More IBM-tans II: The DECkoning

Started by stewartsage, May 21, 2014, 11:48:54 pm

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ahhhh. okay, thanks for clearing that up. :0


>No comment on Nova-tan

This slight will not go un-avenged.


Ok, stupid thought: what if Nova-tan hates Avon products? I mean, "Avon" is "Nova" spelled backwards, which would make them opposites or something -w-;;;;

On a more serious note, I do like her design :3


That hadn't crossed my mind. -w-;

I'm placing this here because Stew mentioned the IBM 701 and I asked if it'd been -tanned yet.

SAGE was related to Whirlwind AND the IBM 701?!


I might not be Stew, but I'll take a wild stab and say LESBIAN SCIENCE BABIES


long-lost cousins.....of science?


IBM 701 was the origin point/parent for the largely unseen AN/FSQ-7-tans.  It was never really relevant in the published canon so I never really brought it up.


So IBM 701-tan was related to SAGE-tan's station-tans, but not SAGE personally?

Which makes me wonder what exactly SAGE-tan represents. Can't be the software/OS, because then she wouldn't have relation to Whirlwind(?? I don't think Whirlwind even used an operating system?). I'm.... confused.

Also: 10,000th post get!


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~Magnavox Odyssey-tan
~AKA: Maggie
~Born: 1968
~Retired: Summer 1978
~Pale Skin, Brown Hair in a Wavy Bob, Grey Eyes
~Wears Rainbow clothing (i'm thinking a white, capped sleeve shirt with rainbow over-jumper, lace-topped socks and mary janes, with headband and glasses)
~Intense distrust of other video game systems (Magnavox sued nearly every other VG company at the time for copyright infringement and won every time)
~Enjoys all manner of games, from board games and cards to golf and shooting skeet
~Carries a Shotgun
~Is her family's protector, along with her younger sister, Odessa
~Mother Caddie, younger siblings Simon and Odessa
~Mute, typically writes things or leaves the talking to her sister, occasionally signs
~Colour-blind; fixes this problem with thick, large, square 1970's style glasses


~Magnavox Odyssey2-tan
~AKA: Odessa
~Born: 1978
~Retired: Late March 1984
~Pale Skin, Long, Straight Brown Hair, Grey Eyes
~Younger sister of Maggie, older sister of Simon
~Shorter than Maggie (5'0"?)
~Wears similar outfit to older sister (white, princess-sleeve blouse, rainbow-print jumper, lace-topped socks and mary janes, with headband)
~Hatred/Distrust of other VG-tans, much like sister
~Intense Rivalry with Atari-tan
~Works under her sister's command, but is much more powerful in terms of raw ability
~Public Speaker for Family (had speech synthesizer and first in family with proper sound)
~Speaks multiple languages (released worldwide)
~Tends to TALK REALLY LOUD! (all O2 games end with exclamation points)
~Ability to teach others (many education games and even an intro to programming game released for O2)
~Extremely Nerdy (D&D-based game)
~Loves Games, but gets frustrated with Chess (add-on piece was added to help O2 play chess properly)
~Carries Sword and Shield (nod to D&D clone game)
~Spent most of her time in Europe (biggest success there)


Oooh, these two are lovely! I love all the little details you've put into them, and their physical designs too. :D

It sounds like Odyssey-tan could give SCO Unix a run for her money with regards to being litigious. >>;

And O2-tan's chess trouble amuses me for some reason. ^__^;


Thanks ^^
Was the product of Kari and I throwing science ideas at the wall and seeing what stuck -w-

Also, welcome to the 10k club :3


dammit pent, now i'm picturing us throwing those sticky octopus toys against the wall and calling it science.

@bells: thanks. ^^
tonight we're gonna work on their younger brother, Simon.



Also, as a technical relative to Odyssey2, maybe we can take a stab at the CD-i sometime? It was created by Philips and Magnavox about 8 years after Odyssey2 was retired

(Also gave us the now-infamous "Unholy Triforce" of Zelda games)


you think Philip would be a cousin or a brother to the Magvox-tans?


Probably a cousin; given that Magnavox is now a division of Philips (They used to just be closely-related companies)