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Vis-tan Vis-tan

The personification of Windows Vista/Longhorn remains a topic of hot debate among fans. Before the name was changed to Vista, a Longhorn-tan was created for the new Operating System. Longhorn-tan's most distinguishing characteristic is usually her horn-shaped pigtails (some variants have up to four pigtails). Silver or white hair appears to be the most frequent, although light blue and black are also seen. However, with the name change to Windows Vista, a new character design appeared called Vistan. The first was a white and red sailor fuku and stockings. Since the release of more details about Vista's interface, her look has changed slightly. A black maid's outfit is now emerging in popularity (which matches the new default Vista color scheme), as well as a circular Windows logo hair clip, identical to the new Start Menu button in Vista. No word yet on whether breast size or appetite will increase dramatically with Vista, to reflect the increased system requirements compared to previous Windows operating systems. It is unknown whether there with be a separate personification for the new Longhorn Server.

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