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Weird dreams?

Started by Icelilly, July 02, 2007, 02:31:36 PM

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I had a dream where I fought somebody because they talked shit about a favorite electronic artist of mine.

Between this, and the math dreams, and the programming dreams, I'm officially just dreaming about shit I do when I'm awake now.

Goujer (she/her)

I am sorry for using the t****y word it was the only word that came into my mind.


This week I dreamt I swallowed some mercury by accident. I spent the rest of the dream trying to reach the emergency line. I was very glad when I woke up.


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As I was trying to post in here before I was so rudely interrupted by 2k dying on me...I had two dreams last night.

In the first one, I was wondering around the campus of the community college my mom's attending, while I was wearing my schoolgirl uniform. As I walked around, among the other people, I passed by mom, whom I tried to not notice, and at first she didn't seem to notice me...until suddenly she's walking in my direction, as I'm climbing over stone walls so she can't catch up and see me. I eventually lose her, and find a cat that resembles Cindy (My sister's cat from when I was little). That ends the first dream.

In the second one, I was working for a hospital...that was built inside an old Victorian home, and weirdest of all, I was working with various people I work with at Pizza Hut right now. I don't remember anything that happened, though.



i had several last night, all good, thankfully. (the last one i had before these walked the line between dream and nightmare, especially considering i was screaming at the top of my lungs and no sound came out. ><;; )

i know i had at least three, but i can only remember the first and the last. the first involved a weird dream world with lots of weird shapes, structures, and colours (picture every early 90's cartoon backgrounds ever). me and Steve had a baby, though i was quite confused by this. we were close to our ages are now (maybe a LITTLE older?), and Milo was young enough to breastfeed and didn't really open his eyes, so i'd estimate no older than a month. i think i accidentally lost him for a bit, but my mum had him, so it was all good. (i was so confused about having a kid that i was blase when he was lost. SUPERPARENTING)

the second one involved playing the .hack series (original games, but in a completely different setting, looked almost like the colour palette that Pent's shown us of the Phantasy Star series), except the personalities of the characters were really different. Blackrose was kind of a bitch; she called me (well, Kite) a loser because he was new. :\
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Odd, although Phantasy Star (Well, PSO) did inspire .hack :3
Also, I've never had any dreams about having kids ^^;
Plus, that sounds scary ._.

I've had several dreams since the previous post, but I forgot most of them because I had nowhere to put them. I did have one I can vaguely recall from last night, though; where I was at a garage sale that was being run by my mom's family, but it was in front of grandma's office (Which belongs to my grandma on my dad's side, for the record). I remember finding some DS games (One was actually a flash card for the DS, and the other was a copy of what appeared to be an official English release of MapleStory DS...but, Cory In The House was in the case instead. I've run into that IRL many times), and a huuuge Doom Heroclix collection that came with an elaborate battlefield based off of the first level of the game (Implied to have belonged to my older cousin), but for whatever reason, I didn't buy it (Although, my bro-in-law would have loved it; given how he is about Heroclix).


sounds cool. :0

and actually, it wasn't scary, which was the weird part. that entire dream was blase and serene. :\
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had an awful stress-dream about my presentation that i did today, ugh
What's in your hand, back at me. I have it, it's an oyster with two figures of your favorite Touhou characters. Look again, the figures are now vials of the Hourai Elixir. Anything is possible when your waifu smells like Old World and not a man. I'm a frog.


go have some tea and a nap, if you can. and you did fine. if nothing else, always remember that there are people worse than you. ^^
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I had one last night where, for some reason, Bella met me outside my work in her car, and we were discussing some TV show I can't remember the name of; apparently, the writers of the show were slipping secret messages into the credits that revealed details about the series' lore and gave hints on what was going to happen next. I don't remember any other details, except I recall a 3rd person with us, that I believe was Cockle?


sounds like a cool show. :0

had a cinematic nightmare the other day, may have been related to the shock of the news of Brandon's (cousin's cousin) death. :\

there's a girl who's not popular, but she wants to be. on a school ski trip in 5th grade or so (maybe older?), she tries to join the popular crowd by going to their bonfire. something bad happens (quite vague, possible rape or humiliation or drugs or something?), and she storms off in tears, running away from them into the woods. she finds a walled cemetary, and in frustration, throws rocks and pieces of other graves (the newest graves are likely from the 50's or so, and this was probably in the 90's or sooner) at the largest gravestone. satisfied at having relieved her anger, she walks away.

skip forward a few years, another school trip to the same ski area. she's skiing down the slope, which is in the middle of the woods (dangerous much?), and circles a hill with a dip in the centre twice where she sees orange light she recognizes as another bonfire. she feels the same longing pull, but knows better, and instead skis away, where she finds the same graveyard, only rainwater has filled it, turning it into a murky, slimy pond. out of curiosity (or another vague longing?), she scales the wall, barefoot, and steps onto the tallest gravestone, which sticks up slightly over the wall (about half a foot at most). it's slippery, so she's trying to get her balance to not fall into the cold, dark water, and she begins to remove the stones and debris from the grave she's on. she remembers that she was the cause of this, and feels such a pang of guilt that she can feel it stinging in her chest. all of a sudden, she can remember things from a past life, almost, someone who wasn't her--a woman's crying out and an older man saying something like "My wife just lost her cousin, Passiontine....they were quite close.". after this, moans and cries of grief and agony, calling out "Passion! Passion..." over and over, in a woman's voice, and visions of her grief and slight visions of hellfire dart across the girl's vision. the girl realizes that the grave belongs to Passiontine. it is then implied that the prior ski trip happened to this woman, that perhaps the woman and Passiontine were supposed to be wed (it was a different time!!), that they were in love, and that this was the girl's past life. i think it was also implied that not long after Passiontine died, the woman died too, either through suicide or sheer grief.

(it'd make for an excellent 90's drama movie. :0 )
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So, I had one last night. In it, I was with my family at some sort of combination of a Pizza Hut, an ice cream parlor, and an old church. Apparently, there was a wedding for a relative I didn't know, so that was why we gathered there...when I was overheard that something broke, as I slipped away from my group, grabbed a broom, and transformed into a maid that resembled Gardenia by holding the broom above me head and shouting "BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL; I HAVE THE POWER". I then began to roam the place in search of what broke, passing by people getting ready for the wedding in the church portion of this weird building, as well as some kids playing in a pool filled with nothing but ice cubes in the outdoor section of the ice cream place. I never could find whatever it was that broke, though, and I woke up before I could transform back to my normal self and rejoin my group.


that is one of the most badass things i've ever heard. xD
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Thanks :3

I had one last night, where apparently I was somewhere with Kari (It seemed like an apartment?), and we were watching some movie that Linkara was in (It didn't seem like the AT4W movie, but more like the old TGWTG Anniversary Crossover movies ...but I don't remember seeing Nostalgia Critic or anyone else)...and both of us agreeing that this movie is very poorly written and was lacking in direction (The plot just kept shifting gears, like they had 3 different scripts and decided "let's do all of them at the same time". Which, to be honest, is basically To Boldly Flee in a nutshell)