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Weird dreams?

Started by Icelilly, July 02, 2007, 02:31:36 PM

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One of my weirdest dreams was when something grabbed me and carried me down of what looked like Hell because it was covered in fire all around. And through all the fire, I randomly saw Hitler. O_O; I have no idea where that came from.

So, lets discuss. What were your weirdest dreams?


I think that the weirdest dream that I have ever dreamt is the one where that philosopher conspired alongside protesters to overthrow the government that was governing the country at that time. I think that it happened in real life, because they succeeded. Not for the good of the land.


My weirdest dream would have to be... or rather one of my weirdest dreams would have to be way back after I passed grade 5 or 6.

I had this dream that the following day we were all called back to the school and anyone with a C average or lower was taken to a back room and electrocuted.  ;013

It may not be as random as some other dreams, but it's definitely weird, right?


When I got shot with an automatic weapon.   Was strange, only felt the bullets hit.   Creepy stuff.


The weirdest dream I had was when I escaped from a Soviet prison camp...

The second weirdest was when I fell in love with a French girl, and got screwed over when she moved back home...

Xi Wang chan

I swap my gender ¬.¬'...


well, considering dreams, i have a very strange one involving power rangers, a desert town and a piece of cloth. appearing one after the other. after the appearance of the piece of cloth i always wake up and puke, sometimes a little sometimes a lot. i've had this dream a couple of times when i was in elementary though it stopped during my 3rd year in high school.
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mine is kinda freak me up... what I've dream is that i was standing watching myself sleeping on bed, then i watch the alarm clock that indicates its 3 in the morning.. suddenly "something" drag me out of the house till the front door, leaving my body there but as i was pulled out from the door i got awake from that so called dream..
as i watched the clock, it is 3 in the morning and the atmosphere was the same when i was dreaming..
i stayed up all morning after that since i couldn't think that that was a dream.


I have two that really stick out.. i dont remember anything else about the first dream, but I remember I had a pack of starburst in my hand, and I was really excited about it.. then someone reached over, touched it and *POOF* it was a snickers, and it made me really sad because i was looking forward to the starburst.  I woke up depressed...

the second, when i was a kid, I remember a dream where i was sitting on my babysitters porch having a chat with some halloween monsters like a pumpkin headed dude, and i heard my dad calling, I looked at my monster friends, told them id be right back, woke up, talked to my dad, when back to sleep, and there I was again on the porch and I was like "alright guys, where were we?"

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thats like you kinda went into other dimension!


Captain had Halloween creatures as friends!? So when did the hating start?
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when i started drinking hatoraid T_T
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its so cool if can have a continues dream..
but i do have a "to be continued" dream, last time i dream that i was brought to some unknown country/valley and then i was bit to death by group of cats,freak!
then next night, i was back to the same place and again i was attacked to death by those cats again.
but during the third night, no more cat army but giant cat were trying to eat me.. good thing that time i didn't die in dreams, i got awake before the final blow


I actually had a continued dream before. i couldn't sleep for sometime and every time i get a bit of sleep i dream then wake up in about 40 mins. this kept on until morning and it was a pretty weird experience.

I don't remember exactly, but that series of dreams included the FF: my old highshool, my brother's room, my room, a hilltop with a church, sadako-chan, the seigaku team from POT, some jurassic park, an army, predators, aliens, some of my highschool classmates, zombies, my classmates turning to zombies, my room becoming some sort of vehicle, a nurse that becomes something like an evil robot, the clubhouse in the subdivision where i live, something about me not becoming a zombie if i ate wood (i don't know how that came to be.)
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i hate it when i dreamed about falling from some high places...
could end up falling from bed