Windows 1.0

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Windows 1.0-tan
File:Windows1 0tanavatar.jpg
Also Known As: None
Original Creator: Aurora Borealis and C-Chan
First appearance: September 2006
OS Personified: Windows 1.0
OS Developer: Microsoft
First Released: November 20, 1985
Latest Stable Release: v. 1.04, April 8, 1987

Windows 1.0-tan (1.0たん) is one of the least common Windows personifications. She personifies Windows 1.0, which was Microsoft's first attempt to implement a multi-tasking graphical user interface-based operating environment on the PC platform. The OS itself was a graphical shell added on top of MS-DOS, based off of XEROX PARC and Apple's early graphical user interfaces, such as Lisa. Her design is derived from MSDOS-tan, and is thus personified as a green haired version of MS-DOS, with much shabbier clothes and 1.0 hair clips. She is usually accompanied by her sister, Windows 2.0-tan.

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