then not I don't care enough when I'm dreaming to manipulate it.


I've only had a few lucid dreams that I can recall; it's been quite some time since I last pulled it off. I never got to pull off anything too crazy, though; I tried to fly, but the best I got was just falling slower...but I did find Portal 2 for Atari 2600 in the dream, so there's that