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Started by Aurora Borealis, February 20, 2010, 01:17:23 AM

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Aurora Borealis

Hey, everybody! :) I thought it'd be a good idea to revive the OS-tan expanded universe originally proposed here at OSC, as a way to keep track of the many OS-tans and introduce them to newcomers all in the same place, to discuss OS-tan conjectures, backstories, and help type up character bios. I could really use some help with that!

The original thread closed down about 2.5 years ago, but the project still lives on, and still highly influential to OSC fanon.

From the OSC Wiki:

Quote from: undefinedThe OS-tan Annex Project was started on September 16, 2006 by former OS-tan Collections member C-Chan to create a OS-tan 'universe' to include new OS-tan characters and backstories. The Annex Project is by no means official but strives to integrate the new OS-tan characters and backstories with those of other OS-tan artists while still staying faithful to the original OS-tan canon and the work of other artists.

In the Annex Project, OS-tans are grouped into factions not to force political separations on them but rather to better organize them and the storytelling elements and that it would be much easier to remember an obscure OS-tan if she has a group representing her.

I hope I can restart this with the same enthusiasm and flair C-Chan had when he originally started this project! With this first post, I'm going to keep it simple, just listing the links for each faction. Later posts should get more interesting, and fancier!

There are 9 current factions plus a category for deceased OS-tans, and Wanderer Class for unaligned OS-tans making for a total of 11 categories, and some characters that have yet to be sorted: The unsorted characters when this thread was made have now been sorted.

Update: I went through this thread to identify information is that is out of date. Updated bios will be, or have been posted. The descriptions of the factions and some OS-tan bios were applicable at the time the Annex Project started, but some factions and characters have changed since then, which is elaborated on in the continuation.

A second revival starts in the middle of page 35.


Oh my...

I'll try to help as much as I can! I didn't even notice that the wiki was down... it's not down for the count, is it? @@

Aurora Borealis

I didn't know it was down until a few days ago, but it's back up again this morning! I was afraid it was gone altogether!

Still, I think this will make a good thread for beginners to check out, and a place to work on character bios since not everybody can seem to register for the wiki.


Well, any of the living IAS's plus VM/CMS and MACE would go into the Mainframe category.  Except for JOHNNIAC and SMIL who'd probably belong to the Binteeji Renmei.   Then again, I think the Mainframe guild may have to be subdivided at this point with the large CDC & IBM families and at some time in the past I imagine there used to be a Midwest Alliance which would have included the CDC-tans, MCP, UMES, the mid-western IAS's, and MTS.  That, and the formerly giant IAS Family.

Couple of others; UMES, WEIZAC, and OS^3 are all deceased.  I'd say IAS-sama would probably be loosely affiliated with the Binteeji Renmei, ILLIAC-senpai with the Linux/Unix Consortium, RCA TSOS with the Mainframes, and SABRE as a wanderer.

I may have thought about this possibility for a long time.

Aurora Borealis

I'll add those characters into the factions. ILLIAC being associated with the Linux/Unix Consortium seems unusual but especially interesting since she's neither of those, yet has associated with them. Now, what's her viewpoint on their ideals? Does she agree with the more liberal-minded members (i.e. many of the Linuces), or the more hard-lined conservative members (i.e. many of the Unices in the faction)?

Didn't know that UMES, WEIZAC and OS^3 are deceased though.

Is MTS still part of the Mainframe Guild, as well as the living CDC-tans?


I imagine FreeVMS-tan MUST be a part of the CIOST, as FreeVMS-tan is OpenVMS-sama's adopted daughter.

THOR and Multics-sama are probably with the Binteeji Renmei.

I'd like to include the Data General-tans in the list: AOS-tan, DGUX-tan and RDOS-tan. Dunno what group they'd go into, though, but I'm sure all are alive.

Quote from: "stewartsage"Then again, I think the Mainframe guild may have to be subdivided at this point with the large CDC & IBM families and at some time in the past I imagine there used to be a Midwest Alliance which would have included the CDC-tans, MCP, UMES, the mid-western IAS's, and MTS. That, and the formerly giant IAS Family.

Good point: I imagine there would've been a number of factions in the past, probably too many to list here (plus it would make things confusing deluxe). There would have definitely been a DEC faction, DG faction and possibly an MIT faction....

I've always viewed the Mainframe Guild as a faction that can only be viewed through a modern-day perspective; it's the last holdout of the stubborn old school mainframe OS-tans, their way of staying separate and "above" the others.

Aurora Borealis

I got most of the Windows-tan bios from the original Annex Project thread up, with some updating where needed (i.e: XP's rivalry with Vistan).

RDOS-tan is listed in the CIOST, which I think suits her! AOS and DG/UX are added to the unsorted list. I'm sure they'd make for good CIOST members too, but need your confirmation.

Multics-sama could be part of the Binteeji Renmei? Just imagine how much prestige they will gain for her membership! :)

Interestingly... The Mac-tans visit the Vintage-tans quite a bit, and that means they probably know her! A bonus for the OSX-tans for meeting one of their oldest biological ancestors!

If the Mainframes are still that distant and old-school today, I've decided to have CRAY-1 will likely be a wanderer. She used to be like them but is much more down-to-earth in the present day, though she can still give the current mainframe-tans some words of wisdom!

I forgot to mention, what factions are the rest of the DEC-tans in? (TOPS-20, RSTS, VAXELN, RT-11, OS/8. )


I belive Fedora said something about getting it back up and running here...

"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

Commisions Available - Send PM for details.

Aurora Borealis

I saw that, and am glad it's back up, but wanted to revive this as a way to introduce and summarize all the characters in one thread, while the wiki goes further in-depth with everything.


Actually, the only current ILLIAC is Linux based^^'.  ILLIAC-senpai's 'ideals' could be classified as "Let me eat pizza and occasionally do science" ;)  I'd be tempted to call her a wanderer, but she is friends with Linux-tan so where she part of any faction it would be that.

MTS-tan is dead too ;__;  Is Music/CP on the list?

Yeah, and as a guild I'd imagine it would have been the factions that composed a council of some sort.  As for the CDC's, TSOS, and most of the IBM's; its a tough call to place them in the Mainframe Guild.  It would probably be more as a show of solidarity with the old school then any particular ideological agreement.  Except for maybe MACE & OS/360.

Aurora Borealis

Oh! Didn't know that ILLIAC is currently Linux-based! I like her ideals, though they'd probably get her kicked out of the LUC. o_o

Awww... Didn't know that MTS-tan is dead. :(

MUSIC/CP isn't on the list (I forgot to add her), but I'll add her.

I see. It seemed strange at first, having some of the nicer/less arrogant Mainframes still be in the guild. Guess they're there for old time's sake after all.


Yesss, "The Trusted ILLIAC was completed in 2006 at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign's Coordinated Science Laboratory and Information Trust Institute. It is a 256 node Linux cluster, with each node having two processors."  Probably, but I doubt she'd mind.  ILLIAC VI is under construction now, maybe that'll get her back in gear.

Unfortunately, the University of Michigan moved on and eventually so did the rest of the schools that she served.

Couldn't have the lesser OS's thinking that they were an easy target.


Em, I agree using Nanami to represent 7 since it's the "official" one...(make me wonder what they will react when see XP USA ;) )
Quote"OS Tan Collection reminds you that your OS will never threaten to stab you(Unless somebody programmed it to do it) and, in fact, cannot speak(Unless somebody programmed it to do it, too). In the event that your OS does speak, OS Tan Collection urges you to disregard its advice(Unless it suggest you only good thing)."

Aurora Borealis

Okay. That's one vote for Nanami being the Windows 7-tan. Anyone else in favor or against?

In fact, should Windows 7-tan and Vistan be included, even though there doesn't seem to be a consensus for their designs or personalities? Keep in mind that even with Nanami's debut, the many other Windows 7-tan designs made before her are still being drawn.


Ahahahaha! I've read the available pages of Trouble Windows USA! Creepy stuff, especially XP USA! o_o

UPDATE: Incorporated the bios for OS/360-tan, TSOS-tan and SCOPE-sama, but need some unknown details filled in. Also got started typing up some placeholder information for the mainframe-tans.  :)


Well, as it is we have two ways to choose - either follow the official line and what's currently clear and available; or attempt to follow the stance of Futaba and the japanese fandom as closely as possible, in order to keep the eastern/western communities with as similar views of things as is viable.

With this said, the difficulty lies in scraping the moonspeak off the wall and understanding it, getting to the moonspeak in the first place, AND determining whatever -tan is the "canon" Futaba 7-tan. Looking in the gallery through the Warp Zone, the 7-tan I posted images of (the one with some strange comb-like thing on her head and gray hair etc) seems to be in favor recently, however the design, although quite refined, doesn't seem to have many months behind it - it's only recently started to appear. I DO, however, recognize some of the more popular artists' styles in the imagery of her, and the more recent 2-or-so pages consist nearly exclusively of her as of now. This may change however...so really, I dunno.
Personally, however, I am going to vote for an open solution based on the latter alternative - we document what is available on Nanami as of now, but attempt to focus on what's happening on Futaba, and what comes out from there.