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hello all, i'm choco.

figured if i'm going to edit the wiki, i should have a page like Aurora does. :3

i first saw the OS-tans on a flash game on 4chan (the Megaslots [1] ) in 2006. i joined OS-Tan Collections in Fall of 2008, though i was a member of a different OS-tan Fansite ( starting 2 years prior. when that site went down, i googled OS-tans and found Collections. frankly, i feel kind of dumb for not doing that sooner. >>; though i look back on my early posts as noobish, i worked hard to move up the ranks and now am a wiki editor, major contrbuter to the gallery, and currently have the largest post count of anyone at OSC. though it is a source of pride for me, i live to serve the site and the OS-tans. ^^

i firmly believe that if something contains OS-tans, it is our duty to find it and catalogue it, regardless of content. indeed, many of the pictures i have uploaded to the gallery bother me on some level, but if it has OS-tans, then someone has to host it, and how can we call ourselves "collections" if we only collect what is deemed 'suitable'? there's someone out there that would enjoy it, otherwise it wouldn't exist. besides, we are one of the last remaining English OS-tan Fansites (Otakubell [2] being another). It is our duty to keep the story of the OS-tans alive.

i consider myself an expert on the OS-tans (this being gained through years of research), with a specialty in the Futaba Characters, the Nijiura Characters, and the OS-kuns (to date i am the only one on the site who has done extensive research on them and their personalities). Strangely enough, a good deal of my information on OS-tan and OS-kun personalities was gained from Soul-Reply. (i'm thankful that i had printed out the webpage where the information was hosted, then scanned and uploaded it back to OSC.)

outside of OSC, i am a commuter student at an art school in Boston, MA. i have been drawing since age 5, and got my first "How to Draw Manga" book at age 11. i've been wanting to be a manga artist since before i even knew about the term, since i was 5 years old and watching Sailor Moon reruns at 5 am on saturday mornings with the tv turned up to 4. my birthday is march 10 (pisces), my blood type is O, and i was born in the year of the monkey. my hobbies include anime and manga (both watching and collecting; my manga collection is over 400 volumes), drawing (i've had an OS-tan comic in the works for a few years now, it's not on the internet yet), listening to music (it's hard to find types of music i don't like), watching TV (my favourite non-animated show is Law and Order: SVU), video games, Tabletop RPGs, sewing, singing, cooking (especially japanese food and recipes for Bento) and Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls. My favourite foods are Chocolate, Caramel, Pizza, and Minestrone Soup. (I also enjoy discount food.) my favourite drink is Coca-cola.

that's basically it about me. i hope that you enjoy our wiki, and if you're interested in OS-tans, join our site or check out the OS-tan playlist i made on youtube. [3] have a nice day, and thanks for reading!