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^-^ Welcome! ^-^

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Tsubashi Joined OS-Tan collections on the 16th of January, 2007. Incidentally, this was the date of the first edit on the new MediaWiki engine.

Tsubashi adores all the OS-tans, with Mac OS X Leopard and Windows 2K in tough competition for his Number One favorite (with OS X slightly in the lead). He is an avid poster in the OS-Tan collection forums. Being a new member, however, he has not yet shown that he can stand the test of time. He admires many on the forums for their knowledge, skills, and/or general amiability, and has thusly decided that he doesn't deserve any praise from such wonderful people until he is able to make a meaningful addition to the site.

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  1. Make a (unique) meaningful addition
    1. Create beautiful artwork
    2. Compose and Record a Song dedicated to the OS-Tans
    3. Create an OS-Tan game
  2. Reach 2000 posts (at least)
  3. Work arduously at the Wiki until it becomes the nexus of all OS-Tan Knowledge