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Windows XP Pro-tan
Also Known As: Windows Millennium, Windows Millennium Edition, Emui-chan
Original Creator: Unknown
First appearance: Unknown
OS Personified: Windows XP Professional
OS Developer: Microsoft
First Released: 21 October 2001
Latest Stable Release: v 5.1 Service Pack 2: 6 August 2004

XP-tan is a dark-haired girl with ribbons in her hair and an XP hair ornament worn on the left side (infrequently, she is depicted with ornaments on both sides). As Windows XP is criticized for bloating a system and being very pretty without being equally as useful, XP-tan wears tight clothing and has large breasts. Also, as Windows XP uses up large amounts of memory, XP-tan is often seen eating or holding an empty donburi labeled Memory.

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