OS-tan Annex Project Revival

Started by Aurora Borealis, February 20, 2010, 01:17:23 AM

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I can help at least with the one's I've created/worked on to write bios and such.

Aurora Borealis

Okay! For the Quick Facts part of the bio, I can just use the notes you provided for your character concepts. But with full bios for the wiki entries, I will need help with those.


Why don't we just link to the wiki entries? Or are you talking about doing short bios with just basic character info?

I'll volunteer to write some for the characters I've largely created or mapped out character details for: OpenVMS, Multics, Unix, Linux, CTSS and ITS, among others...

Dunno which factions they should be sorted into, but I think I can tell you who's alive and who's dead:
Apollo Domain/OS  -- alive
Apple III -- alive
Colossus -- alive (?)
CSIRAC -- dead
EDVAC -- dead
ENIAC --dead (?)
FreeSBIE and RoFreeSBIE -- alive
Harvard Mark IV -- dead
IBM Stretch ("7030 Data Processing System") -- dead
Manchester Mark I -- dead
OpenVME -- alive
ORDVAC -- dead
SpriteOS -- dead
Tandem NonStop OS -- alive
TUNIS -- alive
Tynix -- dead
Weenix -- ?
XINU -- alive


Aurora Borealis

Just the short bios. For the long ones, we'll link to the wiki.

Now among those unsorted characters that are alive, what factions would they be?

I think that FreeSBIE and RoFreeSBIE would be wanderers, and I just noticed I overlooked many of Siya's other OS-tan characters! Though I think most of them would be wanderers too.

Apple III-tan has been a wanderer since she left the Apple Family in 1984, but could possibly be in the Binteeji Renmei by now. I'd say it was recently she found about them and visited, but is (or was?) afraid of encountering the Mac-tans out of the fear of disappointing them.

Apollo-tan seems like a CIOST type to me, but what do you think?

Awww... Sad that Mark IV-tan is dead. The last of the family line! Sad that Tynix is dead too. :(

OpenVME I'm not sure about, but she seems like a CIOST type to me. TUNIS, XINU (and Weenix, if she's alive) could be in the LUC... That is, depending on what Unix-sama thinks of them! Otherwise they're better off as wanderers! ^^;

Phew! I thought I made a mistake when I included ORDVAC in the Guild!


once i'm done with my schoolwork, i'll help any way i can. ^^

and apple obviously belongs w/ macs. :3
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I'd agree with Apollo-tan in the CIOST, lazily.  As for OpenVME, yeah, she'd probably throw in with the CIOST to have someone to talk to.

Oh! I missed MONECS on the list.  I'd say, unfortunately, she's dead.

Just curious, do you have these?
Music/CP- Alive
SABRE- Alive
UMES- Dead
OS/360- Alive
BOS/360- Dead
TOS/360- Dead
VM/CMS- Alive
CP-771- ?
AMSDOS/Amstrad CPC (Whom I was thrilled to see you draw!)- Alive, at BR probably
TSX-Plus- Alive, CIOST

Aurora Borealis

I had most of them on the list, except for Music/CP, TSX-Plus and SIMMON. Thanks for pointing them out. They've been added.


Music/CP gets no love :|  Oh well, now they're all on the list and that's whats important.


it's one of those moments, when if i had a description of all of these -tans, i'd start cranking out thumbnails. ^^

this is starting to remind me of "project: no tan left behind" xD
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I can get you descriptions of all the ones I worked on, they're more less organized in my files so it wouldn't take long ^^'


in a nutshell, what's the purpose of this? i didn't read it too much, to be honest ^^;

are we just making complete wiki pages for each tan?

and yes, descripts would be nice. ^^
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Aurora Borealis

This is mainly for the short character bios on the original Annex Project front page, as well as discussing character backstories, then making complete wiki pages for them, but not always in that order. Some of the characters have full bios for their wiki pages, but not a short Annex Project bio.

I've been updating the front page with more of stewartsage's character bios, and have gotten most of the short bios for the Mainframe Guild characters added in.


alright. i'll standby for character physical descripts. ^^
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Aurora Borealis

UPDATE: Now have pictures up for most of the wanderer OS-tans.

Also added bios for a few of the deceased characters.

Your help will be appreciated, Choco! :)