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Also Known As:
Original Creator: Kasuga
First appearance: Futaba Channel 08 Jan 2006
Website Personified: Wikipedia
Website Developer: Wikimedia Foundation
First Deployed: 15 Jan 2001

Wikipe-tan (ウィキペたん) is one of the personifications of Wikipedia. Both the original concept and her name came from an anonymous IP user who suggested, on the Wikipedia mascot vote, that Wikipedia have an OS-tan like mascot. Japanese Wikipedia user Kasuga then drew and posted Wikipe-tan in the Futaba Channel on 08 Jan 2006. In June 2006, Wikipe-tan was made the mascot for the anime and manga Wikiproject after the previous mascot, fan-art image of the title character from Midori Days, was removed from the commons due to copyright problems. Since September 2006, Wikipe-tan is also acting as the mascot of the Counter-Vandalism Unit, due to trademark and copyright related complications of their previous logo.

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