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Windows 98-tan
Character information
Common name Windows 98-tan
Also known as Hacchan, Memphis, 98 First Edition
First appearance unknown
Height *none officially listed
Hair color navy blue
Eye color blue
Faction Windows Family
Lineage DOS/Win9x
Technical information
System personified Windows 98 (first edition)
Developer(s) Microsoft Corporation
Debut v.4.10.1998 (25 Jun 1998)
Latest release unknown

Character Details

98-tan is represented as a shy schoolgirl with short dark blue hair, wearing a navy blue and white school uniform with a Windows logo clip on her tie, and a gold "98" hairclip on the left side of her head.

The earliest representation of Windows 98 was that of a blue stick-figured box modeled after the toy Vulcan 300 from the anime and manga series "Konjiki no Gash Bell". It was a placeholder until an actual character was created, but is still depicted alongside 98-tan as a guardian to her, a friend, or a mech she can pilot.