Windows 98SE

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Windows 98 SE-tan
Character information
Common name Windows 98 SE-tan
Also known as Secchan, 98 Second Edition
First appearance unknown
Height *none officially listed
Hair color grey-blue (most common) or light blue
Eye color blue or lilac
Faction Windows Family
Lineage DOS/Win9x
Technical information
System personified Windows 98 (second edition)
Developer(s) Microsoft Corporation
Debut v.4.10.2222A (5 May 1999)
Latest release unknown

This character represents the second edition of Windows 98. She is represented as a shy pre-teen girl with short light blue or light purple hair with a small side ponytail held by an 8-shaped hairtie, the Windows logo as part of a necktie and a green + white sailor school uniform with SE printed on the front.

She is usually seen with 98-tan, and like 98-tan she is shy but unlike her she is prone to aggression, is more stubborn, is not a futanari and has an unusual hatred towards male genetalia. She carries around a can opener or bottle opener (with the intent to castrate) and her most commonly used phrase is translated as "All dicks seriously need to die." or "The dicks must die". Homeo is her primary victim for these attempted attacks.

Like 98-tan, 98SE's earliest design was a stick-figured snack box with a face and version number drawn in crayon, used as a placeholder, but now both girls now make regular use of these as mechanical suits.

The mech-box used by 98 is blue in colour, and likewise the 98SE mech-box has a green theme. The mechs are sometimes shown as guardians or friends to the 98-tans, otherwise the two girls can be seated inside them as pilots. The box sizes can vary, ranging from doll-like when carried by the girls to taller than an adult when they ride inside them.